The Return of Sir Resugent (TSGL 3 Week 9+)


After getting the silent treatment from EEFers working alongside Church of Oners, and then getting transported to a Bar in the middle of nowhere, for apparently no reason, Sir Resugent and Khalid were happy to be back home.

They had appeared outside a small farmhouse, and the farmer had gladly offered to drive the heroic knight and his comrade back to the Tower. When they arrived at the edge of the Tower lands they found before them a caved in section of terrain where what looked like a United Tribes of Refuge Carrier craft had crashed.

Below it, Resugent and Khalid could see a glimmer of metal, what looked like an Earther Freight Elevator. What the Elevator contained was completely unknown to them. The Farmer could continue on, but even Resugent noticed the muscular Olgog with the massive sword on his back leaning in toward the hole in the ground.

Khalid yelled out, “You there, what is your business?”

The Gor’ab turned and said, “I am Og’alab MagGor’ab, and I believe this crashed ship may have unearthed an old piece of structure. A trap built by the Cardinal Bray to trap his oldest enemies, my old, old friends. Can I request your help?”

“Do we trust him?” asked Khalid of Resugent.


Ser Resugent sighed to himself, he had just returned from a very confusing trip through time, most of which he barely remembered. Now there was a crashed Olgog flying machine in his lands and an ancient earther structure perhaps made by one of the most evil beings who ever lived, a bath would have to wait it seemed.

“Greetings honored Gor’ab, let us take a look at this trap so we can find out perhaps how to disarm it so innocents aren’t harmed here.” Turning toward Khalid “We shall work with this Olgog for now, so we can understand what is truly going on in this place.”