The Daemonsbane Assassin for hire...


The mythical killer, the assassin known as Daemonsbane is offering assassin services to the highest bidders.

Standing eight feet tall with a red horned helm and a long red armored cloak, the blue skinned giant had a small green goatee and green hair. He held the hammer of Protodoxa, the massive polehammer seemingly proportional in his hands. A pair of magi cannons of finest design rode on his hips.

"If you wish to hire me you may do so but I will only accept the following potential targets this week.

A) Qory Kal I’tash, the illuminated tyrant at the beachhead.

B) Yildor Roren, Earther Leader of the Colonies First Party "


An earther women in jeans and blue sun dress approached large assassin. She moved with casual grace as she sat down.

“You’re big fellow. I need some mud to be slung this week. What’s your deal and how’s much is it going to cost?” she asked.


He replied, "I am known as Daemonsbane.I have executed members of all species known to Falos, and some unknown even to him. I am the son of the Warmonger but my hatred is boundless for all of the Ancient Evils and their servants. I have lived for tens of thousands of years but I am mortal.

For the first time in aeons I no longer need to hunt down and destroy the Warmonger so I am looking for a new target. One worthy of my skills.

The cost depends on the target and what you want to have happen. If you want me to just put some fear in them it will only be a few hundred ghaz. If you want me to kill them without final death that will be a higher price, perhaps some land and a house to retire on.
I would grant the target final death for a higher price but it sounds from mud slinging you are hiring me on to do some intimidation instead.

What should I call you? And what specific types of mud did you want slung? A public beatdown to break their spirit? Or a lost limb to make them know its not worth continuing on? What does mud slingin look like to you Ma’am?"


“You can call me little Little Miss Muffet, Daemonsbane. I would like you to hurt Yildor Roren where it counts most: the pocket book. Death is transitory and creates more problems than what’s worth,” she said with straight face.

She stood and paced about.

“Beating or hurting people is crude. Fear is unpredictable and insulting. Both are more than wrong in the long run,” says Little Miss Muffet.

“Hopeful this is not beneath you. As I said, pocket book. I want you to steal or cut off support for Yildor Roren’s campaign for Colony General. Target the people that work for him and not public who want to support him. I can offer you three things for completing this successfully. One, 250 ghaz I’ve saved from my allowance over the years. Two, a Woodland War Giant that’s light and fast. I got it off a bunch of nice, but naive Gogs in trade for a high end stereo system that my husband never missed. Three, anything you steal can be doubled if you reinvest through this place I know of McGraw Harbor.”

OOC Eli McGraw may now use his contacts in the Banking Guild to make investments on behalf of other players. The way this works ingame is any character who chooses to invest in McGraw Harbor may double any ghaz won during a mission (to a maximum of 1,000 ghaz). For Example. in a game where the players defeated a Bandit king and each got 500 ghaz as loot, because Eli is present in game, anyone can choose to invest with him and get 1,000 ghaz instead. If they had each got 250 originally it would double to 500. But Eli chooses who can benefit from this bonus. Eli himself does not gain this double reward only those who invest in his Port.

“What do you say big guy?”


The assassin pondered for a fair amount of time, grousing once about feeding a wargiant then agreed.

“Investment in McGraw Harbor seems to pay some dividends. I am going to do as you request. Yildor will find his operations severly hampered but without his death. I will focus first on slowing his ability to broadcast his messages and root out his true supporters.”


“Good deal. See you later big guy,” waved Little Miss Muffet as she left.