The Provisional Colony of 2218


—Lord Grimaldus Only until Narrator says otherwise—

Lord Grimaldus has petitioned the Colonial Government for Colony Status. The Provisional charter recognizes Fortress Isaias, Jamesville, and Tower of Resugent as pre-existing limits of this new colony with the establishment of two non discriminating townships protected by a small EEF military camp in each.

Lord Grimaldus must name Town 1 and Town 2

Town 1 is between Isaias and Jamesville

It will begin as a tent city, but will grown into a either a real town or shanty town of 100 Civilians (Earthers and Olgogs)*

Town 2 is between Jamesville and the Tower of Resugent

It will begin as a tent city, but will grown into a either a real town or shanty town of 50 Civilians (Earthers and Olgogs)*

  • on answers to the following questions

1- How do you design each settlement to be built over the intermission using the local natural resources?
Local Natural Resources: Sand, Stone, A tiny Iron Mine (one large scale project of metal only) Bone and hide
Aboveground, belowground

2- What defenses are sent to protect these settlements?
Each settlement has forty EEF GIs armed with springshot rifles living in an army camp on site and defend the towns from feral olgog and olgog raider attacks but not to hunt olgogs or drive out native tribes who are peacable.
(including defenses against flamewinds)

3- How do you provide potable water?

4- What do you do for food?

5- Do you take resources from towns that still retain loyalty to the Church of One?

6- How do you deal with the Inqusitors coming down to attack your new colony and to split off Thomasville, Johnsport and Petersburg from Lord Grimaldus’ rule?

7- What do your citizens produce?


Lord Grimaldus looked at the Charter that the EEF had sent him, two towns. Two towns that had to include both Earthers and Goblins it seemed. Resugent had set up two locations, the first between Isaias and Jamesville, and the second between Jamesville and his tower. Both simply consisted of tents at the moment, they awaited his instructions on how they were to develop.

First things first they needed to be named, he thought long and hard about what to call them. In the end Grimaldus looked to the past for ways to walk into the future. Scanning the ancient texts about the faithful back on Earth he found two names that he felt showed how the towns should develop. The first town would be called Absalom, meaning “Father of peace” in the old tongue. The second town would be called Hebron, it had a number of meanings, mainly about friendship, and unity.

As each town had limited resources they would start simple. Using local bone and hides he would develop stronger tents, large enough to hold many people. These would shelter the people while the workers cut the local stone supply (thankfully that was plentiful) to form foundations for more permanent homes. As these towns were exposed to the possibility of Flamewinds underground shelters would have to be dug as well. But thankfully the season for Flamewinds had passed so that wasn’t an immediate concern. However they would be worked on when possible.

While this was being done wells would have to be dug for water, while the work was being done Grimaldus sent Lord Resugent to request the local Goblin tribes (Not calling them Goblins to their faces of course) asking them to use their magiks to supply the towns with water until an underground water supply could be tapped. Any of his citizens who had the ability to manipulate and summon water would be rewarded to encourage stepping forth.

As for food, Squires would be sent to hunt the local wild life, keeping clear from the boarders of the Goblins. Thankfully the farms that Grimaldus had set up months ago had never been attacked by the Goblins, so they were able to ship food over to the towns. They made enough food for now, but the larger each town got eventually the farms would have to be expanded.

Hopefully once the towns expand local farms can be set up, and they can survive without the assistance of the local Goblin population.


As for defenses, well, making homes for the people would have to take priority, hopefully the Paladins loyal to him along with the EEF soldiers would be enough for now. Lord Grimaldus had precious little that could stop a full fledged Church of One invasion. Even when they could afford the manpower to make stone walls around the towns Church tanks and artillery could easily destroy them. Something had to be done to divert attention away from his colonies.

Anyway he needed to make more plans on how his people would survive past basic shelter. What would his citizens make to trade. Obviously the local Goblins wouldn’t like artifacts made from the bones of their fellows. Well he still commanded multiple slave camps with thousands of Goblins, he could release them and then ask for aid in return. Not that he could really keep the camps going anyway, didn’t have the manpower anymore. He wondered why the Goblins didn’t put more effort in shutting the camps down. Oh well. He would have Resugent inform the tribes of the shut down of the camps, perhaps they will be thankful…probably not but you never know.

When basic survival is take care of the local people shall make use of the natural resources of the area for their trade. Besides trying to farm this hell hole, the people would take up stone carving…well at least those capable enough will. Holy symbols, inspirational symbols of faith, no symbols of the Church of One but of the old times. Of the times before coming to Refuge, before the corruption. These shall be sold to the colonies and the humans in Smonsburg. Using the bones and hides his people shall make collapsible tents, designed for nomad Goblins they will be designed to be put up and taken down quickly and easily.

With all of the sand around them glass work would be good, though with no fuel to burn that would be tough. So Lord Grimaldus will make a call to all of the people under him who had talent with magical fire. They would start glass making businesses. They can make stained glass windows and clear windows to be traded with the local Goblins and humans in Simonsburg and the colonies.
Perhaps glass arrow-heads to be sold to the local Goblins. (of course being called Olgogs to their faces) these arrows of course would be worthless against armor, but against flesh they can pierce and then break inside causing a lot of internal damage.


Ser Resugent sent word of his successful negotiations with the tribe of Lalder. Apparently they would aid in the construction of underground farms and the outer walls within the towns of Absalom and Hebron. That would accelerate the construction greatly. Grimaldus wasn’t pleased to be relying upon Goblin assistance so much but it made sense. They were the closest source of support and they had knowledge of the land and how to get the most out of it. He preferred the idea of doing things in a more Colonial way, but sometimes alternate routes had to be taken. He would have to send thank you letters back with the Goblin helpers to take back to their leaders. Not that he thought they could read a civilized language but it was the polite thing to do."


Lord Grimaldus had recived an invitation from Unit 817 about the Mag Der’al. He rolled his eyes, “I guess the Goblins realized that trying to do this without EEF support was getting them no where. Now they want the help from all around them.” The Terrorists had been rounded up in his lands by the EEF investigators, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what the Goblins knew. He thought on who to send as Squire Hiezal brought him his tea. It was a local variety…it wasn’t very good. But it had nutritional value so he put up with it. Hiezal, he was a good lad, one of his newest Squires at the Fortress, he was rather open minded, would have been decorating a cross back at Dunesphere for being too much so. Now the child got to live…and serve tea and anything else Grimaldus wished. An unimportant child in his growing Colony…hmmmm. “Squire…how would you like to go on a valuable mission?”

Hiezal blinked a few times in shock, then remembered to bow low. “My Lord I am ever at your disposal, to do anything you wish”

Grimaldus smiled, “Yes, I am sure. We have recived an invitation from a group of Go…Olgogs who are investigating these Terrorists, the Mag Der’al, you will be sent to the meeting and learn what you can about them. While the EEF cleared out our lands from this filth, they might attempt to strike at us from other lands. You will learn what the native creatures know about them and return with the information. If there is an opportunity for us to gain, perhaps get the natives in our debt, then that might help us in the future. You shall leave in the morning.”

Hiezal bowed low again. “Yes my Lord. It shall be as you say.” He turned around and left the room to prepare for his mission…and get a new pair of shorts because he might have soiled the ones he was wearing in utter terror.


A full and burgeoning glass trade was in full effect and the commerce helped employed the Earthers that lived in the beautiful growing towns of Absalom and Hebron. And influx of new colonists brought another 500 colonial citizens to Absalom and 250 to Hebrom. When the Colonies to the North closed their borders and the colonies to the East closed their borders, the people who fell in love with the goblin lands stayed.

These are a mix of Earthers, Olgogs, Kiorn and Baribur with colonial citizenship in one or the other set of Earther colonies.

What style of buildings will you have the builders build for them? Apartments, barracks, coffin motels, or some new and interesting form of shelter. Feel free to invite other players to this thread to post how they will assit in the growth of these 2 towns to accomodate the influx.


[Provisional Colony gains new export item
glass windows
glass arrowheads - +2 dmg to arrows, springshots and crossbow bolts but shatters on Metal armor.
Vehicle glass
armored glass ]


The new influx of people was a boon to say the least. Despite the fact that not only humans came but Elves and winged Elves as well they were contributing to the colonies. The population was too much for the tents and buildings were being constructed, as well as outer fortifications thanks to Lalder and his Goblins. Very helpful Gobs they were. The buildings being set up were facinating, as most of the immigrants came from the colonies up north a mixture of constructions were taking place. There were a few in the style of Chooru, a couple from Dumbar, and even some Kelvaran constructions…though he would discourage those as those tended to look better in a swamp then a desert town. Lord Grimaldus requested a few complexes to be built, apartments to make housing easier, plus they were larger and thus more stable. If the rail stations were to open up again going north then more would come and there would have to be room. He had been in negotiation with some officals in Chooru and the EEF to set up a hotel in Absalom for colonial and EEF personnel visiting the area. However construction hadn’t begun yet before the shut down of the train. Thankfully the Goblins from lalder were still there and they had begun construction of underground dwellings, the Goblins were very impressive with those. Decent ventilation keep them cool and quite safe while being protected from the elements. The people he sent to observe and learn from them had gained a lot of useful knowledge.

As for business wise, the Glassware exports were doing well. Sadly business had slowed due to the lack of a train but he still managed to trade with some of the local tribes. Devotional objects were slacking in the sales department. Perhaps he needed to work on the advertizements of them.


The Auf Lal’al worked tirelessly alongside the Earthers and built for them a city that could rival ancient rome at Absalom and a city to rival ancient jerusalem at Hebron. Beautiful stonework, roadways and buildings for trade all created in days instead of months reinforced with the Leyas and perfection. Each of the cities now held space for 10,000 citizens each and the colonies of Kalino and Dumbar and Kelvara were actively shipping large numbers of unwanted poor folk down to the Provisional Colonies. The inexpensive homes were snapped up for a few ghaz a piece and some who were little more than day laborers found themselves now owning a large home and business in the Provisional colony.


The sudden influx was causing problems. Crime had skyrocketed as criminal syndicates followed the Colonists south.
Most industries had been taken over by monied crime families in a matter of days. Only the religious institutions were spared.

Food was the worst scarcity with most of a citizens wages going to secure the food that comes into the colonies.

The unexpected influx may cause a collapse if larger efforts are not put into food production or trade for fresh foods.


[Posted with Narrator Permission]

General Vulfrym arrived and was led to Lord Grimaldus. The General had connections within the EEF and the Church of One leaderships. He was one of the few that stood on both sides during different wars.

"Lord Grimaldus, It is a pleasure to meet you. I am General Vulfrym. I am a General in the EEF and a General in the Tarrisian Taskforce and the Leader of the Lions of Earth. The Lions of Earth represent the most loyal and strongest of the soldiers in the Church of One and the Two Domes. They have been my loyal companions.
If you haven’t heard of me already. Im the one who took the Two Domes and purified it from the stench that once controlled it.
And Dunesphere during the Border Wars.

To show my appreciation for the knights you and the other Lords of Dunesphere have provided to aid me in the move offworld, I am here to aid you in defense from time to time. Especially when I can. I also want to know more about what is happening on the ground, especially in the Goblin Lands. It’s piqued my interest.

Though you have access to a select group of Church of Oners, I have a much wider selection of Church of Oner paladins with special training that could help aid your consolidation. On top of that, I have access to the CVLE in my Lions of Earth.
I also have…other means, besides manpower.

My forces include spaceships that can provide orbital support. On top of which I also have naval units that exceed the firepower of the Olgog fleets.

Let us discuss tactics and how we can better our position in these Goblin Lands.

Take this in no way that I am as intolerant as the Inquisitors. Not to say I am anti-Goblin or anti-any species, I just look to reward the people who have aided me."


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Grimaldus nodded politely at General Vulfrym “Welcome General, it is a pleasure to meet you. I welcome your aid and in fact could use some of it right now. As you may or may not be aware in the Goblin Lands this current season has a local hazard. Basically giant tornadoes made of fire called Flamewinds. The towns within the provisional colony lack the protection that the ones under the protection of Dunesphere. My forces lack the leyas knowledge and strength to protect the towns from the Flamewinds. As you control a large amount of technological and leyas power I was wondering if you could provide aid in this matter. If you can, I would be delighted to share the information I have gathered in these lands.”


Coincidently a message arrives for Lord Grimaldus.

Lord Grimaldus,
EEF high command is aware of the approaching Flamewind season and we wish to offer aid to the Provisional Colonies. Firstly by now General Vulfrym should be enroute or even have arrived at your lands. He will bring troops and knowledge that should be of help. We are also sending two city defense detour shields and eighty Adepts to operate them (40 each). We believe they will protect your cities from the worst effects of the storms. Air and heat may still be a problem but the actual fire should be handled. We will also use our orbital installations to give you early warning of any approaching storms as far in advance as possible. The arriving troops will have communication equipment to contact the stations. I hope these steps help to safe guard your people.

Field Marshal Strykker.


Field Marshal Strykker

I wish to thank you for your effort to assist these lands in our time of need. Thanks to you we were able to avoid the worst of the Flamewinds and continue to do so. Regretfully while I was contacted by General Vulfrym he never got back to me after I responded to him. We do thank you for your assistance in these matters and know that we can depend on you to help in our mission to create Colonial territory in these lands. I hope that one day these lands will be able to contribute to other provisional lands and help them like you have helped us. We look forward to continued cooperation. Speaking of cooperation. We have been informed by some of the locals that a Der’al Collective has allowed an army of Giants to pass through their lands on the condition that they invade Hebron. This is distressing, I fear that such an act will make it difficult for the people not to blame all Olgogs for this action. I request not only aid in the defense of Hebron, but for the aid to be of multiple species to prove to the Earther citizens that non humans will fight and die for them. That might help lessen the incoming blaming of the locals. What do you think?"


Lord Grmaldus,

Sorry to hear that Vulfrym didn’t show. He has an unfortunate erratic strike at times. At any rate we know about the giants and help is coming. As I send this message RCT 5 and 6 are enroute. They will link up with the elements of RCT 2 that are already there and secure the city from any attacks. We will also be clearing for air and artillery strikes and an orbital strike on the giants as they advance. I plan to make it very clear that attacking your people is a bad idea. These will be full deployments so your people will be seeing members of all the speaking races. Of course they will work with your local forces to coordinate the defense.


Field Marshall,

We are grateful for the reinforcements, we wished to inform you that the Giants have been sighted and are moving in from three directions. Our scouts have reported that nearly 300 giants split up are coming in with artillery and magi cannons. A direct counter attack would result in massive casualties however if they aren’t intercepted they could destroy Hebron within hours of arrival. Do you have any advice on tactics when dealing with a large amount of Giants?"

We were warned that they might be on the way but we expected a smaller force. We are beginning


(This post is not sent to the Field Marshall it is Grimaldus’s own thoughts)

Lord Grimaldus scowled at the report, Absolam has had a influx of new Goblins, ten thousand of them. He was suppose to get them fed and housed now. This is rediculous, soon these creatures would outnumber the human population, they basically were the majority in Absolam already. He would send them to Hebron but with the invasion of Giants they would probably riot before going there. More planning would be necessary.


Lord Grimaldus,

We are currently enroute with reinforcements. I would advise that your forces not engage the giants directly. They should use hit and run tactics targeting the leader, that usually means the biggest meanest looking giant in any given group. We should arrive soon with luck we’ll be there before them.


Lord Grimaldus,

I hope repairs after the giant attack are going well. However I am writing with troubling news. A known terrorist Ologog the Olgog has made contact with the me personally and attempted to convince me to turn a blind eye while he took over the provisional colony lands. Of course we refused to any such thing. But I thought it best to warn you he may pose a danger. He’s insane but intelligent and not without allies. The EEF will of course stand ready to assist your people in anyway we can.