The Energy Bridge to the Lands of Ar'yay HiveQueen in the Land of the Quall N'drone


The Energy Bridge to the Quall Cities of Ar’yay HiveQueen

They appeared in front of a grand city of obsidian temples. Ogurox led the way. They saw millions of Quall N’drone milling about below them. They were going about their day, as perhaps any creature does. Trade went on in some districts with Krato, Djinni and Iron Republic Merchants.

The travelers stayed to the periphery of the city, seeing both starships and airships in use. It was incredible and impressive, and overwhelming at the same time.

They reached a platform that jutted out on an overlook. Around them they saw many more islands like this one, as far as the eye could see.

A voice was heard behind them, and they turned to see a proud Quall HiveQueen on a palanquin carried by eight formidable Quall N’drone guards.

The palanquin was laid down, and the Queen raised one of four hands in greeting to them,
“This Energy Bridge leads to your town of Simonsburg. You may leave at any time, but I ask you wait and hear what I have to say.
I have heard that your city of Simonsburg has been attacked by some sort of ascended or descended being. Its power seems quite great.
Your entire populace is at threat.
Despite what you may have heard about the Quall N’drone.
I, Ar’yay HiveQueen am here to help.

You may return to Simonburg, and come back here at any time from the place it deposits you outside the city but within walking distance. I implore you to see reason and accept my aid against this being. For the good of your people and for the good of Refuge.”


Auf Lalder says "Thank you for your protection here and allowing us to safely leave the factory and here. I do have to go and prep for the flamewinds. I have more than just my tribe to protect. But what is this decended that you are talking about. I got reports that something is attacking simonsburg, but I do not know more than that. "

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the Queen smiled at Lalder “This being I speak of is called Kalok, and says Ka Rhug are its chosen. I was informed of this by one of my beloved Ka’Gor who was living peacefully within Simonsburg. He feared for the innocents residing there and prayed for the knowledge on how to save the town from the creature. The infernal creature uses fire to slaughter those who oppose it and wishes to enslave others to serve it’s dark will. I fear much death will follow its arrival. I shall happily aid your people in the struggle against this foul being.”


Auf Lalder says “I mean no offence. But what is the price of this help? I am more than willing to work with your tribe on refuge. But I do not wish to say more without knowing the cost. I did that once before and now I have to watch out for an evil clone. Its a long story, but one that has made me wary of asking or accepting help.”


The Hivequeen chuckled “Cost? Well let me think,” The Hivequeen raises her lower set of hands and brings them close, a miniature fire tornado appears between them, swirling around seemingly dancing. “Well, what could you offer? I could ask for artifacts, except any of my children could make me as many as I want. I could ask for jewels, except my domain is rich with unique gems that only form here. No my dear friend, I do not need material things from you. I offer my aid simply because I have been asked to by the Ka’Gor. They have given me the greatest gift anyone could give another, their love. By giving us their love and accepting ours they have become family.” Hivequeen Ar’yay leans forward towards Auf Lalder "I believe that family is the most important thing in all of the universe. In every dimension there are those who would give everything for their families and for those they love. It is a common thread that binds us all together, and it is one that I cherish the most.

I know of your interactions with the Djinni, I am saddened that you weren’t aware of their treachery beforehand, however some lessons must be learned first hand. I have learned such lessons in the past. I placed my trust in others who betrayed it. I have attempted to bring many people together, it has worked sometimes, and other times it has failed. Many people’s hearts have been tainted by the foulness of Warmonger and his ilk, even if they aren’t aware of it.

So to make a long story even longer (Ar’yay Hivequeen gives Lalder a wink) I want to renew your ability to ask and accept help. My price is simple, I want you to see me with your own eyes. See my vision of a universe united, one where love is shared and Warmonger has nothing to inspire or corrupt. A world where his foul screeching falls upon deaf ears, that my dear friend is the cost of my help. Give me the opportunity to show you a better way where destruction isn’t the answer."


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Lalder says “I will have to think on what you say. For now, I have some wars to try and stop.”

Lalder will bow as a sign of respect, and leave through the portal.


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Lalder says “Thank you for seeing me again. I wish to talk about the red furs that are heading into UtR lands and toward the Ka Rhug tribe at Mt Rhug. I’m hoping you have some influence over them and I wish to prevent any extra fighting between the UtR and them with the exception of the Ka Rhug tribe and their demon. They have set themselves against us by attacking Simmonsburg, which I’m assuming you are aware of this.”


Lalder is greeted by a Quall Warrior who bows politely “Greetings Auf Lalder, it is a pleasure meet you, I am Juf’darna. Unfortunately the Hivequeen is currently preoccupied, Warmonger’s plots have caused a lot of chaos in the universe and Ar’yay Hivequeen is doing her best to try to contain the evil. As for the Pit Mongrel tribes in Der’al, sadly none of the ones attacking Mt Rhug serve our illustrious Hivequeen so they would be unlikely to listen to us. They would hold the orders of their own Hivequeen above ours. Also we are unable to speak to their Hivequeens as Ar’yay is held to be a renegade due to her respect and care of the various races. Most Hivequeens would view most other species with contempt and do not agree with the tolerant ways of Hivequeen Ar’yay. If you wish, we can supply a few Quall Warriors to help counteract any Quall that the Pit Mongrels summon. However being more proactive then that might anger some of your neighbors. Ar’yay Hivequeen has convinced the EEF that she herself is not their enemy, and we do not want to endanger that opinion by interfering too much with your people.”


Auf Lalder says "Thank you. I will accept the help of the Quall Warriors. I am happy to hear that the Hivequeen Ar’yay and the EEF are already known to each other in a positive way, that will make things easier. I understand Perception issues as they have plagued Olgogs for thousands of years with the Earthers and other races. I would not wish to harm any positive relations as they are hard to repair.

If I cannot find another diplomatic solution for the Pit Mogrels after the battle of Mt Rhug, I will have to at a minimum chase them out of Tla’loc’al. I would loose much following amoung Olgogs if I let an attacking force of Pit Mongrels stay. They are attacking any Green furs, and not just Ka Rhug tribe Olgogs. I just wish to warn you of this and I hope this will not cause any issues with the Hivegueen or her family."


Juf’darna nodded at Auf Lalder “Diplomatic solutions are always better, violence should always be the last resort. Ar’Yay Hivequeen has learned this through the countless millennia, and hopes that one day all will learn to work out their differences without the need for death. It will be on that day, she hopes to stand with all of the speaking races as we watch Warmonger’s influence fade forever.”

Suddenly with no warning a massive explosion on a neighboring island causes the ground to shake almost causing Auf Lalder and Juf’darna to fall over. Juf’darna turns with a panicked expression to look upon the mushroom cloud forming over the distant island. Auf Lalder can see blue flashes in the distance followed by more nuclear explosions. Juf’darna grabs his head in agony, his eyes wide in pain. “NO! this cannot be! Why are they attacking!?” Juf’darna looks like he is listening to a voice that Auf Lalder cannot hear then nods. Turning back to Auf Lalder “You must go now, it isn’t safe here. I do not understand why this is happening but you must get out of here.” Juf’darna waves one of his arms and the Energy Bridge opens, he grabs Lalder with another hand and tosses him through.

As the Energy Bridge begins to close Lalder sees a blue flash and an eight foot tall reptiloid alien with blue skin appears behind Juf’dana. It has huge claws on its hands and feet, and a large pulsating gland in the center of its head above two intelligent eyes and a carnivores snout. It is wearing shimmering armor that seems to flow around it rather then restrict it’s movements. It caries a giant blade. The blade erupts through Juf’darna’s chest with a spout of blood. The last image Lalder sees through the opening as it seals is the slumping body of the Quall warrior falling to the ground and another blue flash and the reptiloid alien is gone.

(The Portal is gone, it cannot be reopened)


Lalder decided it was best to leave quickly, there was nothing he could do without the energy bridge. He would have to talk to the army of the true flame over this, he was just not sure when he could.