The New Arrivals: Escapees from the Isle of Mag Buskt


Lalder has gained One VLAD AGENT(as stated during the convention) Adept 3 with Shadow 3 and Shapeshift lvl 2 and troubadour lvl 2 who leads 10 Olgog Adepts ( F.S. 4 Earth, Fire, Air, Water lvl 3 and General lvl 2 and LR 4) kidnapped by Bruskti but rescued by the VLAD Agency.

GulTor’Uf has gained 10 Olgog Adepts (F.S. 4 Earth, Fire, Air, Water lvl 3 and General lvl 2 and LR 4). They arrive to alert Rapiog of GulTor’Uf of another chieftain daring to sacrifice HIS urhyu. How dare another Chieftain damage Mag’ol Rapiog’s property???

Please post here to collect your ten Olgog Artificers and any sundry rewards.

Here is also where you can announce their names if you so choose.


Auf Lalur’ab had sent a couple of skimmers off to pickup an old member of the tribe. Lalder would be very angry with him, if he did not. As the got back to the caverns, he saw the new arrivals.

Auf Lalur’ab says to the Bruski adepts "Welcome to our tribe. You are safe within these caves. When you are ready, I would like to hear your story. I can tell you this, you will be treated as members of our tribe here. "

And Lalur’ab smiles and says to Lurtor “I see you have finally returned Lurtor. Auf Lalder will be happy to see that you have returned and to see what you have learned on your travels.”

Lurtor responses “I’m staying for now, but I could always be called away again. But for now, my time is mine. I have learned many new things, and I’ll explain to you and the other Elders later. For now, I need to cleanup and check my gear.”


The Adept who told Rapiog about Bill found out what true rage does to an olgog. It felt like an eternity being held up by his neck as Rapiog Screams both at the stupidity of the Uhryu, and the audacity of someone else planning on sacrificing a tribe member. NO ONE DOES THAT TO HIS TRIBE MEMBERS, EVEN AN UNWANTED ONE.