The Nomad wish to Trade with Resugent


Smith had heard of Resugent from his friend, Windsor Hamlock. Windsor was away, and had been for quite some time, so he couldn’t check with Windsor first, but he and his other friends hatched a plan together.

Smith began the trek to Resugent’s keep (going from West to East until he found him). Smith knew he’d be safe among the Earthers because, after all, he was Earther. The thought, of course, made him laugh. The laughter made his bright green eyes shine brighter, the smile barely affecting his olive colored skin. So he searched until he found Lord Resugent.

“Lord Resugent, I have heard of you and your exploits from a dear and close friend of mine, Windsor Hamlock. I come on his behalf, offering to help. But it’s not with my own two hands that my help will be best. No. My friends are friends with the Olgog of Brez. Your people have a skill they desire, the ability to Heal through the use of your prayers. Their kind have the ability to dig your tunnels to protect against the Flamewinds, erect strong towers of stone, dig reservoirs, and do a whole bunch of things that your faith often prevents you from doing. I can broker a deal, if you wish.”

(ooc- meant to happen once you return from Tla’loc’al)


Lord Resugent arrived at his tower in good spirits, his meeting with the tribe of Lalder had gone very well. He had only been back for a short bit when a visitor arrived, the guards called for him and stood at alert. Looking outside he saw an Earther approaching, he listened to what he said. Then responded, slightly frowning

“While I do appreciate your sentiment, there has been much bad blood between our people and the people of Brez. While at various points before and after our transition away from the control of Dunesphere various tribes have been willing to work with us there has been one constant. The Tribes of Brez have never been willing to negotiate on any point, they have always been antagonistic, demanding respect while never willing to show courtesy back. Going so far as being unwilling to try to negotiate ends of hostilities, while other tribes desired peace. While I will admit the Inquisition was always against peace and manipulated us all, the tribes of Brez were always unwilling to even try. It was always their way or no way and that isn’t a way to work with others or to end hatreds.”

Resugent looks around at the fledgling community being built around the tower, “These people are working quite hard to eek out a living here, the citizens of Isaias and the ones here are having the hardest time adjusting to the changes. They aren’t ready to work with the native tribes, it would be best if we handle things ourselves in these locations. For the towns of Absalom and Hebron, as they are mixed communities I have reached out to the tribes of Tla’loc’al, for assistance as they have shown to be more willing to aid those in need. Until we are shown that there are at least some tribes in Brez who are willing to put their arrogance and pride aside then the best we can promise them is civility and peace.”


Smith laughed at the end of Resugent’s speech. “Lord Resugent, no offense intended, but you’ve already accepted the help of the olgog of Brez once already at this very tower. They helped save your people, and asked for nothing from you in return. Windsor was there, and he said it worked out ok. There were like 20 of them there helping you. Saying you won’t accept their help again is hypocritical.” He laughed some more, to emphasize the absurdity of turning down help from Brezans.

As his laughter subsided, he added. “Your animosity with the Brezans aside, they’re not the ones tendering the offer. I am. Windsor told me your story, and I’m compelled to help. I can use my connections to do so. They happen to be Brezan, and they won’t say no if I make the offer. So the only question is: are you better served holding on to your animosity against the Brezans, or allowing them to help change the lives of your people from “ekeing” out a living to have comforts and security? It’s your call.”


Resugent smiled at Smith, "Considering you weren’t here during what happened at this tower the assumptions you are making make you sound rather foolish. Let me help you understand what happened. A powerful madman holed up in this tower and was attempting to unlock a power that would allow him to slaughter pretty much everyone in the Goblin Lands. He had already killed one hundred Brezans with minimal effort, and was on his way to kill many many more. So saying that these Brezans helped “save my people” asking for nothing in return is just you making up things. They fought to save themselves and others, this wasn’t a charity case. A better analogy would be if a giant nightmare was charging you, you knowing that on your own you would never survive. Looking around, you notice that there are others who are also in danger, so you all group together to stop the beast. Yes you aided the others around you, they also aided you. You were all in danger, you don’t get to turn to them and say that they owe you, because you owe them the same. We all needed each other, so we joined forces, because not to would be suicide.

Your ignorance is understandable as you weren’t present and just heard about what happened, so it is forgiven. As for the question, am I better off asking for help those who have only helped me when it also helped them?
I just returned from meeting with Auf Lalyan of tribe Auf Lal’ al, he spoke for Lalder and we made a deal where they would assist us and we would share knowledge and build relations.

I do not seek conflict with any Brez tribe, however I do not seek their friendship either. Maybe in the future this will change but now isn’t the time. If you wish you can go over my head and attempt to speak to Lord Grimaldus himself, though I doubt you will fare any better."


Smith smirked. Silly Earthers, he thought to himself.

“Pride wins again. I’m truly sorry. I thought that after your revelations, you were ready for greater things.” He ended the sentence almost as if it were a question. “I was wrong,” he said flatly and began to walk away, with a bounce to his step. He abruptly turned around, made a broad gesture of thought as if he just remembered, “Oh, a lesson I learned from the Earthers in Simonsburg: hate is the only true evil in the world. To be honest, they don’t know about Warmonger, but I’ll take it. What I’ve learned in my brief and noble life is that the only way you overcome hate is to accept others for what they are. Even when others don’t do it for you. So whenever you’re truly ready to shed that mantle of hate and ready to learn that lesson, come find me… or my brothers. We’re nomads… and we’re never far.”

Smith smiled, turned around, and walked away.


Resugent watched the man who never bothered to introduce himself walk away and felt a tinge of pity, seeing hate where none exists. Resugent looked to the sky and felt the oppressive heat, he would have to remove his armor soon before he was baked in it. He could only imagine how the Olgogs felt covered in fur. Turning to one of his Squires Resugent smiled “Timmin, send word to Absalom and Hebron, they are to expect Olgog workers to assist in the construction, they are to set up tents to make our guests comfortable.” Timmin nodded and went to fetch his horse.

Resugent smiled again, things were looking up, that Earther seemed to believe that not seeking help from Brez meant he hated them, was it true? No, he reserved his hate for those who had manipulated all of them into such destructive conflicts, those who butchered innocents so they could maintain their power. Brezans viewed strength and pride as their main assets, those were not things that his people needed to be exposed to in such a delicate time. They needed to see the Olgogs as friends and neighbors, not as brutes. Maybe in time, when they can accept the less volatile Tla’loc’al as friends, maybe then they would be ready to be exposed to the Olgos of Brez.

Regardless, he would send a letter to Lord Grimaldus asking if he knew anything about this Windsor Hamlock, he might be someone that should be wary of.