The Purge of 2220 Marks the End of Warmonger


[from events at Running Gagg]

News spread fast from the center of the colony newsnets at Chooru. The Colony General Malthus was reported dead, bravely falling in a grand battle culiminating in the annihilation of the Quall Avatar of Warmonger. Being trapped in the physical vessel by its Quall nature, this Warmonger avatar ended up being his achielles heel in a seeming brilliant trap sprung between the governments of the Colonies, and the Northern Kingdoms of Jemison Post, Fort Lendill, and Boriel’s Retreat.

Warmonger’s defeat has dealt a catastrophic blow to the invading Sea Kings, who have decided to flee in most places except their beachheads near the Kingdom of I’tash and Makuf and the Kingdom of the Hobtla Mago’l. Only in these disparate outposts have the former Warmonger Cult armies doubled down on their own failure.

The great truth felt instantly by any demon not protected by a Time Shredder was the fact that all demons and ancient evils had been purged from our set of dimensions in this timeline. They were not destroyed instead they were all hurled back into their own shadow of our reality, where they will hopefully live out the rest of their days in peace.

Once again the armies of the Quall surged onto Refuge, using their advantages to strike hard and fast at the heels of the Sea Kings army. Rumors of Quall armies surging up the beaches of the far continents, are rapidly spreading. It seems the Quall N’drone wish now to silence any knowledge that the ancient evils ever existed.

It seems a new horde under a cabal of dangerous and cunning HiveQueens view all of Refuge as theirs. All except the Earther Colonies…which for a small moment could breath a sigh of relief and focus on the grief of their deceased Colony General.

Immediately an election announcement came forth across the holonets, Yildor Roren, Resident of Dumbar and notorious leader of the 99s Syndicate and former VLAD agent, has thrown his hat into the ring.

In his announcements for running he has said,

"My fellow Colonials, we have seen how a corrupt EEF raises up Olgog tribals over civilized southerners in the past years, and these policies have allowed us to suffer terrorist attacks of the most despicable kind. They have allowed it, and they have caused it. It was EEF funding that raised up the false god Krodnok in response to the Elogan terrorists. And the EEF funded a newely announced Northern Kingdom ruled by a bastard that is many many thousands of years old. How can one say the EEF has been defending the colonies. I offer a new option a better option.

We are going to put the Colonies First.

Now if you believe like I do we should put the colonies first and put the boot into the face of these upstart green furs and these tinpot kings. We need an Earther Colonies that emphasized that Earther Element while keeping our alien friends but not empowering our alien enemies. Only Good aliens stay. The rest can go home to wherever they came from. I mean this continent is meant to be a civilized place right? So vote Yildor Roren, and make the Colonies First again."

In an interesting turn of events both the colonies of Dunesphere and Kalino have thrown their full support behind Yildor Roren’s campaign flooding his campaign office with donations and volunteers. Yildor Roren’s Colonies First Party is the only party currently running, to the concern of many.

[Players who want to throw their hat into the ring as a potential Colony General should post here with their campaign announcement. Use Yildor’s as an example. Open to all DR characters except PeaceLord Grim, PeaceLord Nuria, Ryuk, Olgog the Olgog, Lurtor, Lalder]


Daron was concerned by tone of this the only campaign for Colony General. Yildor cannot become the new Colony General even if that meant he must run himself. At least that would get others to join as well. Daron would register to run.

In his announcement he would say "My fellow Colonials. My name is Daron. I am an Olgog. But I run to represent all as a Colonial general should. Remember, Most on refuge are aliens and not from Refuge. We are all in this together. We prosper when we all work together. Diversity is our strength, not a weakness. Value our kinship.

The last Colony General worked with all races and many nations with the Goal to defeat the Warmonger for good and Succeeded. Demons driven from our world. This is a win for all of the colonies and all of Refuge. Think of this, the battle to beat the warmonger has been waging for thousands and thousands of years. And until now, that war was never won.

It is true though, the job of the Colony General is not done. There is work to do. Colonials still suffer. That is why I’m here. Bring the colonies together to protect and improve all the lives of those I serve.

About me. I was born into Slavery. I fought against the forces of Warmonger and earned my freedom. I wandered the colonies finding my way; Learning who I wanted to become. I met people up and down the colonies. I found kindness and that someone willing to work could succeed if given a chance.

So I know how it feels to be beaten down. The pain of seeing your friends slaughtered by an enemy even as you fight to live, and how it feels when you can see no way out. But I also know what it takes to stand up and face the world. Roaring into the sky telling the world you won’t be beaten. I bring that experience with me. Let me help find your chance like someone did for me. Vote for me for Colony General and we will go forward and not back."


Seeing another Olgog throw his hat into the ring, Oliver knew it was this moment his father had been raising him for. If the colonies could vote for an Olgog, a new age had begun in the colonies.

He hired a Duskan Videographer to film him using a holonet camera, so it could be broadcast far and wide.

"Hello People of Refuge.

My name is Oliver, I have served in the EEF, and then served proudly in the Kolgul Militia. When the villainous Yaog took over, I made sure to protect the weak from his tyranny. And again I see that need to prevent tyranny.

My years of military service taught me that it is those in command who hold the fate of their subordinates in their hands.

The Colony General decides the fate of these colonies. And has decided the fate of locations as far from here as the Draco Constellation.

The previous Colony General, for all his good decisions, made a few fatally flawed ones.

The first decision I will address was the EEF joining with the Peace of Falos. This treaty signed at the culmination of the Border Wars with the Iron Republic and the Quall N’drone. It keeps the Earther Colonies on Refuge safe, yes, but it has opened all of the Glacial Wastes, Northern Kingdoms and Goblin Lands open to invasion by the Quall Hordes. Which we cannot allow.

The second decision I will address is the Provisional Colonies. I will immediately grant full rights to all the Provisional Colonies upon being elected. Now I know this will increase the percentage of Olgogs who are consider Colonial Citizens and put them near equal in numbers to the Earthers who live here in the north. But between the Southern and Northern Colonies, we will hold the majority of this continent.

The third decision I will address is the decision to keep Refuge from spacefaring. The EEF made deals with the IR to prevent regular citizens from leaving Refuge. But ALL Colonists should have a right to see the stars. Otherwise, Refuge is just a penal colony.

So if you vote for Captain Oliver you vote for a Free Refuge where Space is our Destiny!"


When Lord Grimaldus heard about the death of the Colony General and the destruction of Warmonger his smile couldn’t be contained. It was fortunate that only his most trusted advisors were in the room with him or else it might have been awkward trying to explain his glee. Malthus had been a self righteous self imposed dictator who thought that he alone could provide the answers the Colonies needed, it was high time that he was removed from power so that someone else could take the reigns. As to who that person would be, well, in Grimaldus’ mind that was obvious. Calling a press conferance Lord Grimaldus stood in his finest colonial dress uniform and prepared to address the people of Refuge.

"Colonial citizens, and all people of Refuge, my name is Arnold Grimaldus, I have been graced with the honor of guiding the Provisional Colonies of Absalom and Hebron in the south. I am here today to speak to the unfortunate loss of Colony General Malthus. He stood bravely in defense of the Colonies and shall be remembered as a hero, he will be missed and never forgotten. While we should mourn I do not believe that the previous Colony General would want us to lose ourselves in our grief but use his example to move forward. Colony General Malthus was a man of action and sacrificed everything for the well being of all life on this planet and we should remember and honor his sacrifice with our actions.

One of the most important things that we must remember is that we do not exist in a bubble. The Colonies are an integrated society with many races and species, in addition there are other nations that fill this world as well. In addition there are many other worlds and even dimensions that we cannot just ignore as well. The Children of the Falosini and the various Olgog states are our cherished neighbors who cannot be taken for granted.

My friends…my people, we are stepping into a new dawn for the Colonies, I wish to help guide us in this journey. I officially put myself forward for the position of Colony General, I understand that this is a heavy responsibility and one that I do not consider lightly. I have fought for my people, I have negotiated with local leaders and I have had my eyes opened to new experiences. I understand what it is like to walk through life blinded by ideology, I will not deny that my past is checkered. I believe that my past is a valuable lesson, I have proved that I can learn from my previous mistakes and can adapt to new situations for the betterment of all.

I don’t offer a utopian future, I don’t offer conquest, nor do I offer the stars. I am a man, a man who has spent the recent past learning his own limitations. I offer a realistic path forward trying to give the citizens of the Colonies peace, trade, and safety. There will be rough patches and sometimes things will look bad. However we are a resilient society, we grow stronger from our diversity, and we will over come the challenges ahead.
Thank you for your time, I Arnold Grimaldus, want to wish you all a bright future, filled with honor, and prosperity."


"My fellow colonists and neighbors. I am speaking to you today in order to announce my intentions to run as a candidate for the position of Colony General. In order to do this I have taken a leave from my position as Field Marshal. During my campaign that position will be filled by General Map’le. All of my access and clearances have been revoked and will remain that way until after the election has run its course. I have taken this step so all will understand that I do not wish to begin a military rule.

I worked for many years with Colony General Malthus and I stand by the work we did to protect and improve the colonies and would like nothing more than to continue that work.

If elected I would seek to renegotiate our terms of peace with the Iron Republic not only regarding Refuge but also the world’s of the Draco constellation.

I would also seek to expand our program of provisional colonies to new areas of Refuge. And attempt to establish more formal relations with the lost colonies to the south.

When my people first arrived here on Refuge they made many mistakes but perhaps the most basic. The one that allowed all the others was to assume they knew best and had a destiny to rule. What we should learn from them is that we are always stronger together and that when we work with our friends and neighbors we are capable of so much more.

So people of the colonies I ask for a chance to carry on that work and to continue severing you. Thank you."


There is a new opportunity for candidates to have an impact and gain UtR allies and funding!


Candidates should take advantage of these moments to gain support and colonies on their side. Make sure to ask any questions in the game Questions section. Candidates need bodyguards and help, so make sure to contact them if you think your character could have success helping them OR hurting their political enemies…


Negative Political Actions allowed include Assassination Attempts, Sabotage of Equipment, Theft of Campaign Funds/Resources, and murder of supporters.

Positive Political Actions allowed include Rescuing Refugees in Warzones, Bringing Attention to the Needs of Others, Meeting the Requests of Colonial Constituents, Using Media teams to get the Message out.

Technology like printing presses and holonets can be added (or repaired in some locations) to help get the message directly to the masses. This requires funding and support.


W sat in his office in New Home, looking at the news around the colonies. He knew from Biff that the Colony General had died in the battle against War-Monger. It was a tough loss, but Field Marshall Strykker should be able to fill in. What W did not realize was that there would be elections. Great – policitcal Ma’lie bullshit to deal with. Just when things were starting to go right.

Then, even worse news hit W. His old nemesis, Yilder Roren was running for Colony General. The man that has tried to assassinate Malthus ages ago. When that failed, he started a criminal syndicate with old VLAD’s help. Of course, he ended that. W was instrumental in destroying Old VLAD. W then was assigned to Dumbar - in order to end the 99s distribution of Love Potion 99, which Yilder was going to infect the colonies with so that he could make the world love him.
And then again, years later, Yilder tried again. Once again, W was there to take down his supply – this time instead of infecting water supplies Yilder was going to spray the colonies.

And now Yilder was getting his wish, except this time he didn’t need to put Malthus down. Yilder, ever the coward and conniving shit that he was, just had to wait for the opportune moment. W had two immediate concerns. First, was Yilder going to take down a supply of Love Potion 99 again to influence the election. Second, was anyone going to be able to take down Yilder during the election. Yes, the Field Marshall could easily win the election - but he would he want to?

W thought about the possibilities. He lobbied a quick call to his old friend, Twain. If he were to run, he’d need funds. Well, at least those that were legal. Twain had those through his business up in Sanctuary. He’d be able to wrangle up connections through Biff, even though the real Biff was busy babysitting the new PeaceLord Grim. His biggest problem, however, was glaring. He was Vlahadassi. A half-breed. People might forgive his criminal history, they’d have to if they were goingg to vote for Yilder…but not the inherent racism that plagues most Earthers.

Did W even want to win? Not really. He just wanted to be able to expose enough dirt on Yilder to make him unelectable. And if he did manage to win?? Well, he’s been running New Home and the BFF long enough, how much harder can it be? W sighed deeply – he knew there was no job more complicated than Colony General. But he’d rather win it than allow that fuckface Yilder to win.

He talked a little strategy with Twain, and made up his mind as to how he was going to announce his candidacy. He knew he had no chance among the Church of Oners and their sympathizers, so he went the other way. He chose New Vorik. Technically he had a residence there, ever since the border wars and the fall and rebuilding of New Vorik. Plus, it had the largest Vlahadassi population in the colonies. It was going to be his home base.

“My name is Wengyr Yewar’ye. I’m not your average politician. I’m a simple man, who has been fighting for the rights of colonial citizens since I was 16. I’m a military leader and civil servant. In my work for the colonies, and all colonial citizens, I’ve rooted out more corruption not only in the colonies, but on this continent, than any other of my competitors. And I’ve never done it for the glory, or to fill my coffers, but because it was the right thing to do.

I have fought hard for each and every one of you. During the Border Wars I attacked ziggaurats, helped defeat the ancient evils, and was there for the battle of New Vorik. When I learned about slavers invading the colonies, I put my life in the line and became a slave, worked my way to the PeaceLord, and freed my fellow colonials from persecution.

Some of my greatest accomplishments haven’t just been defending the colonies against existential threats, such as the Quall N’Drone, rogue K’ias, demons, or the Sea Kings. I have also rooted out corruption – I’ve taken down criminal syndicates that were trying to poison water supplies with drugs to enslave you all. I’ve done it not just once, but on several occasions. And I will continue to do so as your Colony General. Not because I crave power, but because I love everything these Colonies stand for. Peace. Justice. And ensuring that tyranny never has the opportunity to take root on Refuge.

As your Colony General, I will continue to find peaceful solutions with our neighbors to the north and the south in ways that behoove us…and peace.

As your Colony General, I will continue to fight against the existential threats of extraplanetary nature - always keeping an eye on our true enemies and the big picture.

As your Colony General, I will not be plagued by racist notions of who our enemies are - or who our allies are. We have a many great generals in our armies who have taught us that friends and allies come from all places. Our enemies are chosen by their actions, not how they were born or what they look like. Life on Refuge would have been wiped out many many times over if it were not for these generals in our military. I have worked with many of them, especially Group 2, over the years.

Having the intimate knowledge of how our military works, and how to ensure it keeps running smoothly in the future, as your Colony General I will ensure that the transition is easy, seamless, and without lapses in their utmost goal - your protection.

As your Colony General, I will continue to root out corruption where I find it, protect the colonies, and serve you all.

Colony General Mathus put his life on the line, and paid the ultimate price to protect these colonies. As Colony General, I will do the same. When things get tough, or don’t go my way, I won’t hide. I don’t turn my back on what matters just to win. I will fight the good fight for each and every colonial citizen to make sure they don’t just end up victims of a tyrant – or a crooked crime lord with empty and self-serving promises.

On Election Day, Vote W, a Win for Wengyr!”