The Hobtla Mag'ol Greet the Olgog Darmag Rider (DR2220 Mission 2+)


The Hobtla Mag’ol, hundreds of white fur olgogs carrying bone spears bowed low. Their faces in the snow as Glog of Orlur landed his Dragon outside the caverns that the meeting was to take place. Just inside the protection of the caverns sat the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol on a palaquin made of Icewyrm dragon bone carried by eight white fur warriors. All the white fur olgogs present were under 3 feet tall, while Glog was quite a bit bigger than the average local.

Lights shined on the Emperor as he spoke,

“Greetings Great Darmag Rider. You have made an impression on my people, and on me. Never in my life have I seen a Darmag willing to bow its head to an Olgog. Your coloration raises many questions, as I am the Darmag Mag’ol, the Hobtla Mag’ol and only those of my tribe have the markings your fur bears,” said The Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol, "Tell me of yourself, your people and your Darmags (Dragons).

My Beautiful Queen Unixah leads a raid to far lands for the greatness of the Hobtla Mag’ol, but when she returns I will have her meet you as well.

But first honored guest, tell us of yourself?"


[This thread is open to Glog of Or’lur only currently]


“I am Glog, Tor’og of Or’lur, son of Darmaglok, and still many other titles and names are used for me. My fur gained the colors of my father after much pain and suffering caused by a trial of character. As for the Darmags among my tribe, they are as much a part of the tribe as I or my mate. They hunt with us and fight with us. There is even a Darmag who is a member of our Elders council.” As Glog spoke he kept his hand on the ax handle inside his shadow cocoon cloak. Something about this group of gogs made him feel uneasy.


The tiny Emperor, Hobtla Mag’ol, had been around long enough to know when a warrior came into his presence in a battle stance. He chirruped to his palanquin bearers, “Place me down.”

When they placed his seat down, he stepped off his throne and walked over to Glog.

“For Two thousand years,” croaked the Hobtla Mag’ol, “The Earthers have hunted our kind, killed our kind until only the White Furs of Hobtla Mag’ol remain. But that is our truth. Before the Earthers it was the Children of the Falosini. Before the Children of the Falosini it was the Ka Gor’na and the Mag Mag Gor. Before the Mag Mag Gor, it was the Yyan Gor. Before the Yyan Gor, who was it?”

“But, I, the Hobtla Mag’ol, born Hobtla Dertla, have protected my people against Darmag, Yyan, and the Dargors.
I am old, but I am strong still, strong enough to turn any enemy into meat for my people,” said Hobtla Mag’ol, “I had believed the Green Furs were all wiped out. But then the Lurtors and the OtOs came, and I learned of the southlands and the Great War against the Earthers and against the Yyan descendants that still rages to this day.”


“The Hobtla Mag’ol Olgogs would gain great respect if we had Darmag allies,” said Hobtla Mag’ol, "And I have more than enough Gogs to help you win your Great War against the Earthers and any other foe you face.

The question is…does Glog and Or’Lur wish the Hobtla Mag’ol as allies?"


“Or’lur is not like the other tribes in the southern lands. We sought trade and knowledge over conflict. The only Earthers we fight are called Oners, those that think us demons or beast of burden.” Glog said, “I can not offer you many fighters, but I offer you food from our farms, and the skills and knowledge of our crafters. What’s more I offer the freedom to travel the lands of my tribe as friends.”


Hobtla Mag’ol nodded and placed a hand on top of Glogs, removing it gently from the weapon handle in one motion. Then he patted Glog on the back, "It was wise to come armed. If we had not come to a good agreement, my Gogs might have looked at you as food. But your offer of food in trade and crafters to train my gogs shows you have the blood of my ancient lineage obviously and our tribes should ally.

First with food. Then we can talk of joining our resources towards cwrtain special goals."

Hobtla Mag’ol hobbled back over to his palaquin and sat again. It was raised up and carried towards the deeper caves. He yelled back , " Come Darmag Rider, come feast with us. We have much to speak of with trade and sharing our skills."


They traveled down deep into the underground. It seemed the Olgogs were choosing specific tunnels among the many and these chosen were large enough for Glog’s dragon to follow.

When they arrived in the throne room, Glog saw there were two thrones.

Hobtla Mag’ol stepped off his palanquin onto the top of the dias upon which his throne sat. He made a dismissive gesture at the throne next to his own.

He said, "My Queen will return after her raid on the I’tashis. Until then talk with me Glog. Tell me of your tribe, what they believe, who their enemies are, how might I aide my new allies The Or’Lur? "


Glog stayed with the Hobtla Mag’ol for months realizing the wealth of history and culture the frosty Olgogs had kept hidden in their icy caves.

It was soon after the Night of the Descended, that the Great Chieftain Hobtla Mag’ol called forth the Darmag Rider Glog.

"Glog, you have lived among my people for many moons, and know our desire to live at peace among the Darmags. But there is a Darmag whose power is ancient and grand. A Darmag named Solemnwing who for ages slept the long sleep of a temporary death. But a group of Rogue Icewyrms aligned with neither the Caverns nor the Aeries have restored the Solemnwing to life. The Solemnwing has grown angry and evil with time, and its descended nature is aparrent.

You who have ridden the Darmag must be the one sent by Der’al to defeat the Solemnwing.

Let us speak of what you need to defeat the primal evil Solemnwing before he can begin preying upon my gogs."

“What do you need Darmag Rider to complete this grand quest?”


Blog closed his eyes and started making a mental list.

“What can you tell me about this creature? The more I know about it the better my chances of winning the fight.”


Hobtla Mag’ol said, "The beast is large, larger than twenty olgogs standing on each other’s shoulders.

Its armor is thick, and no arrow or spear will pierce it. Solemnwing is protected from all Fires and all Ice. Its dangerous nature means it will not negotiate and will seek to attack first if given the opportunity.

Its wings create great gusts, and its claws can cut through the flesh an olgog with ease.

Its lair is a rift in the glacial wastes, deep below the ice, in one of the many caves created by the great Mother Dragon, End of Worlds. But now that End of Worlds is gone, these caverns are vast enough even for a full sized Dragon to hide in and ambush an unweary traveler.

Either you will have to draw Solemnwing to the surface where his massive size and strength are his advantages. Or you will keep him below ground where his size works against him, but he will use his knowledge of the Icy caverns to his advantage."


As Glog thought on Hobtla Mag’ols words he heard a tapping. Slowly that tapping became a drum beat, which in turn became a thunder storm.

“If Fire and Ice are of no use, what of Lightning?” he thought aloud. “Hobtla Mag’ol are there any Drummers of Deryyan’sa among your people?”


Hobtla Mag’ol thought for a moment. Then he said, "The only Drummer of the Thunder Gods that remains in my land is held as a prisoner. There is none in these lands more Yyan than I, and I outlawed the Drummers faith when they refused to stand at my side against the Darmags.

This prisoner is named Abolek Nasaor and he has suffered greatly but refuses to give up his foolish belief that the Thunder Gods are greater than the Great Hobtla Mag’ol.

If his Thunder Gods so great, How come they ignore the Olgogs in need? How come they let our people be slaves of Yyan and then the Darmag?

No Thunder Gods liberated my Gogs, I did.

But since Abolek Nasaor is a prisoner, I can order him to accompany you…"


“That won’t work. A gog of such faith might turn on us seeing this as divine revenge. No, it must be offered as a trial to prove he and his faith are well placed.” Glog said, his mind turning. “If one of your gogs can show me to him I may be able to talk him into helping without stabbing us in the back.”


Glog was led deep into the icy caves below the main city of the Hobtla Mag’ol Olgogs. To Glog’s amazement, it seemed millions of Olgogs still lived here.

Once they reached the deepest prisons of the Hobtla Mag’ol, Glog was led to a frozen hold with only air holes. The Ice was drawn back and revealed inside was an Olgog with very long fur, matted by years of no care, and crawling with parasites.

She was a white fur with green stripes. Both of her hands were incased in ice, and looked like they were frostbitten to being maimed. She was not wearing clothing, it having long been used to keep the feces and other bodily fluids in one corner of the room.

The smell from the icy prison cell made Glog feel nauseous.

The Drummer looked up at him with wide eyes, and with an edge of anger. She said, “Who are you Greenfur? Another friend of the Hobtla Mag’ol come to mock the old ways of the Olgog peoples?”

She looked up at Glog and snarled, "You


“I am Glog, one of the elders from a southern tribe. I have been honored as Darmag rider. Hobtla Magol has made it known to me that a creature of destruction, a descended Darmag immune to fire and ice, has been detected in these lands. I ask if I could lead the Drummers of Deryyan’sa, only to be told of his…views on the old ways.” Glog pulled out a neckless, the pendent of which was made of the four totems. “I ask you, will you stand with me against this devourer?”


The Drummer of the Thunder Gods replied, "Your dialect is definitely different.

We never use the term Yyan for anything good here…Yyan are always evil. I am Kaol Orna, an Olor’gog Derol’sa. I have followed the Derol’sa since before Hobtla Mag’ol freed us from the Hobtla Darmags. I even followed the Derol’sa when the Hobtla Mag’ol demanded any faith that did not support his rule leave and my cousins among the Olor’gogs left with the Mag’ol heir."

Glog realized that Kaol might actually be one of his ancestors if her story was true. It sounded like one of her cousins joined with the Olgog heir of Hobtla Mag’ol and their line led eventually to Glog. It was up to him if he chose to share this with Kaol.

Kaol’Orna said, “I will only help you against this Descended Darmag, if you take me from this place. You must help me reach the lands where only Hobtla Mag’ols Icicles roam.”

As she descripted the lands she wished to visit, Glog realized it was firmly in the new kingdom of Jemison Post.


She continued “In those lands, I burried my drum and I will need it if I am to face this Descended Darmag.”


“I was born in the far south, in a land struck by Flame winds in the hot season. My sire came from these lands, Darmaglok kin to Magmag’ol Hobtla. As for that area…I will need to speak with others, as it is now being held by earthers.” The second they were in the air Goog planned on using the crystal he had gotten from the EEF to try and find out who was in charge of Jemison Post.


Glog led Kaol Orna out from the prison, then out of the city and up to the surface.

They both got on the back of Shaterwing and Glog called in on commcrystal to allies in the UtR. He quickly discovered that the people in charge of Jemison Post is the PeaceLord Grim. Glog also learned that the son of his old ally Lalder was part of the Jemison Post government. Now Glog just had to decide would he be trying to get in touch with PeaceLord Grim or with Lurtor the spymaster of Jemison post.