The Dig Site at the Ruins of the Eborlath Trade Zone (DR2220+)


Guilder Muin smiles as he looked out across the crew of one hundred White Fur Olgogs that dragged snow and ice blocks up from the dig site. Already the top four layers of snow and ice had been excavated, revealing a magestic marble-esc stone plateau large enough to park one of the Banking Guild’s own capital ships. It was carved in a variety of different graffiti, which Muin had recognized as High Falos. They looked like names of various units stationed here.

Muin even recognized the Twin Falcon tribes sigil.

He turned to his expert on Falosini Archeology, Untath Thuth. Thuth was a K’iou who had been trained by the finest forgemasters of Mt. Vir, but had wanted more than hard work in front of an anvil and forge out of life. Muin had to hear story after story during Thuth’s interview about excavations at J’kutu’s Crag, Sar’xaba Homeforge and even up in Nidal.

The thin k’iou stood four foot seven inches, with a tightly trimmed snow white beard, no mustache. and had his heads’ hair shorn short. His eyes were sapphire blue, and his skin was a dusky brown. His thick white robes were marked with three medals from the City of Zelga.

Untath Thuth said, “This dig site was not just a meeting place for the IceWyrms and the Hobtla Mag’ol. This site was an ancient trade zone from the markings, and there were many species present here including Nightmare Lords and Llandreu. It was defended by a variety of different K’iorn tribes in ancient times. Then for some reason at the end of the K’ias Wars it was outright abandoned by all Children of the Falosini. The graffiti at that point changes, I see much more Yyan markings and IceWyrm markings. Then those are succeeded by one single set of High Falos graffiti referring to a Wartribe serving under a Zaodonai Tomin. Then more Icewyrm markings. And finally what i can only assume is some Hobtla Mag’ol symbol system. It does not line up with the written language created by the Olgogs of the Goblin Lands, but then again I believe the culture here predates them.”

Muin said, “Thank you Untath Thuth. Keep looking as they excavate more shards of pottery and other trade goods for more clues.”

Muin heard a call from the far side of the camp. The white fur Olgogs were scrambling away. It seemed they had found a mass grave of over thirty K’iorn. The bodies had been stripped of clothing and gear, but the frozen ground had preseved them relatively intact. They were quite dead, and Muin knew better than to resurrect long dead people. He would send the bodies to the Museum of Zelga, and they would handle it appropriately.

But Muin wondered if these K’iorn dead had knowledge he could use. Knowledge on what else was in this location other than the landing pad they were still uncovering. He wondered if Glog the Flesh and Spirit Dweller he had hired, would be able to help without restoring the dead to life.


A Darmag flew over the site. it Circled twice before landing a safe distance from the site. As the Olgog rider walked toward the site could see that It was not Glog as this olgog had green fur.

“I am Ka’lal, student of Glog. I apologize for being late, but I felt it only proper that I return the messenger that was sent to collect me.” Turning to Muin he said “I understand you are in need of one trained in the ways of the Gor’ab. Please point me to where I am to start.”

As they walked to the spot set up for sorting and cataloging Ka’lal Said to Muin “Glog said you work for those who protect the Colonies trading practices. The Elders know you have rules and must pay for this task. They said to ask if you could use your connections to find and send to the Tribe a master of crafting Glass who will be willing to teach in an underground Forge. The price we settled on for this was equal to the payment for these tasks, but we will negotiate if it is to low.”


Guilder Muin was surprised. He didn’t expect Glog to send a subordinate but it didn’t matter to him as long as he had an Olgog on staff who could speak to the dead.

Muin said, “Hello Ka’lal, I am Guilder Muin, you will be working directly with my expert Untath Thuth. Thuth, this Olgog is the Flesh and Spirit Dweller who will be interrogating any remains of sentient beings we find.”

Untath Thuth looked at Ka’lal unsure of what to expect. He had heard rumors that the Gor’ab could speak to the dead, but this green fur in front of him was no Karovian. Instead he looked very, very Tla’loc’alan. Being a K’iou, Thuth knew better than to question Olgogs on their lineages.


Thuth said, “It’ll probably take Guilder Muin a few days to find someone who can teach your tribe the art of Glass making. Masters in Glassworking are rare enough, but one willing to give up their business and move south to teach the art, now that will be a unique glass blower.”


Thuth brought Ka’lal over to a table that had three different boxes of remains. One was marked with a K. One with an O. One with a U.

Thuth said, "Ka’lal, these three are the most pertinent remains at the moment. We found them in the boxes you see. Each was stored in Khaz’gha wood to protect it from the elements.

They were arrayed in a triangle over the part of the site we are digging through now. I suspect the three bodies are meant to be some sort of warning, but it is not a common practice among the Children of the Falosini or the Olgogs to do so."

Which will Ka’lal begin the ritual with?

K- the body is long and lanky. No skin or organs remain except for mummified muscle tissue.

O- The body is mummified and has the obvious signs of being an Olgog. The fur is white and smaller like a Hobtla Mag’ol Olgog.

U- The body has obvious nightmare flesh attachments including an arm that looks like it was torn from a dark swordman nightmare.


Ka’lal started with the box marked as O. “Better to start with the most familiar.” he thought.

“Ask your questions Thuth.” The apprentice said as he followed Glogs teachings, letting go and called out to the spirit connected to the remains.


Thuth asked, “What is the purpose of this location?”

Through the mouth of Ka’lal the spirit of the dead body began to speak.

“This place is Eborlath, where even the Yyan bow on bended knee,” said the dead olgog, “None can stand before the Zaodonai of Eborlath.”

Thuth seemed surprised and said, “Who is the Zaodonai Eborlath? Do you mean Tomin?”

“No,” said the spirit,“Not named Tomin, the Zaodonai Eborlath was the Half-Nightmare, the kuliek-k’iorn, the Nightmare Lord-kin. She appeared, enforced the Falosini ways, demanded the Hobtla Mag’ol serve in the great hunt.”

“Tell us of the Great hunt,” whispered Thuth, a note book in his hand. His hands used an Earther shorthand and he rapidly took notes as the spirit spoke.


The spirit spoke through Ka’lal of Or’lur, "The Great Hunt. Every Yyan in the lands of Hobtla were hunted. A great feast was prepared for the Nightmare Lords. It was so great a victory that the Yyan of the tribes of Dol, Li and Phin fled south and to the west, never to return.

Here at Eborlath the Hobtla Mag’ols all came together and forged a pact."

“the Hobtla Mag’ols? Were there more than one?” asked Thuth.

“There were twenty five Hobtla Mag’ols in my life. Seven died during the great hunt, but the eighteen that remained held the snowy lands with pride.”

“How did you die?” finally Thuth asked.

“I was killed by the IceWyrms who attacked Eborlath at the end of the Great hunt. With no Yyan Li keeping the IceWyrms hidden in their Caves they moved to conquer the Hobtla lands,” said the spirit, "And I glimpsed the higher dimensions for a moment.

But before I died I sent my child Liopa to take the child of the Zaodonai Eborthlath, little Re’uru and flee"

Thuth said, “Where did she take Re’uru?”

“To the lands of the Wartribe of K’or, they were Re’uru’s closest family,” said the spirit, “But I don’t know if they ever got there…”

Thuth said, “What was the fate of the Zaodonai Eborlath?”

“Zaodonai Eborlath fled with her guard to the lands of the Nightmare Lords,” said the spirit,“But not before interring me here I assume.”

“You have any questions for the corpse Ka’lal?” asked Thuth finishing up his notes.


Ka’lal held the connection as he thought of things that where not asked.

“What where you called in life?” once that was answered he would ask about the spirits position and the structure of those who served Zaodonai Eborlath


The olgog deceased introduced himself as Hobder Tla’og.

"Once I was young and hunted the Yyan Og. But as I grew older I learned that there was a balance between the factions in the lands of the Hobtla Mag’ols. The most powerf factions that fought over this region are the Darmags, the Yyan, the Children of the Falosini, and the Nightmare Lords at the time of my childhood. The Olgogs were at the mercy of whichever group grabbed power. But in the knowing of these relationships, I gained great respect from the leaders of all factions.

Those who served Zaodonai Eborlath came from many species. But I served as go between on many occassions between the Eborlath and the Nightmare Lords, and the Eborlath and the Hobtla Mag’ols.

The great Zaodonai Eborlath was interred in the Mountains of Frost and Fear. "

Ka’lal noticed that the older name Mountains of Frost and Fear translated in his own mind as the Frozen Homeforge. It must be the same location. A good bit of info to file away for later.

Hobder Tla’og waited to see if there were any other questions.