The Hob Tor Mine Robbery Mission Bounty - For Daron


Daron, with his strength enhanced (for size), approaches the representative of the GNA who is asking for help and says "I will help you retake the mine, but gold does not have that much interest for me. I have most of what I need with the exception of knowledge.

My request is if you will teach me the basics of Shadow Leyas and one of these stones large enough for a weapon in exchange for my help? "

(OCC This is aimed for Gang of Uf Mag’og per the Narrator)


The tall Brezan was none to happy about the situation … but there was silver lining to everything. At least that’s what the Earthers say.

“Done. But nobody here can teach you. So when completed we’d have to travel to the closest teacher. May take an extra week.”

(Ooc- it means next week you’d have to hang around our gang.)


Daron says “I can handle that. Now, lets take back that mine.”