The Head Of Dyrisha Nial


This must first be decided by Black Lorne and Kul Gul Rapi family. Then they may open this up to any they wish to trade this head to. :cool:


The nightmare of KagTla had few morals outside of the ones concering the family, even he found it odd they were looking to trade a severed head. “Dis ting, I can bring it to da oldest vampyr. He can use it to find out da plans of warmonger. What you use da head for?” He asked the adventurer who had co-ownership of the dome piece.


Lorne Harlas stepped forward, his plate mail clinking maliciously. He smiled thinly, adjusting his sword so it was just visible under his crimson cape. “Look friend, I don’t want trouble, but I’ve been paid to deliver the body, head included, to a certain man. A mercenary is only as good as his word, and if it gets out that I let it slip through my fingers, why, I’d be out of a job. I don’t much care for this whole “Warmonger is coming” thing I’ve been hearing. I believe in one thing and one thing alone … Cash money.”


Noting the silence of the vampyr nightmare, Lorne stepped forward, scooping the head up. He shrugged and moved to leave, but then turned and spoke again.

“I don’t care what happens afterwards yeh? But I gotta deliver this, or I get no pay. You understand? We could always work something out if you have the…resources.”