The Morning after in Deryyanheim. (TSGL3 Week 6 +)


The bar was known as Oogies Paradise, and had been converted from a barn. It was obvious from the stalls turned into booths, and the faint odor of Mal’ie that clung to the rafters. The bartender was a Cloud Slaver, and the alien wore an artificed collar allowing it to understand its patrons.

There was a dual flash of light, and as the blue flash faded, Maverick Multimancer found himself surrounded by Death and what looked like a gnarly bunch of dangerous goons.

Maverick turned back to Mawen Rapider and Lurtor and S.I.L.A.S. and the rest of his erstwhile team and said, “Hasta La Vista Baby. Have fun telling these stories to your kids.”

The Red hat fluttered as Maverick ran between a burly pair of Olgogs and slipped out the door.

Meanwhile Death motioned for Daron and Scribe to hold those who arrived with Maverick.
Death was almost out the door before he turned to Scribe, “You rule these lands yes? Make sure to question these folks fully. If they pose no threat release them. If they are a threat… then you can do as your nation’s rules allow.
Thank you Scribe. You have fully upheld the treaty of 2220 made between the EEF Colonies and the Iron Republic. Your lands may thrive as they will without our interference.”

Death was gone, his machete aloft as he charged after Maverick.

With their factional leaders gone, both sides eyed each other warily.
The bar tender climbed across the ceiling, holding a tray of drinks in each hand.

“How abouts you guys talks this out? Drinks are on me if I can serve the great and mighty Scribe who leads these lands with a light touch and freedom for all,” the bartender Cloud Slaver said as he began offering drinks to all.

[Currently in this thread are Lurtor, Scribe, Daron, S.I.L.A.S., Mawen Rapider, and all others removed from the timeline by the Resistance AND the Iron Republic’s Four Horsemen. but it is open to anyone passing through these lands]


Looking out the way, Lurtor confirmed that indeed Death and Maverick were gone, and tracking them was impossible.


Looking up at the Sky they could all see an unseasonable fog had rolled in to cover the streets rendering a view outside the bar hard at best.


Lurtor had known Scribe before. "Scribe, its been a while… though its been a interesting few months, so I’m not even sure when the last time we met was. What is going on? Giants? I think the last I was around you and giants was when we were climbing a mountain. Though I was there to help you. Thank you for letting me help you. That was a trip that set me down a better path. "


Scribe nodded to Lurtor before turning to the barkeep.

“Hailhammer, good to see you again. Please send the tab to my office. Though you are kind to offer your services free I would hate to take from your livelihood. If we could get a private booth that would be much appreciated.”

Scribe looked at the strange group. “In these lands we talk until things need to be resolved in the arena. While I may not hurt you now, just know that Hailhammer and his tribe are a proud people who have no problem carrying out their own justice. Actually one of the reasons I am glad we made peace.”


After they get seated, Lurtor says “What do want to know? I’m not one for fighting in arenas if I don’t have to. Also I’m earning to find out what has happened in the Olgog lands, with the Oners, and the EEF.”

Lurtor was trying to be respectful to Scribe here… in his own lands… Lurtor didn’t realize Scribe was a ruler. But he seemed slightly anxious and to get moving.


As the others were sitting down Daron sat on the outside. Taking cues from Scribe on how forceful he wanted him to be. For now since none showed resistances, he kept it friendly, taking no aggressive stance. Until they were done with this, he took this as part of his prior job.

Then he would need to start finding his next job and place to stay.


"I guess introductions are in order. I am Scribe, governor of Provisional Colony Deryyanheim. Many of the local tribes helped fight off an attack on the Oner Sepretist after which we joined the EEF for various reasons. Now i would normally ask you to join me at my office, but after dealing with time travel and alternative histories, I am on an even shorter fuss then usual.

“So who’s here, why, and what do you plan to do now that your here?”


Lurtor says " As you know scribe, i do respect you so keep that in mind, but I need to find out what is happening in the world as soon as possible. So keep that in mind.

So… Most of us are UtR gogs from this timeframe who were caught accidentally in a blue flash now being returned to when we are suppose to be. Just not where. I believe we all want to correct the where. Darn earthers can never do anything right…

The main reason why I’m still here is to make sure you don’t try and put any UtR gog into an arena and start another war as there is enough conflict as it is."


Scribe raised an eyebrow looking right at Lurtor.

“Lurtor of the Herd of Auf Lal’al, would you make suh claims against Lalder or any of our tribesmen if they demanded, what’s that word” Scribe said twisting his wrist.

“Rapi Tor, I believe it is called. That is why I said till the arena. Now I know you know better than to claim I am enslaving Olgogs, as it is well known that I have a standing invitation to GulTor’Uf to rebuild themselves in these lands, and that the laws baning such practices are very clear. Please do not insult both our intelects with such shallow claims.”


Lurtor says "You started off with saying we talk until things need be settled in the arena. Maybe it is a cultural thing.

And if Lalders started with such a statement I would tell that is a poor idea if the roles were reversed.

I make no claims of you enslaving anyone.

What next do you need to know?


Mawen Rapider, carrying a big ugly corpse on his zela blade as if it were nothing decided to speak up, " Governor Scribe, if we are making good and talking, why must we go to this arena of yours? Maybe this a just a misunderstanding as an intended slight, but we seem to be working copacetic, there is no intended finger pointing, so why would you imply punishment?"


Scribe blinked several times before pinching the bridge of his nose

“My apologize myself and my friend Daron just returned from dealing with Oner extremist that can time travel so my mind has not rest to more gentle tallking methods. That and I had assumed you had seen the sign at the entrince that list the colonies laws.”

To Lurtor “I can undrstand trying to get home, but what I need to know is what you did while away as that determins what I am required to do.”

Looking at Mewan “Like who is that on your sword, why are they there, all the things needed to determin if you are a threat to Der’al or existence.”

As he spoke places his new sword to his side, allowing the others to see a bastard carry a sword that larger olgogs would consider a short sword with ease.


Lurtor says "Other than that thing being put on his sword, Nothing eventful happened. And it was a traveler as well… I think… We looked and then left. Nothing should have been changed by our appearance when and where ever we were. None of us here were directing the power to come or go. That was the one you let get away.

Next, you saw us appear so we never went through an entrance. I know colonial law though. We have not broken any of those laws here. Now if your colony has special laws, I cannot speak to those as I’ve not seen them.

Now you mention a oner that can travel time. Are you talking about the inquisitor Mortis? If you need help dealing with him. Let me know. He has a special place on my todo list."


“I am speaking of Mortis. He chose to try and alter history, took us with him, and now the Iron Republic has put him on their hit list. As for you just appearing, we must have arrived at the same time. The main issue is you were with a wanted temprol criminal, as in he did change history and caused many horrors with his actions. As I have questioned you I see no problems in letting you go however I will need blood samples, just to make sure your not carrying anything that might spread and kill all life.”


Lurtor face grows stern and says “No. With my leyas I know I have no disease from this trip. I have been violated by someone cloning me already. I will not allow that again which includes giving samples to others for good reasons.”

Anyone using leyas sight will see healing leyas as lurtor checks his body with healing and shapeshifting leyas.


Lurtor will also take the time to scan for electromagnetic fields, nanites, possession, and Neliffs to see if any or what are in his range. Though this should show up in leyas sight.


Scribe sighed, “As much as I would like to trust you I would not be doing my job, so its either you give the sample and watch exactly is done with it or it gets taken by force and you have no clue what is done with it.”


The stare Lurtor gives Scribe should send chills down his spine and a cold chill to the room as Lurtor seems to evaluate all of the threats in the room and how to eliminate them with a cold calculation rarely seen. The feeling that there is a predator in the room who is close to pouncing.
As Lurtor’s gaze moved around with only slight movement of his head and eyes, he considered his path of the Bladed Sun but how the path of the Assassin was not that far revmoved from him. But today the pull between the protector and the assassin, the protector won… for now. Then Lurtor’s gaze lost a little of the coldness and the room seem to go at ease.

Lurtor responds "I do not recommend continuing to threaten myself or those here. I do not recognize your authority over myself. I am a citizen of the Colonies and a diplomat as well with the rights of one. I’m only still here to try and avoid starting a conflict. Do not abuse the trust I have placed in you. You are coming close by the continued threats.

Also, you should as well be thinking about not starting any conflicts.

This is the deal I offer. I will give you a sample for the test. I will watch the tests. I will destroy the sample at the end. If at anytime you try to sequence my DNA, store my DNA, or anything outside of an actual blood test, I will fry all of your equipment and we will be done. If you try to use the tests to determine any of my abilities, knowledge, or equipment, we are done. If at any point you use force against me, again, we are done and I will leave.

I am done being threatened."

By the end of Lurtor’s response, the coldness of someone evaluating how hard it would be to kill everyone in the room changed to one of determination.

(OOC Of note, Lurtor would make sure any blood sample taken from him did not contain any nanites of his)


“Please try to understand, I am not trying to threaten you. I am trying to get across how series this situation is. Untested travelers have destroyed entire realities with something they picked up in their travels.”

Once Scribe said his peace he would contact the Four horsemen and ask them to send a small team to test the others for anything they may have picked up, letting Death know they were more victims of Lionin.