The Fleets of Fate (TS:GL3 PreGame Week 1, Caused by Space 3 Campaign)


[Currently available to Narrator, Unity Prime, Kincaid, and The Bladed Sun]

It was a universe of perfect connection, or at least that was how those enslaved to the Fleets of Fate viewed their role. On this timeline the technomantic Unity discovered time travel technology and used it to implant supplication technology to bend the wills of all known species.

They incorporated the Quall N’drone Queens and their seemingly endless horde. Using the Quall Hiveminds’ knowledge of the other dimensions and other alien species, these degenerate Unity conquered every inch of their own timeline.

They consumed and reconstituted all planets in their path using their conversion spike technology. They incorporated the Grey and their mind expanding technology, and even subjugated the Da’uhnb of their own timeline as Wormhole Weapons.

These debased trans-temporal Unity members discarded their ideals of unity and declared themselves the Fleets of Fate, and would decide the Fate of any society they came in contact with… by Concensus.

No one knew how they gained such power but they achieved something no other timeline had succeeded in.

They defeated the Warmonger completely in their home timeline.

[This timeline is perfect to hide in from Warmonger Cultists and Warmonger’s demons. Due to Warmonger’s constant defeat by the Fleets of Fate and their Demons, this dimension is almost completely free of Warmonger influence.

However Unity demons and the Fleets of Fate have total control here.
See Space 3 free downloads for all stats on Fleets of Fate threats (


He had once heard the calling of the golden light, been the bearer of the God Swords, and used their power to ascend. His name was Abel Dragonsbane, and in our own reality he was a hero of great reknown, but in the FoF Timeline, he was a rogue godling, an entity being hunted by the Fleets of Fate not for extermination but for incorporation. Forced integration.
There was a cloaked bunker deep below the Mojave desert, that Armenius had warned him about if he ever found himself in a certain span of timelines. Lucky for him, the Fleets of Fate considered the bunker’s technology too primitive. They never knew about its true use as a rest stop for the Ascended on this point in this timeline.
Abel watched the Da’uhnb gland where it floated in a syrupy solution and its own blood. It was held in a brass goblet with electrodes strapped to the gland. The liquid was allowed to pour across a silver platter, making a liquid mirror with a bluish tinge.

Behind Abel stood Kincaid, watching with interest as Abel followed Armenius’ journal’s instructions.

Through the transtemporal window they could see Prime of Unity in our own reality.
Prime would see the blue flickering appear on a nearby wall or surface and see the Ascended Beings through it.

The Bladed Sun said, “Are your chambers safe, Prime of Unity? We have little time. Now that we have breached timelines to communicate, the Fleets of Fate will be on our position shortly”


Prime sat in his control-throne. It was austere and jet-black, but veined with silver. From here, he had access to the entire research facility. This massive base was one of Prime’s most closely guarded secrets; a place where he could develop ways to fight back the Temporal Empire or surviving elements of the Fleets of Fate without leaking incomplete knowledge to the Consensus. Here, he could also test the limits of his new body and the dangers of being a prison containing pieces of both the Dragon and Quiet.

Needless to say, he was surprised when the base’s computer informed him of a temporal rift in his chambers.

He was relieved, though confused, when he saw two ascended beings at the portal, instead of a horde of time travelers he had thought himself well defended against. The room’s defenses remained alert, but powered down. Prime replied in a measured tone, bringing his full attention to the Bladed Sun and Kincaid.

“The facility is secure. If time is of the essence, assume I understand the implications in your appearance to me and statement. State the danger and request.”


Abel was not surprised to see the Prime looking unafraid. But he was also happy that the Prime of Unity was understanding how bad things must have gotten for Ascended Beings to simply show themselves to a mortal.

“I have been reaching out to find many timelines falling silent to the Ascended and Descended beings as the Fleets of Fate expand their influence. Each time, I have traced the inevitable fall of a timeline to the Fleets of Fate to the moment when the Prime of Unity is forcibly incorporated and assimilated into their numbers. As you may have felt, the Dragon is a descended being, a being of great destructive power that is only kept in check by the immense love of the connected expressed through their connection.

As each subsequent timeline has fallen to the FoF, the Dragon you contain has grown in power, Prime. Soon enough it will reach a critical power level where even you with the full power of the concensus behind you could not prevent it from dragging your entire networked society down into a hell dimension spawned by its corrupted nature. In other timelines, the FoF have even renamed the Dragon of Unity, the Dragon of Fate, and have planted seeds of its cults on worlds too primitive to be worthy of their forced assimilation yet, preparing them for their future incorporation.
I came here to the timeline that has been the home base of the Fleets of Fate to see what aspect of your personal fall is connected to their overwhelming rise. And I have learned it.
They need you to be the host of the Dragon instead of its prison, because you are also the focus of so much love from the Unity connected. Once they have incorporated you, Prime, they will flip the Unity Consensus to their ways like flipping a switch. They will use your strength of will, your personal charisma, and your historically wise council to poison the minds of the consensus with misinformation and deception.

And the worst part is, I have not yet found a way to save you Prime, and for that I am sorry.
Or at least I have found no way to save you in the present.

The catalyst for the Fleets of Fate breeching our mutual timeline again will be their recovery of a single item. A K’ias relic known as the Rurik Scepter.

It is a dangerous relic once used by Warmonger to twist the mind of the K’ias Emperor Mar’un’ga to his descended service. And it has been used countless times since to horrifying effect.
The fleets of Fate have taken it from the minions of Warmonger in their conquered timelines and will sync its power with that of the version in our timeline.

The Rurik scepter in our mutual timeline is currently in the hands of the rogue Church of One Inquisitor Mortis Leonin.
You must choose or create a servant of true loyalty to you Prime. Someone the FoF nor Warmonger nor the other ancient evils can turn to their disparate sides.

And you cannot go yourself, if you were to personally go it would give the Dragon in this timeline access to time travel and our mutual destruction would be accelerated. I know you have advanced cloning technology, I am sure you will find a solution…if not, one of your loyal emissaries would put the fear of god back into Mortis Leonin.

Meanwhile, my friend Kincaid will be able to help you plan a defense against the inevitable incursions of the Fleets of Fate into the zone where Leonin is hiding.

This map will show you where your agent can intercept Mortis Leonin. But above all else your agent must make sure the Rurik scepter does not fall into the hands of the agents of the Fleets of Fate.”

Abel held up coordinates, which Prime would recognize as those of the planet Refuge and specifically a location in the south lands of the Goblin Lands.


As Prime heard the words of the ascended beings, he could feel the presence through the Unity connection of Cyborg Hunter 207.

Model 207 had been designed by the venerable General Kal’Shek at the height of the Border Wars that liberated the Northern Kingdoms of Refuge in 2217 A.R. He had worked alongside the Augur of War, but he had helped in the defeat and recapture of the Dragon of Unity.

Model 207’s motives had always remained unclear. He seemed to hate Warmonger at least as much as Prime did. And since the arrival of the Fleet of Fate, Model 207 had been vehement in searching for ways to destroy them as corruptions of the true way Kal’Shek had dreamed the Unity to be.

Prime recognized him as a brilliant scientists above all things. Within 1.25 seconds, Model 207 had expressed a variety of complex thoughts and images culminating in a single resounding thought.
“Our agents have already sampled the Rurik Scepter, and we have cloned our own copy,” was the final thought that Model 207 imparted, “Of course these Ascended Beings did not share with you that the original Rurik Scepter was once a living being. A K’ias of course. Killed and shaped into a horrible weapon in the Falosini’s ancient extermination program. The Cyborg Hunters have agents across Refuge as you know, brave ones sent out during the height of the madness that was the Tarrisian Front.
One of ours was lucky enough to rendezvous with Mortis Leonin in Tarris while he was checking on the spiritual fitness of his pet spec ops battalion, General Vulfrym’s Lions of Earth. The mad inquisitor knew General Vulfrym was a K’ias all along, and helped cover it all up.
We were able to get samples of the Scepter, both biological and other less scientifically described samples.” Prime could feel Model 207s pride at this operation, “I have already delivered it to Captain Axis and he is already on his way with his impossible ship to you. It can be used to turn that little rip the Ascended Beings created in space-time into a communicator capable of reaching out to any Timeline you choose.”

[Captain Axis may now post to this thread, he may choose to hand over the Rurik Copy or not. ]


The words of the Ascended beings confirmed Prime’s long held suspicions, and for a moment threatened to overwhelm him with an overpowering sense of dread. He had hoped, perhaps foolishly, that the destruction of the FoF timeline linked to the Temporal Wormhole in Unity space would have been sufficient. Clearly, though, there were other timelines created by the Unity’s early days as a pseudo-demonic entity which had spread like a stain across probability. The implications were horrifying. Given enough time, the FoF would Unify all timelines, suppressing all dissent and individuality into the equivalent of a buried mosaic; beautiful but unchanging.

It was a solution for the Warmonger problem; but one that was anathema to Prime. He would find a way to prevent this, somehow.

Prime took a deep breath, regained his composure, and addressed the ascended beings. “Thank you. I have dispatched a Builder to retrieve the artifact. Of the functional designations in the Unity, they are one of the least corruptible and most capable of resisting the Warmonger. I must, of course, plan on the FoF sending in incursions as they can. Any and all information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. In particular, how familiar are you with the fall of other planes; beyond my…transformation? Moreover, can you tell me anything of the agents that the FoF tend to use in these recovery operations?”

(A response to the second message is incoming :wink: )


Axis was traveling as fast as his ship would allow. He was coming from the edge of known space where it was rumored the last of the Kasanthian Reaper living ships who had survived the Border Wars had finished its molting process. Axis had been excited to see its birthing but a delivery from the hands of CH-207 himself was unheard of, and the bioagent restraint canister he had been handed had instantly chimed with a part deep within the Captain.
As they traveled, Axis had set his Uth Seers to peer into the stream of consciousness to see what they could learn about the Rurik Scepter. But their visions had so far led to dead ends, or confusion madness dreams.

[Axis’ account is currently being repaired by the webmistress, he will post once able]

Unity Prime’s agent in the field, John-12, transmitted one distressing last image of a blue flash before he stopped transmitting on the connection.

Since then there have been blips of data popping up reported by the Unity Choruses that match John-12’s mental signature but the data has been garbled and confusing and cordoned off from the rest of the concensus as spam until it is properly deciphered.

John-12’s location was unknown, but it was clear from his last transmission of readings to Unity Prime that he was either taken by someone in the Da’uhnb’s Temporal Empire or someone who uses their type of technology to traverse time.


Prime responded simply to model 207’s communication.

“Thank you. We will need this in the conflict to come. Your efforts on Refuge are, as always, greatly appreciated. As the source of Leyas radiation, it is certainly the focus of something. Perhaps, in a way, it is everything. As befits your operational status, you will of course be kept appraised as the situation develops. However, this operation must not yet have access to the broad Consensus. Until we know more, leaking this development could destroy the delicate balance we have built.”

He then turned his attention to Axis, sending him a message through the uplink.

“Captain Axis, would you be so kind as to join me in my lab with the sample? We have much to discuss, and what seems to be an exceedingly complicated conflict happening across the timelines I would like your opinion on.”


Captain Axis sat in his command chair, he felt Primes thoughts enter his mind. His old benefactor was beckoning him. his fingers nervesly dropping on the head of the Kumfei “squire”. His hand stopped and grabbed the Kumfei’s head, crushing it’s head as the Uth curse took control of him. After a few seconds, his composer was back. An annihilator aproched, the corpse, and dragged it away, as another “squire”, a K’iorn took it’s place. Axis pondered to him self, “how is it, I, the Knight of Fate and the TRUE leader of the Fleet of Fate and a master Uthvelor Oracle, cannot see the secrets of this relic. Well, sometimes things must be discovered…the old fashion way, through trial and error”, he grinned.

"HEELLLO…Prime. I am in route to you. Yes, we have much to discuss, indeed.


Axis went through the next “squire” like tissue paper. But what he experienced was sublime.

He was experiencing the memories of Mar’un’ga, and he could see an ancient laboratory spread out before him. His vision took in the wide windows of this high citadel, and he knew it for the K’ias capitol of Giz’han before the K’ias Wars destroyed it. These memories were so hard for him to hold onto, he could feel the ascended nature of Mar’un’ga shifting thoughts from his grasp. But he had enough, he had seen the Rurik scepter in Mar’un’ga’s lab. It was attached to some Future Viewing device made of artificed crystals and crystalline lenses. Future Viewing device? Or at least that was what Mar’un’ga thought he was building.

Axis left the memories and returned to his own mind. He knew the Rurik Scepter and what it looked like. Looking over at the sample the Cyborg Hunters had provided, he could definitely tell it was an exact copy.


Axis stared at the Scepter. The possibilities he thought. “I know what I must do”.

Communicating with Prime through uplink: “Prime, I have a plan for dealing with the “FoF” and this Mortis Leonin. I am the Knight of Fate and this device holds great power and knowledge through it. I will try to find a solution to both these problems. I am going to use the Knight of Fate abilities from the Unity uplink with the Rurik Scepter though my abilities as an Uthvelor. I will use it to try an find Mortis Leonin. I will also try to see how we can prevent the FoF from attacking us but I’m not sure if my initial plan will be at all successful. I am a scientist though, and tinkerer at heart. I hope this experiment will be a fruitful endeavor.”


“To be more specific, I will try to find WHEN and HOW Mortis Leonin got his hands od the Rurik Scepter”. Perhapse if we can find out that we can prevent him from ever obtaining it."


Perhaps things were not so dire after all. Prime looked into a listing by Pirates offering something extraordinary. A cruise through time? Delivered by Pirates? Too tempting to pass up, despite his distaste of their capriciousness.

As Prime considered the offer, a new wing of the Laboratory was being modified to accommodate the Scepter’s copy. Manipulators, gravitic sensors, coherent light arrays, were arranging themselves to begin analysis of the Scepter. Like Prime’s other labs, they were modular. This particular wing also had a Leyas Generator, allowing for the possibility that in most of known space, such a device may simply not function. As he was arranging this, he sent another message to Axis.

“Axis, as you approach, I notice that there is, of all things, a time-traveling barge. Run by Pirates. They seem to need the help of a Hacker, and so I thought of sending one of my Hacker-designate Archons. Between it and whoever you send, we may well be able to, at the very least, get another vector of threat on Mortis. However, we may also be able to plant a backdoor onto the barge itself. Can I count on your designate’s support, should the need arrive?”



The Pirates were…useful. TB02171983, I will let him pick his name, he earned it. He has reported back to me. I have the location of Mortis, I am forwarding the coordianates now (using an heavily encripted line)


Prime could feel the data from the up linked mutate creature that Axis had sent after Leonin. It seemed the rogue Inquisitor was on Earth.
But now came the hard part. How would they capture an Earther who was known to use Annihilation weapons, Technomancy and could teleport away in an instant and be almost impossible to find afterwards.
Worse yet any major show of force on Earth or near Earth orbit would cause open War with the Iron Republic. And at the moment the Unity and the IR had avoided starting a hot war against each other. Prime knew the IR didn’t like the Unity but the past few months since the FoF attack, both had viewed each other as erstwhile allies against the FoF forces.