The Devil Bishop of Dunesphere (Alternate Timeline TS GL3 Pregame Week 1)


[This thread is open to all time shredders+ Ryuk (sanguine lord only) and Red Bishop Jamies Retinue (Lord Grimaldus)]

The Sanguine Lord and a group of erstwhile Church of Oners find themselves back during the Goblin Genocide.
The Church of Oners have sided with the man who may one day become the devil bishop Kasanth. But their mere presence already pushes him quicker and quicker into the darkness.

The Sanguine Lord reformed after the weapon and found itself surrounded by Church of One Paladins, and Red Bishops with Missile Launchers. The Sanguine Lord rose into the air turned into a clockwork angel and was about to speak when they fired in succession. It turned and fled, flying towards the distance sky.

Dr. Leonard Bones stood next to Bishop Kasanth Dannor and Red Bishop Jamie. Kasanth said, “I really found this whole rogue inquisitor situation rather distasteful but what I just witnessed was just strange. When I learned that Mortis Leonin had raised the alert among the local guard, I took some personal interest. That’s why I found you and your interesting party. Now what do we have to do about this techno monstrosity in our skies?”


the sanguine lord was stuck, Back in the past. And here was the Devil Bishop Kasanth, although not quite yet.

After finding a place to land that was hidden, he would manufacture another disguise. The goal was to find a caravan and sneak back into town, to hopefully speak to the devil bishop in private


The Sanguine Lord successfully was able to find a cavern to spend the night. Assuming the form of a traveling merchant for rulers and scales, a most inoffensive profession, he snuck back into the city of Dunesphere. Unfortunately on his first attempt to get to speak with the Devil Bishop, he was spotted as an outsider immediately for not making the proper religious gestures while passing the statue of a minor saint of the church of one. This set a preacher into a wheeling rant about modern foreigers, which brought a pair of Inquisitors down to investigate him. Both pulled out floggers which the Sanguine Lord recognized as being studded with zela crystal.
His attempts to talk his way out failed epically, (having no point of reference for the manic delusions that the Church of Oners had assembled into a faith).
The Sanguine Lord had been created in the Unity Labs to destroy groups of soldiers and tear through enemy vehicles. He used his obvious lack of knowledge of local customs to argue he was an agent sent to meet with Kasanth Dannor from Church of One Supporters hidden in the colonial government. It was a lie that would barely last a few days once the Inquisition really looked into it. But it bought the Sanguine Lord a meeting. It was a meeting in a wide cathedral with twenty Red Bishop bodyguards carrying plasma rifles, and ten Inquisitorial henchmen.
(Lord Grimaldus’ special team is also present, but the Sanguine Lord does not recognize them)


Kasanth Dannor was a man of five feet and ten inches in height, made taller by armored boots. He wore a set of strange plate mail, which showed off both his arms, covered as they were in verses from the Church of One.

“Merchant, your story is obviously a lie. You carry yourself as an outsider in our midsts. It is a time of war, and we are beset by Goblins on all sides. What do you waste my important time with?”


Jamie and company found themselves in a sticky situation, back in the past with the Devil Bishop himself…before he became the Devil Bishop, this was going to be awkward. Then Kasanth spoke to him, Jamie was glad to be wearing his armor so his face wasn’t visible, he paused for a few moments then responded bowing his head to Kasanth, “Most Reverend Bishop, I am less familiar with ‘techno monstrosities’ as my associates and my duties tend to be more technical in nature. Our main exposure to the Devil’s works are usually in regards to anti Goblin actions though Dr. Bones here has had some opportunities to view the insides some elves and dwarves though various means.”
Pausing again to gather his thoughts, “It seems obvious to me that this thing is highly resistant to the blessed munitions of the faithful as such holy firepower would normally have vaporized most anything. Perhaps if holy fire wasn’t enough to bring it down a different tact could be used. Maybe freezing the creature with some kind of liquid nitrogen might slow it down for us to shatter it. I will see if I can requisition some that isn’t already being used in the conflict with the Fel Goblins.” Jamie would send Huang Shi to gather the Liquid Nitrogen, he would send Dr. Azai to secure a place for the group to rest and resupply, and Dr. Bones would go and assist in the care of the wounded Church citizens to gain the favor of the locals.

When the Sanguine Lord disgused as a Merchant arrives Jamie and crew would be present for the questioning, and awaiting the response of the merchant.


The young k’iorn known as K’ain, son of K’ain was well in over his head. It had all started with the sickness, and following along with the elderly wandering preacher who had passed on whatever gifts that he had to carry, such as food, stories and the vile earther artifact the should have known better than to accept. Its power was known throughout the lands that the Church of One had laid to waste,and just knowing that it belonged to them he should have known better, there had to be another way. His tribe, home life and upbringing were very different and interesting compared to most others. From birth, he had been very well versed in the arts of leyas knowing how to bend and call upon light to guide his way and protect himself. Now there was no more call to the warm comforts of the light energy, only the cold remnants of the darkness as a newly formed creature of pure shadow due to a taste from the wine coming from the Blood Cup of the Church of One’s Pope Paul, more commonly know as the wanderer answering to Saul.

Here he was stuck within the Church of One city of Dunesphere, hanging on by only the survival instincts taught to him by those before him. He layed low, hiding amongst the shadows, barely sleeping or eating. There was obviously much strife going on throughout the city,with a crazed Inquisitor apparently trying to kill him, heightened alert and more men on hand, as well as some mechanical engineered monstrosity wreaking havoc throughout the night. With himd, young K’ain had heard a name mentioned by the wandering old man, so he followed to keep an eye on the one known as Kasanth. Barely getting by ducking in and out of shadows for a bite, living in the sewers where no one would bother looking and using animal senses to keep word out for what was happening topside and any news of this Kasanth. Then he heard news of a merchant asking for a word with Kasanth, and the young one knew where he must go. In the middle of the night, he used shadows to clean off in some unsuspecting citizens quarters, they awoke and he nearly scared the woman and her children half to death. It was very odd, they were terrified by the sight of his naked body and somehow it just made him feel better. He quickly knocked them all out to finish cleaning up. In the dead of night, he made his was into the rafters of the main cathedral and waited for the meeting during the next day. Though he actually felt better, he needed to force himself not to sleep for fear of giving away his position.i


The Bishop Kasanth was growing annoyed. The merchant was standing in front of him and still did not speak, “I ask again what business brings you here?”


I carry a warning for you, related to the one I was hunting, Mortis Leonin. He is a fearful enemy, stealing the powers of god almighty to travel through time. He has come to undo your future good works.

I fear his future self is working to remove you from existence to destroy your great future kingdom, and corrupt the church for all time.


The Bishop Kasanth Dannor looked down at the strange merchant, and decided caution was the best path. He turned to Knight Captain Orloc Siedermann and said to the thin tall man, “Take thirty Dragonsbane Knights and thirty Goblinsbane Knights and ten Giantsbane Knights and at least a pair of Red Bishop, and alert your father. Inquisitor Mortis Leonin is to be brought before me for judgement as a heretic and blasphemer and for the crimes of Treason, and utilizing dark arts.
Let no man harm him if he comes peaceably NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOU FIND HIM IN.”

The Bishop knew that Mortis was bisexual with a perchance for muscular military types, but in the Colony of Dunesphere any copulation outside of procreation could be grounds for a variety of horrible punishments. So if the paladins found the Inquisitor involved in any trysts of an illicit nature, Kasanth knew they would refrain from driving nails into his offending member as was the customary punishment.

They waited for an hour for Knight Captain Orloc Siedermann to return. Kasanth made them all wait in silence. The anger and distrust etched across his face, despite the extensive church of one tattooing.
When Mortis was brought it, it was obviously a much younger man than the time travelers had seen.

This Mortis Leonin was young and vital. He was dressed in simple monk’s robes, but his face bore a terrible spreading bruise. When Kasanth saw it he rose up and nearly roared at Knight Captain Orloc.

“Who did this?” asked Kasanth.

Orloc Siedermann approached and dropped to one knee, “My master, this wound was inflicted by my father, Inquisitor Lord Siedermann who demanded to be present for the arrest. We found some significant things in Leonin’s quarters. Books of a dark, and obviously non-human origin. I have brought most of them here. My father claimed all the actual artifacts that were found in Leonin’s possessions under Inquisitorial jurisdiction. I apologize my master. Short of killing him, I could not stop him.”

“The Inquisitors will be dealt with,” murmured Kasanth, “Where are the books? I wish to see what Morty was hiding from us.”
Orloc lifted one from his sachel and passed it to the Bishop. The book was stitched together pages of some dark alien skin, dried and tanned. Orloc said, “My master, our chemical analysis does not allow us to identify the skin. If it was a creature, its long extinct. The silvery white ink is luminescent and has elements that led our Red Bishops to believe it was a combination of cerebral fluid and crushed bone matter. This we have matched to bone fragments identified as Nightmare Lord bone fragments. I am sure you see the deep concern this raised.”

Kasanth turned towards the bewildered younger Leonin and said, “Morty, as you were my former Squire, I will not expose you or your noble house to the ridicule and dishonor that an open trial would come to. It will be a closed door trial.”
All known guests were escorted from the room leaving the young Mortis Leonin, Bisop Kasanth, Knight Captain Orloc, and two cherub meks to record the proceedings for Inquisitorial records.

The guests were under heavy guard for four grueling weeks. They were provided food, water and shelter, but they never did learn of the young Leonin’s fate.

Apparently the books delivered to the Bishop Kasanth, and the information they extracted from Leonin allowed the Bishop to piece together ancient rituals it would take him nearly 700 years to perfect in our timeline in a matter of days.
Soul Takers dressed as Priests walked among the people of Dunesphere. Giving consecration and sacrament they also took a page from the Accuser’s book, tricking many into selling their souls by the first Sunday. With hundreds of fiends and malevolents inhabiting the city by two weeks, the newly consecrated Devil Bishop Kasanth Dannor took on the ritual to become the final Qliphoth, one to represent the human sentients and delivered the planet Refuge and the entire timeline hurling into Warmonger’s grasp. Then the demons seized the government, and all of Dunesphere.

By the third week the guests heard the rumors from the servants, that Pope Cristos Dugari and one thousand loyal knights had fled to the north.

By week four, outside the windows of the Grand Manor in which they were guests, they all could see the city of Dunesphere burn. Warmonger’s Dead dressed head to toe in knightly armor that covered their form were openly conscripting thousands into a new army.

In the guests quarters were “the Merchant”, Lord Grimaldus’ former soldiers and scientists now time travelers, and the Terror, who had been using the abandoned Hawk Eyrie above the guests quarters as a base of operations since things hit the fan in Dunesphere.


The Merchant and the Scientists knew of each other but none knew of the Terror residing there.