The Frozen Homeforge (week 7+)


The entrance is through the rear of the Nuria Copper mine and puts an explorer right out in the central Amphitheater of the city. Miles and miles of underground buildings to explore and abandoned K’iou tunnels carved with majestic images.

Here in the Amphitheater is the sarcophagus that had been used to hold Pelonius Iceguard, obviously dragged in here by something large. It was now empty.

The Doorway opened up on a street that had five different buildings on it.

The entire city was inside a giant cavern, with massive support columns created by the K’iou miners who shaped this place. The support columns were studded by artificed crystals that gave off both light and heat, so the frosty and rather cold feeling city was not actually dangerous to walk around in. While danger of exposure to freezing temperatures were not a problem, and the lighting was good if a little rosy colored, this location was virtually unknown to Nuria and her friends.

The five closest buildings included something that looked like a Temple of Falos, a large Artificer’s Hall, a Drinking Hall, a Bank, and a Government Building.

The Bank’s wall had been crushed by what looked like a Dragon’s tail, and the main vault had been pulled out the hard way. The Vault now lay on its side, ripped open. The metal parts of the vault were still there, and quite good quality.


There was also a street leading in either direction. One wide stone walkway leading north, and one leading south.


(Week 10+)

The Frozen Homeforge remains unexplored. Nuria and friends were busy defeating Pelonious and facing off against Belinda Frost, and simply forgot about exploring the massive underground Homeforge.

The best entrance is through the rear tunnel of the Nuria Copper Mine. As a result, members of the Academia of Chooru have sent teams of adventurers to begin exploring…


Nuria stood in the middle of the main concourse and looked around. After some internal debate, she decided that the apparent Temple of Falos seemed most interesting, so she headed inside to look around.


The Temple of Falos had an entrance large enough that small giant could walk inside. Inside it was equally large with a center hall with an open air ceiling. Each of the three floors could be accessed by this center hall, with a balcony leading inside each. It was obvious that this building had been designed to be comfortable for those who are primarily flyers. Only a small service ladder was carved into the wall allowing non-falosini the ability to go from the first floor upwards.

On the first floor, Nuria found a large alter with a statue to Lord Falos. The statue was made from finest marble, and showed a falosini ten feet tall with a crown-helmet that covered his entire face. His six wings were extended around him, and on a metal armature around him in a halo were marble swords carved to resemble Lord Falos’ own Godswords.

Behind Lord Falos on the wall was a carved history of the Children of the Falosini. Nuria noticed it was full of Falosini propoganda against a species called the K’ias and extensive hate speech against a species called the Quall N’drone.

It seems traditional Temple of Falos beliefs included killing K’ias and Quall N’drone on sight.

Nuria noticed a section of the carvings had been removed. It referenced a Falosini named Ceroj and his daughter in a battle against the Quall N’drone. but the battle’s results were missing and gone.

Does Nuria

A) Explore this area further (any specific Leyas abilities she would like to use)

B) Fire Leap to the second Floor

C) Climb up to the third Floor


Nuria pulled her goggles down over her eyes, and continued inspecting the area.

(Goggles are artifice with Leyas sight.)


Looking at the Carved History on the Temple Wall, she could see different sections of the history had been artificed to be Energy Bridges to other dimensions. However it looked also like someone had erected a very powerful ward over each to prevent them from being activated.

Looking at the statue of Lord Falos, Nuria could tell the statue had been artificed with a set of different Levitation artificings. She wasn’t sure what it would activate or do. But it seemed obvious if she moved the marble swords so they were in the same position as on the Bladed Sun symbol it would activate the levitations…


King Blood’og III arrived and bribed his way past any guards so he could access the Frozen Homeforge. A true K’iou Homeforge could be full of treasure and weapons and gear. King Blood’og III brought his own weapons ready to do battle and claim what he needed to claim. He would be the Goblin to loot this place.

IF He runs into PeaceLord Nuria he will say, “Mighty PeaceLord, I am King Blood’og III and I seek you out to form an alliance against the untrustworthy and the enemies of freedom. What can Blood’og the Third do to earn your favor?”

If not, he would turn and approach the Artificer’s Hall. King Blood’og III would search for traps and look for clues.


Approaching the door to the artificer’s hall, the Brezan would find himself facing a rather elaborate trap.

There was no lock but the door was barred by a pair of Dragon statues. Each was shaped to prevent the doors from opening until the puzzle of the statues was discovered.

Each of the Dragons held a different symbol in each hand. In the right hand of the left Dragon was the symbol Sohn for Piercing Weapon or javelin or spear, in the left was the symbol for Hai for blade. In the right hand of the right Dragon was the symbol for Nn meaning Dark or Hidden, and in the left hand was the symbol Gao meaning foreigner.

What would King Blood’og III do?


King Blood’og III would reach into his pack and pull out a big bastard-made bomb and put in between the Dragons. Then he would light the cord and step back.


And Hide behind the largest piece of protective stone.


And add one of the new bombs King Blood’og III had gotten from the I’tashi raid to blow open the structure.


(Ooc: just so I know, are these ‘light-and-burn fuse’ bombs, or more advanced tech bombs?)


The bastard-made bomb had an obvious cord that had been lit by King Blood’og III.
The second bomb placed was Leyas based and was designed to tunnel material once the first bomb destroyed the wards in the area.


Nuria had observed the Olgog quietly from a distance, trying to discover what he was doing, since she first heard him in the Homeforge. She watched still, as he fidgeted with his pack in between two Dragon statues. When she realized he had set and lit an explosive…

She quickly used her Fire Leyas abilities to extinguish the fuse, then made herself known.

“EXCUSE ME!” she shouted. “But what, exactly, are you doing here?”


King Blood’og III had hoped to run into PeaceLord Nuria earlier, but when she didn’t show up he didn’t know what to do. Now that she arrived he would say his statement about alliegiance and then sheepishly look at the explosives and said, "I was not sure how to get past the puzzle to open the door. My pops always said if you can’t figure out how to get around a wall, you got to break through it.

Mighty PeaceLord, may I have your permission to blow up the door?"


The big olgog stopped for a second worried he had sounded confusing. He tried to clarify but mucked that up right quick, “I mean, um, ahhh, um, I do want to earn your favor and gain an Alliance, but I also think an Artificer Hall in a K’iou homeforge is going to have some righteous loot. XTREME loot, and stuff that would make us both way more powerful. And if not, maybe its got information stuff. The stuff eggheads turn into important advances or something.”


“I agree entirely,” Nuria said. "There might be important discoveries to be made down here. That’s why I’m here.

“However, as this place was discovered on my territory, this area is currently mine. I had guards posted, intending to keep out trespassers. You, currently, are tresspasing.”

She paused for a moment to let this Olgog consider what she had just said. "Now, tell me. Why shouldn’t I have thrown in a cell for trespassing?


King Blood’og III pulled out a pair of urya cigars and offered one to Nuria saying, "To begin with, PeaceLord, your guards kind of suck. Not surprising, they never had a gang of blood-mad Brezans knocking down their door in the middle of the night.

Growing up facing threats like that made me tougher than anybody you going to find working as a guard.

I could train them to be good enough, tough enough, and unbribeable enough to keep you safe and keep your lands safe."

Then he paused and lit his cigar (and hers if she accepted it), "Other people ain’t going to agree with your opinion that because you claimed lands near a K’iou Homeforge that the Homeforge is yours.

The K’iou and their Falosini Bosses own this place, and one day they going to come calling.

Wouldn’t it be better if all the good stuff was long gone by then?
And if the Winged Freaks do come calling, Who wouldn’t want a bad ass Brezan bone breaker as an ally?"


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“What do you think?” asked King Blood’og III.