The Plan for the Mirror Crystal (TSGL3 Week 5+)


Much had been discussed among the UtR, and some allies brought in. However the Death of Witch Gogkiller, and the rise of Tor’ol Gogkiller may have changed things for some, but not for others.

Tor’ol delivered to them elaborate designs and preparations that had to be made for the Mirror Crystal including the installation of a large skylight over the chamber holding the Statue of Rapi’og and the Mirror Crystal.

Many plans had been passed around, but their own plan would decide everything. The Loss of Witch Gogkiller, meant they lost her year of planning and studying the tactics and styles of the evil Lalder and his cohorts. They lost all the memories that Witch had stolen from evil Lalder in her many attempts to understand his mind. But not a single one of them, except the Kul Gul Rapi and GulTor’Uf, could say they had not wished ill on the child-warqueen. And none learned what she had learned near the end, that the Mirror Crystal curse could simply have been dispelled by Rapi’og and Lalder putting aside their differences and working together and protecting one another. But now the Rapi’og of this timeline was dead, final death, and the Rapi’og of the Mirror Crystal was trapped inside a statue and dead a much less than final death.

And all the while, Tor’ab and Naeil’s report told of the Djinni who watched and waited to see this situation spiral out of control for their own entertainment.

[In this thread are Captain Dol Kuglok, Unit 817, Field Marshall Strykker, Krodnok, ALL UTR LEADERS OR THEIR DIPLOMATS, and any they invite]


Lalder says "Well, we should get this meeting going. Gogs will come as they can. We have a tough job. At least for me it is tough. We have to fight me, one who was much more scared by events and will do anything to protect his own. If what Gogkiller and Tor’ol say is true, that meant also integrating technomancy into their fleet design.

Start with what I expect of this attack.

If this were me that had decided to use such a weapon, I would also make sure at least all elders and Leyas talented gogs would know at least the basic level of technomancy. Also if it were me, one of the first thing I would do, is build defences against known threats. Like the earther weapons and ships. I would build weapons to drop their crafts out of the sky. This would replace my Leyas mine launchers as it would do the same job. Just better.

Next I would expect decoys and movement. When they attack, I doubt the attack we see is the main force… unless myself realized he would be fighting me and would know I would know that. But that could be a very confusing track to follow.

I would expect the force coming in to scatter, and surround. So we may want to create rings of defences and attacks to counter this.

Now what I don’t know, well there is alot of that right now as most of this is an Educated guess. What will the Djinni do? They were on the ship talking to GogKiller. A conversation we don’t know about. If we do too well, will they interfere?

Lastly, In these plans, I don’t see an ability to move the crystal. This maybe an issue."


With the Events of the Invading machine. The Gogs dying. Lalder could not stand this. Lalder released a public statement and sent messengers out. His goal was to reach Bill, but also he wanted others to know that this machine did not represent the UtR or himself.

"I, Lalder of Auf La al, and the United Tribes of Refuge did not send this machine or approve this message and then sent to Karov. I personally do not hold Uhryu Bill responsible for the Actions of another. Even of Olgog the Olgog. Since the attack on Tla’loc’al me and mine have talked and worked with Uhryu Bill. While we do not see eye to eye on every issue or threat, Uhryu Bill does mean well and is not a criminal worthy of death.

Uhryu Bill, you are welcome to come and work together to resolve this emergency with us, send a representative, or via comm crystal. I will have healers and artificers available to help stop the killing of innocents and bring back those already dead if they or tribe desire. To make sure others understand this is not a way for me to move my forces into Karov, we will only respond with help when and where requested. I will not control that aspect of the relief effort. Also we will also work with the other leaders and tribes of the UtR to see what additional help we can supply.

If we work together, we can prevail over those who seek to cause separation and to weaken us."

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An Olgog dressed in black robes with golden trim approached the meeting and gave many respects to the gathered leaders.
She said, “My name is Lal’ol’yyan, an Olgog from the Northern Kingdoms. During the Border Wars I joined the Unity, and I focused on protecting the fates of all species.
I have been warned through prognostication engines that the Mirror Crystal Timeline represents a threat of the most profound levels.
My allies and I wish to help you.”
She seemed to be one of the fabled Technomagi.


Auf Lalder looks at the magi. He knew of their danger, but he also knew Technomancy was only as evil as the one who used it. It could be used for good as well. But he had his chill shield in the back of his mind ready.

Lalder says "I welcome any who wish to help deal with these invaders. I do not know what this prognostication engine is though. Did this engine tell you more of their capabilities? Or how that machine works that issued that threat?

I expect these attack in Karov is just a distraction or a plan to cause separation among those who would defend against their pending attack. But it is a good one. "


Lal’ol’yyan said, "We do not share details of our prognostication with those outside our choir. It is confusing and off putting for the Unconnected and those who require words for communication.

I’m not sure what machine you refer to. However we do wish to help your people against the Mirror Crystal and it’s invading force.

Tell me more of this machine you fear?".


Lalder says "I don’t know much about it except for what I’m told as I’m reluctant to goto Karov without an invitation since this machine is claiming to be from the United Tribes. This thing is a Steam-Cart Automaton. It has either a pre recorded message or is monitored. It announced demands of Karov and Bill to be surrendered to the United Tribes… interesting, not the UtR as we always call ourselves… or it will kill 15 of each race.

We have not see this happen yet. But it is from the Crystal dimension. Which means steam tech is definitely within their ability. I would also expect this to be artificed. Everything my alter ego would do would be artificed. So it could use almost every type of leyas, including Technomancy. I hope not annihilation, we have seen enough of that.

I have gogs who can recognize, identify and deal with every type leyas with the exception of Technomancy right now.

This is my limitation right now in identifying the problem. Lack of ability to be there in person, and it may contain tech or leyas we won’t reconize and know how to counter."


Urog’na did not like being anywhere near a UtR meeting. She felt her veiws on the organization were clear and well known. But her father had said that she needed to make amends for her rash words said in anger.

“Is this thing like the carts and other things that the Earthers use? If so why not ask someone who knows how such things work and if Leyas is present hit the weak points with zela.”


Lalder says “And if the cart itself is just a focus. Or a deadman switch. Once it stops sending emitting something, bombs blow up? We don’t know right now. First we need to know what it is before we do anything to it.”


Lalder continues “If I were as evil minded as the one that created this, I would have it blow up or cause its damage either way. I think we have to treat it like that until we prove otherwise. Again I think this cart is mainly a way to cause rifts between the UtR and others.”


“What if we sent it to a disstent shore, the land of Shadows perhaps, then destroy it. While that is going on I am willing to go to other tribes say that it was an enemy trying to harm us. I can offer my students skills as smiths as a peace offering, to show we are being honest.”


Lalder says “Your plan of offering help and talking to the other tribes is good and would be greatly helpful to prevent the splintering or more conflict. I still worry that if the machine is moved without understanding what it is doing, may cause a deadman switch to trigger. But if we do not find one of those, destroying it somewheres unpopulated is a great idea.”


Lal’ol’yyan replied to Lalder, "If it is technomantic, its weaknesses may include electromagentic pulses. The EEF used to deploy these types of weapons against the Unity during our formative expansion. Only Unity Spider Meks are immune to it due to the large analogue devices that run them. Even the Unity Builders struggle in the face of EMP.

A citywide EMP could be deployed, but it is usually created by a low-yield nuclear attack in our estimations."

Lal’ol’yyan also knew of other techniques like the AOD Disabler cannon technology, but there was no way she was directing the Olgogs to make the deals necessary with the Djinni to get the power sources that power the AOD Disabler. Lal’ol’yyan communicated for a few seconds with her fellows via her uplink. Seven hours of debate occured in eight point two seconds, and Lal’ol’yyan said “It seems you are at an impasse when it comes to gaining more data about your enemies threat. It may be time for you to select some of your people to send in. I offer to examine them once they return to see if we can ascertain how this Steam-cart kills.”


Auf Lalder says “So would an energy drain, like from Shadow Leyas negate it for a bit then? That is how we disable earther tech as well. I will send in some gogs, some protected by chill shield just in case, and some not. Then they will return for your inspection. If the shadow leyas works, the walking dead of Karov should be able to handle this then and we would just need to let them know. And we can have that machine relocated and destroyed after its disabled. Sound like a workable plan?”


Lalder then though “He was going to interrogate Lurtor if… when he gets back from where ever. He needs to know how this stuff works and its weaknesses if not how to do it himself.”


( OOC After the mission and cart’s escape)

Lalder says to Lal’ol’yyan “Can you Hijack the signal and reprogram the nan… natites to stop carrying any disease with them? That way when they stopped working, there would be no sickness, or at least no plague waiting to kill the host? Also, now that we’ve healed my team, are they in danger of these things still?”


Lal’ol’yyan consulted with the concensus for 7.23 seconds and then replied, "Yes if you give me permission, and my connected access to the settlements involved I will go out and begin reprogramming the nanites.

Which settlement do you want us to start in… Brez, the Shadow Dome of Karov or Simonsburg?

Your team and everyone will still be open to reinfection. Reprogramming nanites will not build natural immunities."


Auf Lalder considers this, do you go from the outside in, or the inside out. He wasn’t sure which would be faster. After much considerations Lalder says " The goal is containment and then elimination of these nanites.

If I am correct, you should be able to go through the outlying areas quicker? So the Simonsburg and Brez should be quick, and then clear the Shadow Dome. I’m also concerned there are less healers in Brez and Simonsburg. Additionally many in the shadow dome are undead as well.

You have my permission to start with Simonsburg, then Brez, then the shadow dome. Moving from the outer limits in. The goal is secure these nanites and to have these nanites stop passing these diseases and to help cure those diseases they used to pass along. I don’t want this too open as to destroy all Plague Vampyres as they do good in our lands and work with us keeping our populace healthy.

I do have one more question, in your reprogramming for the nanites not to carry the infections anymore, could they also be changed to help the immune systems beat the infections instead of outright destroying the infections… would this grant the immunity to these diseases while saving lives?"


Lal’ol’yyan consulted with the concensus for a moment. "We still have not even figured out what diseases are being combined to create this plague effect. The diseases are separate biological entities to the robotic nanites.

The only way we could use the nanites to provide immunity to diseases is if we were to reprogram them to be always active.

I will move our scientists into Simonsburg as you suggested to try and accomplish this goal."


Lalder says “The crystal version of myself has just appeared all over. I find myself wanting to tell everyone I told them I hold back and if I desired to conquer everyone, they would know it… but this might not be the time.”

Lalder takes out a crystal “Attention to all who hear this, the time has come to defend our lands. If you are not under attack now, prepare and help those who are. Any who wish to corridnate can either use these crystals I’ve given out in the past or meet here. The council chambers and tree networks will allow quick travel.”

Then Lalder turns to Lal’ol’yyan “I’m not sure what to expect but make sure yours are protected in these areas. Personally my forces are not in Simonsburg in great quantity. Though Urogs are. I can have an Auf jump to them and pull them out if needed.”