The Paths of the Descended


For Primal Descended, Primal Evil characters only.
These are not rewards these are punishments. You will be killed on sight (final death) for being a primal evil in most places, or captured for experimentation by EEF Exorcists.
Becoming a primal evil is asking for a death sentence. If Other players kill a primal evil player they get 10 Advancement Points. If they grant them final death they gain 20 Advancement points.

Primal Descended: This character has been so selfish and destructive that they have broken their spirits and corrupted their souls. They take damage from attacks that only hurt demons and ancient evils, fiends or lesser evils. They count as Cursed (like Vampyrs, Broken and Burnouts), and their aura shows it in Leyas Sight, Aura Sight, and through a Spirit Scope. While the Aura can be covered up in Leyas Sight with Obscurements, Aura Sight and Spirit Scopes will still see them in their true corrupted form. Primal Descended lose all access to Healing Leyas. Healing Leyas that restore H.P., Cure Disease, Cure Rot, or Resurrect have no effect on Primal Descended. They can still be restored to life by Resurrectionist Leyas Ability and by Faith Healer Leyas Ability, and by nanites and by Leyas Conversion.
Primal Descended cannot gain Faith Leyas bonuses, and cannot learn Devotions. They take double damage from holy and blessed weapons. They are not “demons” they are simply mortals (or former Ascended Beings) who have become so evil they have descended spiritually and are a threat to all factions. Primal Descended can never become ascended beings. They can also be called Primal Evils. Primal Evil characters will also begin to show off burning runes across their body any time they fail an emotional control test making their condition apparent to all.

Primal Descended may choose to take a Path of the Descended that may bring some infernal powers often dangerous to allies if used. Paths of the Descended can be purchased for 20 Points as a Demonic Special Training. A Primal Descended can activate a Path of descention as their free action during the ready fight phase. A Primal Descended may only use have a single Path active at any give time and may not change Paths until the battle is over. Most Primal Descended do not take multiple paths.

Paths of the Descended

Warmonger: Any Melee weapon used gains the Flurry bonus representing how fast the strikes come (+5 dodge t#). This cannot be combined with extra attacks by Duelist/Two One Handed Melee. Only normal extra melee attacks get this bonus.

Xephon of the Sky: Charisma bonus to business negotiations and money matters. +5 bonus to any roll to check contracts, write contracts, or find loopholes in contracts. May always make a check even on contracts in laws they are not familiar with.

The Maw of the Deep: Has an Endless Hunger, and can consume bodies to restore H.P. Every H.P. of the victim will restore 1 H.P. to the user. Endless Hunger Bites count as melee attacks using Agility as F.S.

Accuser: Any time they are struck with a Light attack or a Laser Attack, they may heal that many H.P. up to 2x their max H.P. Any leftover H.P. above their max will last until the end of combat and then disappear.

Creeping Darkness: At home in all darkness. Can shadow walk at will, only being stopped by Shadow Wards with 6 or more successes. Can bring people along when shadow walking. Line of sight.

Dragon of Fate: +5 Bonus to Dodge on the first attack in every combat round that successfully gets a hit on this character.

Usurper: +5 Bonus to Stealth Tests and Burglary Tests when doing something nefarious or evil.

Kalok: Immune to Fire and Lava based attacks and damage. Obsidian weapons heal the user for the number of H.P. of damage it would normally cause. This defense does NOT work against Hellfire or Hellforged weapons that use Fire.