The Smithy of Zaphophiah and Sonnah at Main Expedition Camp


Zaphophiah finished showing Tal’al’oon where he could store his things, and where he could do his work. After showing him the shared tools, and where the ingots, ores and gems would be kept (once Grim found them some, Zaphophiah assured).

Tal’al’oon was the first outsider in their area and he could quickly see it was Sonnah who kept the smithy functioning. If left to his own devices, Zaphophiah would spend hours simply carving embellishments showing elaborate stories into the side of tools.

It was a lucky thing that currently business was beyond slow. The only people living here had come with what they needed for exploration, and beyond that there wasn’t much going on around the camp.

As Tal’al’oon was shown where he could do his business, he and Zaphophiah passed a room with a safe which was currently open. Zaphophiah made an uncomfortable joke about not needing to close it because they hadn’t earned a single ghaz they could hold on to. To Tal’al’oon’s astonishment, he learned there was no real trade in Base camp.

He also learned the closest real site of potential trade was McGraw Expedition Harbor, where merchants had ties to the Five Families of Delaba which was only a few two day travel south by sea when the winds were good.

[This thread can be used by Glacial Wastes players to request Zaphophiah make artifacts for them. Zaphophiah can make 1 artifact per player in reward for each mission they take part in online. Each mission reward will include 1 Element and Level of Artifact they can gain as a reward. Now with unlocking this Smithy all 4 Glacial Wastes Players (Eli McGraw, Nuria, Lurtor, Grim) may request a single artifact from Zaphophiah with Fire Lvl 3 and Earth lvl 2 abilities, 2 of each element abilities may be chosen. All players should thank Grim for unlocking this Smithy]


Tal’al’oon put the finishing touches on the springshot pistol he was working on. Like most citizens of FT Lendill he honored the divine clock maker who created the universe, the most complex machine, by crafting with his hands and with only the most basic tools to complete the task.
He looked down the sights and nodded to himself satisfied he fixed the front sight post on the pistol which leaned slightly left. He left the workshop and walked down the leyas created smooth stone hall to the front area that served as a shop and workshop for Sonnah. He passed by Zaphophiah who was hunched over busy chiselling an intricate carving into the wall of the story of how his brother saved him but burnt himself out from the leyas in the process.
Tal’al’oon quietly watched for a moment as Zaphophiah drew chisels from a leather pouch on his hip and he quickly and confidently gave the picture a few taps knocking a flake of stone off.
He continued to the front area where Sonnah rhythmically beat his hammer against a red hot plate of iron. Tal’al’oon knew the plate would eventually become the ice breaking prow of one of the boats in Jemison Post’s fledgling fishing fleet. After a few more pounds the k’iou stopped to take a drink of water. He noticed Tal’al’oon and the pistol he held. “Aw’right, lemme see it.” He grunted holding out his hand. Tal’al’oon gave him the springshot and watched as the K’iou inspected it opening the chamber and checking the bore, looking down the sights. The Smith walked to a counter and picked up a dart. He loaded it cocking the pistol, “Only a idiot or an adventurer dry fires a springshot.” He said matter-of-factly. The K’iou and Tal’al’oon steeped out into the windy cold. Sonnah brought the gun up and fired the dart into a nearby snow drift. Both he and Tal’al’oon briskly walked over to it and dug through it to see how deep the dart penetrated. After a minute Sonnah held it up triumphantly, “Good penetration, this piece is good lad.” He noted handing the springshot back to Tal’al’oon as they both walked inside.
Once inside with the door firmly closed Tal’al’oon and Sonnah walked back to the counter. “Easily as good as the springshots in the colonies.” Sonnah noted, “Too bad we have no customers.”
Tal’al’oon nodded, “Perhaps we should change that honored smith. I can make contact with the settlement in the harbor to see what it is they need and how much it would cost to get wares to market and perhaps get more raw materials in return.”


Tal’aloon continued, “That could get the goods you produce to the colonies but I am no business man and I suspect you and your skilled brother would rather practice your trade than practice contract negotiations. With your permissions I will talk to the banking guild master and see if he is willing to manage the business side of the smithy in exchange for part of the profits.”


Sonnah said, “That would be acceptable on our parts. The Banking Guild may know far more about business than a pair of smiths. All I ask is that our goods do not go to our ancestral enemies among the Quall or their Horned Dog Servants. Nor to the hateful Uthvelor. Nor to the disrespectful Kasanthians.”

Zaphophiah added in, “Yes the Colonies would be good trade partners, but make sure the Northern Kingdoms don’t get a hand on anything Ive made. I don’t support their slaver ways.”


Tal’al’oon nodded, he himself would hate to see his goods aid the Quall or the Kansanthians. “Wise Sonnah, I believe the guild master will be able to accommodate all those requests but one; I assume the guild master can make sure the Uthvelor tribes are not sold your goods but Uthvelor live in the colonies. These Uthvelor generally follow the same culture and lifestyle as their Earther, Olgog, and Children of the Falosini neighbors, peers and coworkers. I believe it is illegal in the colonies to deny these Uth citizens goods and services based on their race.”

“If you are alright selling to any citizen of the colonies no matter race then I will go speak to the head of the guildsmen here.”


When the message was sent out to call for a Guildmaster, Tal’al’oon noted that it was not Olim Antwerf who was staying in McGraw Expedition Harbor, and it wasn’t Alphine Pioroti, instead it was a handsome middle aged man who entered their shop.

“Allo, my name, Elis Von Gruhman, formerly Guildmaster of Baronade, and proud supporter of the Jemison Point expedition,” said the man, as he adjusted his tie, and wiped some snow off his shoulders.

Tal’al’oon asked, “With all due respect Mr. Von Gruhman, I have not seen you around camp?”

“Yes well, I just had the pleasure of arriving. You see I had hired the Cyborgs of the Wastes as mercs to protect the Jemison Post Expedition and was waiting with them, but the Expedition command diverted east and I’ve been playing catchup ever since,” said Von Gruhman.

Tal’al’oon explained Sonnah’s restrictions and asked if the Banking Guild could assist.

“I don’t waste people’s time Tal’al’oon,” Von Gruhman said firmly, “But there is no profit in having a set of K’iou Smiths from Mt. Vir make objects and then ship them all the way by sea to the Colonies. The Banking Guildmaster of Mt. Vir is working hard enough on getting those types of artifacts into the market, that the markup for shipping would make it way to pricey.”

"With that said, from what I’ve heard my competition Olim has been doing some good work out at McGraw Expedition Harbor and has at least fifty folks who will need tools and artifacts and even springshots. And frankly if you’all handle security for the shipments, we could turn a nice profit selling them there.

Normally Guildmeister’s don’t fight over a region, but Planetary Directorship decided that they wanted the top teams to vie for control of the newest markets. Whichever of us gets the strongest settlement and economy will be able to request the guild to build a temporary spaceport under their command. Let me tell you if Jemison post gets the port, you three and your shop will see more profit than you could ever dream of.

But if McGraw Harbor gets it, well Jemison Post will be little more than the place AAVs USED TO land near the Glacial Research Facility.

So I can’t just go to Olim and say, hey bud you want hammers, picks and axes for your colonists? If he knows I’m behind the deal then he will gouge you something fierce, but if you got Eli to support your biz. Then ma friends, then you might get a square deal that will get us some real trade."


Tal’al’oon nodded, he was not a business man but he knew that idle hands were the tools of warmonger and the town needed trade. “I will engage Eli about this matter. If you don’t mind wise guild master, I am no businessman, may I ask you more questions about how we can generate trade? You had mentioned you had come from the cyborgs of the wastes, are their territories far? What do they supplies do they require?”

Tal’al’oon was glad the banking guild master was assigned specifically to Jemison Post, he was tied to the towns prosperity. “I also believe we may have another source of trade. The glacial research facility is nearby and occupied with an EEF unit. If we can build and stock an establishment to provide them with hospitality and the command at the base agrees we may be able to profit by providing the soldiers with much needed relaxation.”