The office of Lucia M. L in Coral City.


Lucia’s Office is split up into two parts, one for the public, where there a was functional but non decorative desk and a larger table, shaped like a U with her chair at the flat end. Like every good kasanthian, there was a picture of Orloc, one of Admiral Yr, and one of her teacher and mentor, Ryuk. Along the back wall, there is a row of shelves and filing cabinets that are fairly full of various political books, teachings of kasanth, history and maps.

One of the book shelves leads to the “private” part of the room, which was setup with a lot more comforts. small nightmare plants are all around, gifts from the warphens. A low lounge chair for relaxing, a small standing desk with documents related the more discrete tasks that she has been given (or undertaken). A map on the wall, with the locations of potential new city locations and concentrated fishing spots. (very obviously not one map, as each part location is mapped, new parts are pasted over top of the old).

OOC: conversations happen in the front room, back room is private. Leyana most likely was told about the rooms existence, but hasn’t been or seen inside.


At the front office, an Earther dressed in black and purple aristocratic wear of the Kasanthian Federation nobility sat across from her. Despite his outfit, she knew he was far more than a simple nobleman. He was Heinrich, head investigator assigned to Coral City by the Kasanthian secret police. Lucia had heard him referred to by a variety of different last names, it seemed he had a different last name in every colony he visited.

Heinrich smiled in a way that made Lucia’s skin crawl.

"Mayor Largonel, as you can imagine the home office is quite concerned about the last few acts of Leftenant Ryuk before he was washed out of the TRILAT military.

This facility is simply not prepared to fend off the Da’uhnb and even Grand Magi Orloc is very concerned about the Da’uhnb making retalitory strikes agains this location and locations on the mainland. Did your former master have any contingency plans to stop such a teleporting attack?"



Hello Hienrich, I share the same concerns as the home office and a few others, as my position is complicated somewhat by my elevation to admiral in the TRILAT forces.

It seems that Master Ryuk’s plan was to develop something he referred to as chronomancy, but he needs the head of the Da’humb Queen to develop it. As Unity Prime has taken possession of the head shortly after it was obtained, Master Ryuk was unable to develop this technique.

I’ve asked some of the Rabble if they know of ways to deal with Da’humb, but it seems that they’re able to teleport past normal teleportation wards. I have yet to divine a specific method to prevent attacks or identify when and where one was coming from.

I know that we’re both busy, but I’m expecting this conversation to take some time. I have a small selection of binburr wine if you like, and we can put in a request for lunch if you would like.


Heinrich said, “Yes I would greatly enjoy some pulled-k’iorn meat. I find vegetarian k’iorn taste even better than vegetarian Earthers. Preferably sauteed in some of that binber wine you offered.”

The Kasanthian seemed to be an unapologetic cannibal, a practice that was not frowned upon in the Kingdom of Kasanth the way it was in civilized cultures.

He continued without skipping a beat, "Yes Mayor Largonel, I understand why this desire for Chronomancy might drive Ryuk. Especially if it will defend him from Da’uhnb attack.

No disrespect to Ryuk’s Rabble, but he did not seek out wise, knowledgeable or even well trained people for his Rabble. All know that he took the worst scrubs from his Casino who couldn’t pay their debts.

I do suspect a problem like Da’uhnb are quite a bit above their pay grade.

But If you will give me access I will begin study of the Da’uhnb Queen’s body and see what I can discover to unlock this alleged Chronomancy?

Where is she being stored?"



We typically don’t have k’iorn meat available, but I’ll see what we can come up with, but I can guarantee we don’t have vegetarian k’iorns meat. Potentially K’iorn meat, but not vegetarian.

The rabble, while aptly named, have become a somewhat specialized force that are fairly proficient. They’re at least better than standard soldiers, but can benefit from more structure than Ryuk has given in the past. I’ve been researching some potential people for promotion, and there are some standouts here on refuges, as well as more in space.

But you’re right, the Da’uhnb are outside of mosts soldiers, even elites ones, pay grade.

Before I provide you access, I do need to know certain facts.

You’re a teacher of the Warphens, specifically for necrotech. We’ve been provided with five ships after your first week, but no more since. I haven’t heard any particular reason as to why we have this deficiency of ships, given that we were expecting a few a week based on the first week.

Are you able to commit to this research and still maintain your duties as a teacher to the warphens?


[Narrator Note: A week production time to create Vehicles is an out of game term, in game this took many weeks and months to create 5 vessels]

Heinrich smiled blandly at Lucia, "I see you suffer from the same perspective that Ryuk had on his Rabble. No disrespect Mayor Largonel but Ryuk’s Rabble are not a force that is considered by others better than average soldiers.

It would be far more reasonable to consider them alongside gangs like the Scarabs and the 99s. In which case you could argue that the Rabble are more effective one on one than a 99s ganger. But gangs are not the same as Military Units.

Your rabble have zero formal military training. They may have skills, and I could even see arguing they have significant use as a guerrilla or insurgency force. But I would not recommend sending the Rabble to go toe to toe with NK Peacebringers, or EEF soldiers.
Unless you want to have my point made apparently clear of course…

You would be wise to avoid Ryuk’s many delusions regarding his Rabble.

Mayor Largonel this brings us to the larger point you are making…you are unsatisifed with current fleet of Coral & Turtle cities.

May I confirm what I have discovered working on the docks at Coral city.

Your forces control 5 Nightmare Submersibles, 1 HydraKraken, 1 Tonguelasher and 1 DragonFish DeathStorms. Easily a larger aquatic force than any other Kasanthian leader.

In fact the five vessels, I built for Ryuk before his demotion, were easily worth quite a bit of value.

And the education in Necrotech for the Warphens also has a value…

As you are very aware I did NOT teach the Warphens how to make Nightmare Ships yet. I am your sole resource for this purpose of making vessels now that the Mind-raping VR is not longer occuring.

Now with that said, I do not recieve any payment from you Mayor Largonel, nor from Coral City, nor from Turtle City.

If you are more interested in discussing Ship Building than the Da’uhnb experiments that is fine. But I am not your employee. And I do not come at your beck and call.

You must decide before we begin ANY further negotiation:

A)Are you focused on the experiments on the Da’uhnb?


B)Is your focus on expanding Ryuk’s submersible fleet?

[Mayor Largonel must decide ONE or the OTHER. Player should pick
And make it clear in their response. FOCUS is either Option A or the FOCUS is option B]



You misunderstand the point of my question about the ships. The ships represent a tangible and measurable outcome for work that your expected to perform. Its a way to hold people accountable to previous deals.

As to you not being paid in ghaz, based on Ryuks previous arrangements that means whatever deals were made, you being paid in ghaz wasn’t discussed. No matter, I’ll arrange you to be paid the same as Professor Hharmooz [sp?] , including back pay from when you first arrived.

You’re right that I’m unsatisfied with how each of these cities have been ran so far. Ryuk may be a visionary who does anything to accomplish his goals, but his set up and forget it attitude doesn’t help to maintain a functioning city.

I have a laundry list of todos, among them are your concerns.

My two highest priorities are protecting us from the Da’uhnb and preventing the Unity from coming and creating a large contingent here. It seems that the unity is extremely concerned about Ryuk’s actions, and seem to want to do something about it.


Heinrich replied, "Again you have a severe misunderstanding. One that could be unfortunately very unhealthy for you, if you continue to make this misunderstanding.

Mayor Largonel I am not your employee.

I am sorry if Ryuk in his delusions convinced you that I somehow was an employee of yours. I was neither his employee nor yours.

While i have discussed the many values I provide Coral City, you have again implied I somehow owe you vessels.

If so…how many vessels did Ryuk tell you that I promised I would make for him? Did he say 5, did he say 10? Did he have any specifics? Or did he simply tell you that I would live here as your living factory for the sheer pleasure of it, until Ryuk had a fleet to rival all his enemies?"

Heinrich noticed that Lucia had not actually had any food sent for. After asking him if he wanted food, and he requested food, Lucia had not budged an inch to summon an aide, call it in on a commcrystal or anything. Heinrich sat back into his chair, already seeing that this new Mayor did not understand at all the respects to be shown a member of the Kasanthian secret police. Ryuk was a fool who didn’t understand the need for Respect. Lucia, however had grown up in Kasanth, and therefore knew the importance of Respect and acts of Respect to their culture. And she was doing a deep deep disrespect…but Heinrich knew he would gain nothing by bringing it to her attention. He allowed his stomach to rumble but said nothing about it.

Instead he continued speaking about the issue of Ships vs. Da’uhnb Experiments.

"I will not accept your ghaz because there was never any agreement to pay me in ghaz.

My point is that I have provided tangible value to this Coral City…a tangible value you would quickly lose if I were to simply stop my many valuable types of work.

I have already amassed enough of a resource in the form of eight Nightmare Submersibles that I have delivered to the Kasanthian Federation over the past months. At least in Ryuk’s defense, the idea of Nightmare subs is brilliant, and I was happy to pass along the designs to the military authority that I serve…and that you serve Mayor Largonel.

Speaking of which, Ryuk greatly upset the neighboring Lord Mada. You must reach out to Lord Mada, and mend those bridges. Lord Mada is respected by Grand Magi Orloc Nightshade. And you would do well to fix the many offenses that Ryuk did to Lord Mada. Your first step will be reaching out to Lord Mada and HUMBLY asking for an audience."

Before Lucia could reply, Heinrich continued.

"I will continue to educate the Warphens, in the proper ways of the Kasanthian Faith as you currently do not have anyone who is trained to do so.

The work on more vessels is over, but now you must decide if you will give me access to the Da’uhnb Queen’s body…?"


[Timelimit reached on this thread]

Heinrich watched the Rabble get taken over by Holys’ Hiveking. It was a dangerous month of watching and waiting. When the Rabble were finally given back their free will (along with the other Hiveminds), life went back to normal.

Though just as when they had learned that Ryuk had been mindcontrolling them, they were equally upset that the Supplication technology could not be removed and opened them up for control by Neliff Hivekings.

Of course this was true of all Unity members not just the Supplicants in the Rabble, but that didn’t matter to them. None of them had signed up for mind control and were even more irate now. At least Ryuk they had wanted to serve, this new possibility of any Hiveking controlling them had caused a lot of unrest.

As a result Lucia had been very busy and was surprised when Heinrich stormed into her office.

"Im still disappointed you would not provide me access to the Queens body before it was destroyed. Now it seems only our enemies in Holys and his Hiveking control time.

I will report back to Kasanth that you had not given me access, and now our enemies have stolen this potentially life changing new Leyas technique.

I have also noticed you have not contacted Lord Mada, nor rebuilt the necessary alliances with this fellow Kasanthian Lord. I had hoped my advice would be helpful but it seems I may be speaking to closed ears."

Heinrich stood up. Bowed very stiffly, doing the minimum necessary according to ettiquette to show respect.

"Mayor Largonel, I thank you for allowing me to observe the experiment in underwater settlements started by Ryuk. I will encourage the Grand Magi Orloc to begin expanding significant underwater settlements in the style proposed by Ryuk.

Each of these future underwater cities will have their own Mayors. As you can imagine, Grand Magi Orloc would not want the Rabble spreading to new Kasanthian settlements at this time.

I will make sure these new Mayors reach out to you as their settlements are being established."

Heinrich became quiet for a moment as if contemplating something.


Then he said, “Mayor, you have immense potential here in Coral City, and your loyalists in Turtle City also do. But if you do not actively mend the broken relationships done by Ryuk, you will not see the immense success I know you have in you. Thank you again for your time Mayor. Here is a commcrystal if you need to speak to the Kasanthian Secret Police about any official business.”

He stopped again and breathed deep.

"Remember Mayor Largonel, that Admiral Layne Yr started as an apprentice just like you. And just like you, her master Lurlock had already pissed off most of Refuge. Yet she was able to rebuild relationships and is now one of the heads of the TRILAT, and beloved by Grand Magic Orloc.

You could see similar success. But step one is building positive relationships and not continuing to repeat Ryuk’s diplomatic mistakes.

I take my leave."