The End of Glogs Visions


Ever since Rapi’lal returned with what Protodoxa had said the words had been on his mind as he thought of the new information.

"There are few white furs this far south though the Olgog you describe sounds like the MagMag’ol Hobtla Tla’or’tor who once ruled a frozen expanse north of the Glacial wastes. If it is Magmag’ol Hobtla then the sword you saw was the Tor Gul Mag’ol.

MagMag’Ol Hobtla lost this blade forged by the Thunder Gods in the hills that now bear its name," said Protodoxa, "West of here in the hills named after the mythic blade.

I may be wrong. What is this dragon tattoo you speak of? Is it Olgog artwork? Totemic symbols?"

While he knew it was a risk he had to find the truth. Had to know who was sending him these visions and why only after he had learned to tap into the Water Leyas. And why they both had birth marks shaped like a darmag (dragon)? Finaly something happened that caused Glog to be both happy and sad. After he learned the ability to speak with the dead, he was fianly able to hear what the olgog from his dreams was saying.

“Glog listen well because what I have to say is importent. I am Darmaglok, your father, kin to MagMag’Ol Hobtla. I came back to these lands to search for Tor Gul Mag’ol, after Hobtla’s squire was killed by nightmares. During my search i met your mother and you were born. After finding the sword I returned to find you. The Aufgogs told me that you both had died and that there was no way to heal you or bring you back. Of corse I did not believe them but did not push it. I headed North with the thought that I would return with others in my tribe to get you. As I traviled it became aware that they were fallowing me, but it was only them and not hunters from the tribe. I stopped for a night in a cave and as I was about to fall asleep they attacked. They flooded the cave trying to drown me and then they froze the cave. Before I did freez I saw them start making some type of golems and other deffences to prevent me from escaping. Find me son, but do so cautiusly, for though they raised you the Elders were not what they seemed.”

After ordering Ka’lal and Uf’ogmak to bring him as many Merc’s as they could find while sending other messangers to the tribes other alies so that they may help if they so desire Glog went to the resting place of the tribe to speak with the Aufgogs that had caused this to happen.

Days later when eveyone was gathered togeather Glog walked, looking tired and drained of all color.

“Friends and warriors I wish that we met under better terms, but alas I bring great sarrow from the past. The Aufgogs that lead the Or’Lur where fools and power hungry manipulators. I have spent several days speaking with them and have only started to know their secrets. The reason I called you here has to do with the visions that I have been having resently.” he then goes on to explain what they did and that the location of the cave will make finding it very difficult. They attacked and left him right on the border of the Nightmare Moors in a cave that they placed traps and golem gaurdians around." I was planing on going with you but with this information It is best that I stay and try to find more from what they did."

Takes Place during week 18 and week 19
For those who take part in the mission must explain how they are going to compliet the fallowing:

  1. Getting io a cave in an area so close to the Nightmare Moors.
  2. Handling the traps and gaurdians. The gaurdians include Wood Golems (12), Stone Golems (12), and True Nightmares (10) that have taken to living near the cave
  3. Freeing Darmaglok from the ice and retrieving the sword.
  4. What are you going to do after you have Darmaglok and the sword.

The first person to post gets a second post at the end of the mission.
All other players only get one post.
Players may only react to first post.
Each player may only send ONE tribe member be they Elder or others.
The post will be collected and a summery will be submitted for the DR teams OK before it is posted

The fallowing players are not allowed:

Lord Grimaldus
All undead except Unit 817


This Mission is Approved! Start posting Players!


Eru’Khaz excitedly threw his gear into a pack as he readied himself for the journey. His kalok imp companion which perched on a nearby ledge regarded him with silent impassiveness as he finally finished his packing. Tying the pack carefully to his back, he grabbed his legendary Khazga shield from his table and strode out the door. It would be a long journey ahead of him, fortunately made a bit shorter by a trusty steed. Kharos had given him said steed when he had headed south after the battle, so now Eru’Khaz possessed a reliable mount as well as an advance scout. His destination gave him little concern, the nightmare moors were a place that held little fear for him. He knew that it was not a place to be trifled with, but he wouldn’t take extra precaution against it. He was most excited to see the golems and how they were animated. Being the commander of automaton forces, he was thoroughly interested in golem technology, and never wasted an opportunity to examine new or strange examples.

He would ride out from Ka’Rhug, headed towards the general location of the cave, and would then proceed on foot. He’d send his imp to scout the terrain and report possible hostiles, while Eru’Khaz would use Sense Earth to probe for pockets of water, presumably still frozen. Upon finding the cave, he would exercise caution, using Wilderness Camo to avoid detection.


Eru’Khaz will pause to observe the golems, taking notes on how they appear, move, how they are constructed. Once he was satisfied, he would wait for backup before attempting to take on all 34 baddies in the cave. Eventually, with or without backup, he will be forced to attack. His knowledge of golems and how they worked would serve him well here. To take down a golem made of wood, one would obviously burn it. To do so, he would use his imp companion’s attacks as well as Fireball. To take down a golem made only of stone, Change Earth would easily disassemble the chassis and render it incapacitated. True nightmares were not so easy. He would first put a Light shield around himself to ward off the shadow attacks. He would then use Halo to herd them back into the cave. Once they were pinned, he would use Ray of the Sun to obliterate what was left.

(Note: If there is already a battle occurring, he will not stop to take notes but will move in to help as soon as possible. He would also share his golem hunting strategies with fellow UTR members present, to ensure mission success. He will still try to keep at least one stone golem chassis somewhat intact.)

Once the foes are dealt with:

Ice was not something tribals of Ka’Rhug frequently encountered. Living in a volcano may have its perks, but it also gives much ignorance about certain environmental conditions. Eru’Khaz assumes he can simply melt it, take the sword, and rescue this olgog, if he was still living. He would do so by using Summon Fire Spirit to effectively create workers to help steadily melt the ice in multiple places, so there is less risk it will all cave in on one point. Eru’Khaz would like to possess the sword, but if it becomes a problem or someone else takes it first, he won’t object. He will stay to make sure Darmaglok is in traveling condition and see him to his kin.


“The Auf” and Glog had been friends for many years, so when he heard that his long-time friend was in need of assistance, he promised to help without hesitation. Although it may take him some time to reach the cave, the old Aufgog knew that he would have little difficulty getting there undetected. Shadow walking would save him much time as he traveled.

Upon arriving near the cave, “The Auf” would respectfully greet Eru’Khaz, both being members of the Lur Union and the UTR. He would assist his ally in destroying the golems, following his tactics. Following up on Eru’Khaz’s attacks on the True Nightmares, “The Auf” would cast Warm Aura on the both of them, and also use Ray of the Sun on the Nightmares. He’d also use Nightmare Warding to ensure that they were not caught off guard.

When freeing Darmaglok, “The Auf” will use low powered fire leyas to melt the ice, trusting Eru’khaz’s judgement to penetrate it safely. Once through, he will heal Glog’s father and introduce himself, offering him some food that he had brought along for the journey. As they traveled back, “The Auf” would tell Darmaglok that he was good friends with Glog and that he had become a hero among his people (primarily referencing Thomasville) and was doing much good all over the land.


Ur’og and Tla’ab stood at attention in Captain Reshed’s office, rifles at their side and packs on their back. Reshed had a simple note in his hand, written by Hide who was in Rhug’tor helping to finish the construction alongside the Ka’Rhugians. “Boys, I have a mission for you both. Well not so much me, Hide has discovered that an ally of ours need help. I sent for you two specifically because, being brothers, you two work well together.” He handed the note to Tla’ab. “You will go there and provide assistance to our allies and defense as well.” Reshed motioned them out of his office, they both saluted and left, heading straight out of the bunker. They stood at the airship they would be taking, 07, and sighed. “Brother, you saw the note,” Ur’og said to his brother, pushing a few extra rounds into his pack. “Anything I should know?” Tla’ab smirked, clearing his throat. “Just a mention about some golems. Nothing much else other than flight plans to get to the cave.” Ur’og looked at him, a bemused expression on his face. “We’re going to a cave.” Tla’ab nodded, stepping onto Hindengog 07. Ur’og followed him on board, the crew going through a pre-flight check. “You can’t be serious. I hate caves, nothing good ever comes out of them, just disgusting things.” Tla’ab scoffed, handing the note to the helmsman, who took it and wrote it down of the flight chart. Ur’og sighed, turning to the Helmsman. “At least tell us that you will be giving us a ride back as well.” The helmsman nodded. “We have orders to take you in and then to take you and whoever else may step out of the cave back to their homes.” He pointed to a tinted lantern. “You will light that when you want us to come down to get you. But don’t fret about it yet, we have yet to even take off and it isn’t a short trip.” Ur’og shook his head. “I won’t be going, you know how I am about caves.” Tla’ab nodded. “Just stay on the ship then. Don’t even come down.” Ur’og shrugged, and the ship lifted off.

(To be clear, the rest if the ship is jut transport, only Tla’ab is entering the cave or helping out. The rest of the crew and Ur’og are not helping)


Uruf of the Bladed Sun had been raised with legends of the Tor Gul Mag’ol.

In his youth he had collected the Godswords alongside Abel Dragonsbane Champion of the Bladed Sun. Each time they had found a blade a secret part of him hoped they would have rescued the Tor Gul Mag’ol. But after all nine swords were recovered he realized his own peoples legendary blade was not among them. It made him both happy and sad.

So when he learned that the location of the Tor Gul Mag’ol had been found he felt that sense of adventure rising.

With an excellent command of Earth Leyas from his time studying The Green Sword, Uruf was ready.

Against Golems he would use shape wood to blunt attack, and change earth to cut out legs.

Against the true nightmares he would throw acid strikes.

Once the sword was freed he would ask only to study it.


Sir Mag’Nrs still felt the sting of that infernal bastard’s words against his people, and for this he felt great anger that he took note of his face to never forget. One day would come and he would get back at them; but for now he needed to collect his thoughts and wander towards greatness. He had just brought his new Morgothian followers back to the chapel tent in Unen, when word got out of a quest nearby the Nightmare Moors. Most would be extremely wary of a journey so close to these lands, but the young Paladin had a new confidence about him that he would be able to manage passage for himself and others that wished to follow. Entering the Moors, he was initially accosted by a hulking monster, the biggest baddest monster that resembled a vicious vulture. It stalked over to Mag’Nrs (and group, if he has been accompanied by others) looking to tear him limb from limb, and then something changed. The creature’s eyes glazed over and he bowed before the young paladin, for an onlooker using leyas sight, shadow sprang forth from Mag’Nrs and a sign of his faith took control (CONTROL DEMONBEAST). The vulture made the trek much simpler , keeping other nightmares at bay and allowing safe passage to the cave. If Mag’Nrs skill with the new ability allows it, he will control multiple demonbeasts to amass a force to counter what lies ahead.

Getting there, Mag’Nrs is excited to encounter a fellow Morgothian, but somewhat confused. As far as he know, Uruf (a followed of Morgth in the Godswords novel) was an elder olgog that practiced the same faith but here he had announced himself as a Bladed Sun. Either way, Uruf would not be a problem and it would be great to catch up with him. He would try following any instruction provided for dealing with the golems, his leyas abilities did little to combat them. He would use the SHADOW WALK ability as a means of keeping any/all of the golems away. If they did get too close for comfort, he would fight using the shield to batter them along with his demonbeast allies. This left another confusing circumstance, who would have set this up where golems and nightmares were working together as guardians? To take care of the true nightmares, he would CREATE LESSER NIGTMARE, a little flying creature that would be controlled to do his bidding. His lesser nightmare would act as a hare at the track, to get the true nightmares attention and lead them safely away. Mag’Nrs would attempt to ride the lead nightmare, using the lesser nightmare to lead the rest of the true nightmares safely away from those casting light abilities, and he would whisper to the acting mount “You must return to your natural lands, and guild the others to safety!” And with that, he will hop of the true nightmare, getting them away from the situation, and free from control of anyone around here.

Mag’Nrs does not have the abilities in leyas to free him from the ice, but will allow others to take care of that. Once freed from the ice, he will assist Darmaglok in walking by getting underneath his arm to lend him a shoulder. If he is too weak to carry on, he will place the sword along his back and just carry the now thawing olgog back to his homelands. This is indeed strange, coming across a being known as “dragon flesh,” and his belief in Morgothianism and the worship of doomwyrms. This had to be some sort of sign, so this is meant to be as a good deed, and rescuing another Olgog tribe that might lead to more answer his past.


Nameless Finality was happy to have a chance o get out and do something other than watch all those trying to clean the coast keep tripping over each other. When Torloki’ab had mentioned that someone was looking for aid in rescuing one of their ancestors, he had almost jumped at the idea. Checking some extra gear out of the armory, he let the Captain know that he would be heading out.

Nameless Finality (dead olgog)
LR5 Shadow5
hobtor axe (2d6 +5 (noAR) v ampiric + 5 chill)

Special trainings:
+1 to all test vs Pit Mongrels
Blessing of the bladed sun
Angel of the redeemer
tough as nails

additional gear:
Cloak of the Unit 817 (A.R. Vs Melee & Missile & Chill +2 armor wt 2, Chill shield at 3 successes, +10 A.R. Vs Energy attacks while shield is active, and Hide in Shadows at 3 successes)
Fang of Unit 817 Hunters Artificed with catlike reflexes, animal senses, and cobra strike at 3 successes
Hobyi Pebble of the Ka Gor- Conversion and Obscure at 3 successes

He plans to aid the others by proving fire support and extraction if nessisary. transport will be by Slephnir. if he needs to pull someone out of the battle he will use shadow walk. If needed will bring back others using the Hobyi Pebble.

After they rescue the trapped gog, will help escort them to safety


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