The EEF Puts Away All Pretenses (Glacial Wastes Week 1)


There was five puffs in the snowy sky and then the screaming sounds of metal racing through the air. The drop pods landed just outside of the Main Base Camp. Four EEF Special Forces Oni, Two Special Forces Wraiths, and twenty six Colonial Marines stepped out and made their way straight for the Glacial Research Facility. They immediately secured the main doorway (Two Onis), the Solar Plant and the Officers Hab Unit and Metro 3 (Ten Marines), the Security Room and Metro 4 (Six Marines) the Nuke Plant and Metro 7 (Ten Marines). The Two Wraiths went on patrol to make sure the Tram stayed secure.

These EEF soldiers DO NOT ANSWER to anyone EXCEPT Field Marshall Strykker.

[This thread is for Field Marshall Strykker to increase escalation of forces on site in times of need.]


Commander Oolong stood before the main security computer. A trio of immutable officers and a pair of technicians were running diagnostics. Already they had used the system to isolate multiple back doors into the EEF Orbital defense network that predated the EEF retaking orbital control in 2218. It seemed both the IR and the EEF coding had some significant flaws. Interestingly enough they hadn’t been discovered by the Unity, E-strain nor by Fort Lendill during the electronic warfare of the past two years.


Oolong was tired of watching VLAD agents run rampant over civilians and allies. He was annoyed and frustrated by Mr. McMurphy since before this event, and was rather pleased to use the Expedition Debacle to finally have the entire VLAD agency dismantled. Starting at the top with a full tribunal for McMurphy, then going down the ranks, he was going to end the threat of VLAD to meaningful EEF operations.

But first he was going to use this security computer to find every OVC double agent hiding within the VLAD Agency’s ranks, and have some fun executing them.


(Week 10+)

Commander Oolong sat behind his desk, steepling his hands as rage boiled through him. He sat across from Colony General Malthus the man who had stood against the forces of evil for two thousand years. A man who had sacrificed so much for their colonies.

Oolong said, “So…PeaceLord Grim?”

“Yes,” said Colony General Malthus, "Interesting indeed. Not what I planned when I had Grim and Lurtor assigned to this expedition. I expected them to secure the Research Facility and use the miles and miles of rooms support structures here for survival. But they broke protocol and security, and made some terrible choices so they lost access to the entire Glacial Research Station.

Now PeaceLord Grim controls the entire lands surrounding us. Luckily he and I are close enough friends that I am not too worried.

And it means we will have Boriel’s forces to aide ours against the Sea Kings."

“Do you trust Boriel?” asked Oolong.

“No I expect that he will turn on us and try and kill us on his first chance,” said Malthus, “So much so, that we must plan for it…”