The Planning by the Nine (Week 11+)


Orsa Gul, Urka Gul and Urder Gul sat across from one another, and grew weary of each other’s company.

Finally the flap to their tent opened revealing two of their guests, One of Tor’Lallur and the other was Sir Mag’Nrs.

Urder Gul said, "Welcome honored guests of the Nine, Close the tent flap, and don’t let the desert of Karov in here.

I am sure you have heard that Human Knights are killing Olgogs in Absalom. We aim to stop it."


Lok’ab arrived and greeted the representative. “Greeting, I am Lok’ab of Tor’Lallur. I of Tor’Lallur, I agree with helping Gogs in Earth Gor city.”


Urder Gul said, "It is good to have both you and the Tor’lallur with us, Lok’ab. Blessings of the Ancestors be upon you.

I see the situation in Absalom as simple. If Lord Grimaldus was put in power without the local Olgogs having the option of providing their own representative first, then his rule was forced upon them.

If Lord Grimaldus steps down and allows an election, which our new soldiers have explained to me is some form of choosing a leader through agreement and common in this newfangled age, then he proves his honest desire to be a leader not an oppressor. In that case the Nine will allow the vote to occur, and if Lord Grimaldus wins fairly against an Olgog candidate we will even promise to allow him to continue his rule unharassed and consider Absalom and Hebron ruled by Earthers for the future.

But if Lord Grimaldus refuses to let the Public Will be followed…"

“What then Urder Gul? What will you do?” asked Orsa Gul snidely, “Allow the old ways to return? Demand Lord Grimaldus and the Olgog candidate fight it out in a ring?”

“It worked for Azre’Tal and Berototh when they both desired to wed the Sylvan Empress,” said Urder Gul with a deep sound of annoyance.

“Didn’t they just brawl it out, cut holes into other dimensions, and prove the Sylvan Empress why she didn’t want either of the boys?” said Urka Gul with a giggle.


“So what then? Do you, Urka Gul, stand idly back while Earthers put Olgogs to sword?” asked Urder Gul with a helpless sigh.

“No,” roared Urka Gul as smoke rolled off the Olgog’s back, “I would burn their fortifications, melt their weapons and drive them from these lands like a Flamewinds!”

“And then they send in their flying vehicles and hunt you across the entire length of Der’al,” said Orsa Gul, “And in the ensuing battles, Mag Mag Gor is fed again, and again.”

“Nakalok Gul said he was going to sneak in and rescue some of the hostages while you know who, handles the diplomacy out front,” Urder Gul, “I just don’t trust the Earthers not to try something. And even if they don’t try anything, do you think once the hostages are saved the Olgogs will be treated like anything other than criminals? Their righteous demands for representative leadership fall on deaf Earther ears.”

“Ahh it was just easier in the days when you could challenge a cruel oppressor to a Trial of Wills, and just have them leave their post willingly upon defeat,” said Urka Gul.

“Violence begets violence,” said Orsa Gul.

“From the mouth of the gog who once brought down a solar flare upon a village of Yyan that dared to have been built on his favorite Desert path,” said Urder Gul bitingly.


Lok’ab listened to the exchange between the two and sighed, this was beyond the simplicity that he was used to. Real solutions seemed impossible.
"Seem to Lok’ab that many thing could happen. Perhaps Earth Gor step down and just leave, I not think so, but possible. No matter what solution, doubt Grimgor will let Purebloods leave. Earthgor tend angry when challenge.
Nine can destroy Earthgor cities, Lok’ab no doubt at all. Tor’Lallur can help, though doubt needed. On other hand, Urder Gul right, Earth Gor simply return with bigger weapons and destroy Gog homes in exchange. Situation no ideal. Tor’Lallur not care bout earthgor hostages, however Tor’Lallur care bout how Earthgor respond to such.


Sir Mag’Nrs stepped up to speak his piece, "As a Morgothian, I have seen different ways for the races to make decisions. In all honesty, I have had very little interactions with my own, olgog people. From what I saw the Brezans make decisions based on the strongest, the one that battles it out and wins makes the rule until someone beats him. It is a society of only the strongest surviving. From what I gathered, the Karovians base things of traditions and bloodlines, I am not really sure that it would apply here. Those of Tla’Loc’al are somewhat of a mystery to me. I am unsure of how they pick leaders.

I have no love for the Church of One, their ways seem cruel and unusual but then again others look at the Morthians as terrorists so who am I to throw a stone. This Lord Grimaldus looks like he’s trying to take steps in the better direction for all people. I am somewhat surprised by the choice of the Purebloods, as a vote seems like a very earther thing to choose. It does not really fit with any of the olgog ways to make a decision and makes things seem off. In any test of strength or quest, the Olgogs would have some sort of advantage over the older Lord. I would agree with the Test of Wills to chose who would be the stronger ruler. That seems most fair, other then getting an Olgog offical that would be able to be elected and already has an established working relationship with the Lord Grimaldus. That way the olgog official can make strides for his people while working with the Lord. Either way this seems like a mess and that something is not right with the situation. I would gladly send one of my brothers in arms to make way as a representative. My only hope is that there is not more incursion from Sir Stout."


Urder Gul said, "Yes a Test of Wills that is an excellent solution.

If the Pureblood Olgogs need a champion will you put yourself forth as their Champion as well as a representative Sir Mag’Nrs?

It would be unfair for one of the nine to be the champion for the Pureblood olgogs officially in a test of wills, much in the same way having Grimaldus face a mighty Brezan in a test of strength."

Urka Gul said, “I could care less about the humans either Lok’ab. They smell strange, they have no fur, and they try and kill and enslave us at every turn. But their weapons can kill many…”


Hearing this Sir Mag’Nrs expression faltered somewhat. By standing in for the Purebloods as a champion may only put Sir Mag’Nrs and his Morgothians in the cross-hairs of becoming known terrorists. He did not want to put Dame KeyHob in harms ways but he certainly would take some pleasure being opposed to the Church of One. It was somewhat strange how Urka Gul noted about the earthers weapons killing many, after all the destruction from the harnessed power of the Nine.

Sir Mag’Nrs went down to a knee, “Urka Gul, I must express some concerns. As much as I like sticking it to the Church of Oners, as much as the next guy who follows a different path from theirs. I am not sure that they would have me as their champion, and I do not wish to cause more turmoil for my newer Paladins. If there is no one else and the only legitimate option, then I will do as I must. But i wished to let you know of the foreboding feeling I have towards the situation.”


Urka Gul said, “Foreboding situation? You don’t know the half of it. But you claim honor, and there is no honor standing on the sides of a coming battle. Only in the heat of battle.”

“Urka Gul we are not trying to escalate the situation here,” said Orsa Gul, “Merely solve the situation.”

“If we were to take on the Military backing up Absalom, we would need an army of our own,” said Urder Gul in a calming way, “But we do not have an army, and we do not want to take on the Earthers again as just Nine.”

“Last time, all it took was a stupid peace treaty meeting with the Cardinal Bray,” sneered Urka Gul, “You cannot trust Earthers.”

“That is awefully racist of you, Urka Gul,” said Orsa Gul now cuttingly, “How would you feel about Earthers saying that about Olgogs? Remember how little some of the Falosini thought of us? I remember your rage in those situations.”

“Who needs an army,” said Urka Gul, “Let me just bring down Flamewind after Flamewind and we crush the entire civilization the Earthers have built on our stolen land.”

“Let us not engage in the stolen land debate again,” sighed Urder Gul, “The Modern Olgogs made the Deals they made, let them stand by them.”

“If that was your true philosophy the Nine would not be so worried about the growing tension in Absalom and Hebron,” said Orsa Gul adjusting his feather mask.