The Nine Undersea Cities of Kasanth (DR2220)


Inspired by the works of Leftenant Ryuk the descended, these horrific experimental locations were set up across the coast of Vima.

Each started off as a large waterproof armored pod. Inside the pod were artifacts to sustain nutrients and artifacts to clean the air and provide them optimal temperature to survive. The occupants were thirteen adolescents who had failed as apprentices were strapped into Unity VR tech feeding their brains very specific and identical horrifying imagery. Machines filled with Morpheus cubes pumped gas into the chamber, giving very real power to the fears of the occupants. The occupants knew they only had seven days until they began to starve.
The pods lingered for a full month, dropped before the Hiveking’s attack Inside the occupants created a full monsterous sentient nightmare city. And as the month had worn on, some had freed themselves from their bindings and killed and fed on the others. Little did they know at the end of the month they walls of the pod fell away, allowing the Nightmare City to eat any of its creators that still survived.


After the month was over there were nine unexplored and largely uninhabited Nightmare Undersea cities at the beck and call of the Kasanthian Upper Echelon.
Despite Grand Magi Orloc’s request they avoid nepotism, the Peacelords of Kasanth installed their own family into the ranks of Mayors that now ruled a few thousand Kasanthians and their Nightmare Slaves.


[The gruesomeness of the birthing process of these Nightmare Cities also made them gathering places of Shadow Leyas. As a result Leyas Users using tech must make an immediate Emotional control test T# 6 DR or T#14 TS. ]


[This thread is currently open to Mayor Lucia (Ryuk), Lord Mada, and any other Kasanthian allies, as well as Blackheart Security and Unity Prime]

Kasanthian Cities revealed so far

The City of Coral - Mayor Lucia M. Largonel (the hidden 10th city, the original created by Leftenant Ryuk)
Located off the coast of I’tash. Fleet includes Turtle City, Five Nightmare Submersibles, one HydraKraken, one Tonguelasher, and one DragonFishDeathStorm.

The City of Shell- Mayor Orwell McCannon (formerly Cyborg 68)
Located off the Coast of Dunesphere. One Kumfei Submersible (stolen from I’tash). Two DeathCloud Airships (waterproofed).

The City of Kelp- Mayor Amandah Yr-Westinghouse,(or Mandy West) Located off the coast of Neo Vargas. Fleet includes 2x HydraKrakens


While there are Nine cities, each will be introduced slowly, as they send out representatives or make announcements.

In the style of Ryuk, they have been named accordingly.

The first Kasanthian Undersea City to reveal itself is the City of Shell. Ruled by Orwell McCannon, a proud Rogue Cyborg of the Wastes that sold his services to the Kasanthian Nation over two centuries ago. His former Cyborg number 68 is still emblazoned on his neck. Mayor McCannon has a few simple rules in the City of Shell.

No one except Mayor McCannon is allowed weapons, except standard Nightmare armaments carried by citizens Nightmare slaves.

All Nightmare Slaves must wear approved slave collars which will be checked at all checkpoints. The Dockyards can only be accessed if you have the proper comm crystal channel to call. It can be reached by ship (via its extendable mouth, gross) or by Sub (don’t ask, grosser). Either way you can only get into the City of Shell with an invite.

But why would anyone want to go under the sea? Let alone into a Nightmare City’s GI track? Because Mayor McCannon has offered up the location as a place for people to work out their differences in city spanning duels.

He also hopes to sell I.R. and Unity broadcasting rights. But he will need food and trade goods and has reached out to Mayor Largonel and others…


The second Kasanthian Undersea City to reveal itself is The City of Kelp. Kept was partially exposed to direct sunlight at low tide before it finished its nightmare gestation. As a result the city has many corridors burned cleanly through the city by the original daily sunlight. These areas also allowed certain sections of the city to flood, and the flooding created a network of sea weed choked canals where streets might have been.

The Canal City of Kelp grows its own food, but refuses to share. Its leader is Amandah Yr-Westinghouse, older cousin of Layne Yr who had been bugging her for a promotion. Admiral Yr sent her cousin down to the City of Kelp in hopes it would placate Amandah Yr. As Mayor, Amandah feels her job is to keep her vampyrs fed, and has been raiding shipping lanes as a result.

Amandah Yr-Westinghouse has none of the diplomacy of Admiral Layne Yr.