The Sea Kings Iron Mine, Now under New Management!


This thread is for the Iron Mine formerly owned by the Sea Kings. The mine consists of one sloping tunnel under the surface leading to a single mine shaft. This shaft leads to a small cavern that has three tunnels. Two tunnels are mined out and have no Iron Ore left. The third tunnel is still able to be mined. At the end of it is a smaller air shaft leading back up to the surface.

[Grim, Nuria, Eli McGraw and Lurtor must use this thread to discuss where the Iron from this mine gets sent, how it is traded and who it is given to. It requires a 3/4 majority to vote on these matters.

First topic of discussion and then vote.

Keep the 29 Olgog slaves here, or find other workers?]


Lurtor said "Besides the Mine, we have to talk about an ancient structure that is heavily warded against earth Leyas down there. That may have been the real purpose of this mine, or it could have just been there without them knowing about it until on of the caves ran into it.

Either way, We may want to see what is inside it."


Lurtor says "Besides looking into this structure. We need a supply of Gahz. I suggest we export most of this metal from the mine and split the profits. I know at our post we need the actual Gahz to start paying our workers instead of trading food and shelter. I want to get away from that so we don’t go down that slippery slope. "


Lurtor says "I will seek advice from Zaphophiah and Sonnah to see about suggestions to make this mine produce well. Also if we are mining, we will want to setup some sort of refining. Then we can transport the refined materials off to trade. But I don’t believe many of us are miners or understand metals to their level. I will let you all know what comes of that.

Do note that I don’t expect their help to be free. At first I will offer to trade with them, but in the end I’m sure we will need to pay them."

(OOC I put in a small part of that convo into the mission as since we are doing things to the mine, we should understand the good or bad that will happen due to moving tunnels, tunneling more, etc.)


Eli comments “Well, we’ll think of some to get ghaz. In the mean time, one problem at a time. Let’s push those jerks back.”


(Week 10+)

The Ikuz Iron Mine was once more in full production. The discovery of the dispicable laboratory deep below the mine, and the Krato experiments had been kept from the workers. Yes hidden deep below the Ikuz Iron mine was a laboratory that dated back to the original Krato turned to Warmonger’s side. In fact much of the Iron was an outgrowth of bone matter endlessly regenerating from the metal boned Krato specimen being kept in a stasis below. Despite living defenses and all manner of concerning specimen, the entire laboratory was sealed off.

With overt warning signs that section of the mine was forbidden.

But the rest of the Mine was highly productive. In fact it had become a favored day job for olgog laborers coming from Jemison Post. Many an OtO and Lurtor clone could be seen working alongside the white fur Hobtla Mag’ol miners.