The Kefeda Asteroid (Begins Week 2 -?)


The Asteroid base was hidden in the shadows of a plateau in the mountains surrounding Deryyanheim’s captial city. This location was a secret, known only to Quall Captain Ouiz. Aboard it were many Quall whose Alliegance was to the Kefeda Queen Kedorox. In their service were the red furs represented by KaLokLur. Their numbers are far smaller, but they must prove their loyalty to Captain Ouiz if they want acceptane by their Fire Gods.
[Currently open to Gultor’Uf (KaLokLur, Aryay Hivequeen (aryeserai), and Ka Gor Tribe]


Ouiz glanced at maps of Refuge. Some were complex, others more simple. Each had been created by Horned Dogs who served the Hive of Kefeda and wished for the return of Kedorox. Ouiz didn’t know how to find his queen. There were traces of annihilation leyas at the location of the Queen’s capture, which made Ouiz worry immediatly about the K’ias and their Annihilator Kin. But Ouiz kept these fears to himself.
“I wonder…should I lead us to continue our onslaught against the Oners? Or turn aside to find our Queen? And if so how?”



The oners are a perpetual threat, They will be around until the last one is strangled with his entrails. I believe finding our Queen would be the best tasks.

We red furs have suffered since we dishonored you, our fire gods, and you left. We are disenfranchised, hunted and generally looked down upon by every society. But we can make this weakness our strength. We are a scattered people, and we see many activities others do. I believe the best way to find out information about where our Queen is, is to enlist the aid of our breathern, and create an information network to pass messages back. To do this, we just need to show that our fire gods have returned, to show the other red furs that faith will be rewarded, and that we aren’t as weak as the other gogs believe.


Captain Ouiz looked at the Red Fur quizzically. “How would we set up such an information network in a day, or even a week? Such a network is build upon months if not years of setting up agents, working them, and expanding their influence.
The only major Red Fur communities are the one in Zha’ka’al and the ones in the Ruins of the Sea kings.”

Ouiz was already getting data shared telepathically with the newest Horned Dog cultists they had gathered before the Queen was taken. The locals’ memories gave Ouiz a fairly insightful view into Goblin Lands politics. Most importantly it told him the Uthvelor didnt have a major settlement in the GL.


“Are you saying you wish to act as our diplomat to Zha’ka’al in an attempt to get those Red Furs to share information with us?” Asked Ouiz.

“What we need is a way to track an Uthvelor and the only way I know of is another Uth velor. Kaloklur you will go with some Red Furs to the Unen Coastline. There an Uthvelor named Witch Gogkiller is working with the Karovian Gultor’Gor tribe. Bring her to me so we can force her to find the Uthvelor who kidnapped our queen…”



But we are many, just scattered. we red furs learned to survive by what we hear and by what we smell. We have developed was of leaving messages to each other inside the few settlements and in the various lands, able to escape notice of the other gogs that hounded us. We are scattered to the four winds, in the goblinlands, due to other gogs scattering the us when we scarcely had more of a gathering of a dozen. While there are few large groups, there are many small groups and single red furs that are willing to help.

I can relate to you my time in unen, while down by the wharf i was able to get 3 red furs to join me, along with faverful words with many others. The main concern was being persecuted again, and hunted. Some joined me, but the following was small, now we are just over 3 score strong, and with ability to defend ourselfs.

All these years of oppression help make such a network easy to setup; we just need to show the fire gods have returned. The lost red furs will be strengthen by the mere sight of the fire gods returning to us.

I’m willing to serve you, as I am needed whether that be as a diplomat or other. I think it would be best if I go and speak to Witch Gogkiller, I know her personally. I took shelter with the tribe that she was in. It was lead by an idealistic leader, a fool by most accounts. Not so much stupid, but naive and wanting to see the good in people. He tried to impart these traits in with Witch, along with the importance of family to her. Perhaps I can use this to convince her to help us.

But, I’ll do whatever you wish.


Ouiz just looked at the Red Fur coldly, “What are you waiting for? You said you knew this Uthvelor. Then go speak to her and get her to find our Queen.”

[Post a thread between Kaloklur and Witch of GulTor’Uf in Karov. Narrator will narrate Witch’s responses.]