The Clean Up Crew Garage


This is the thread for the Clean Up Crew and the Garage in which the Crew’s Garbage truck is stored. The Garage has a high ceiling, and a large interior space with plenty of room for the Crew’s larger members and vehicles. One wall is adorned with tools and weapons like any sensible person would have. The building contains a deployment area for the garbage truck mobile command center as well as the modified WWII fighter plane (With nanite bracelets nearby for time sensitive situations), a workshop area (for when the Crew wants to tinker, modify, repair or upgrade), and a firing range in the back (which has been rebuilt several times because its S.A.R. is too low). Another room contains sleeping quarters & recharging stations as appropriate so that the Crew can be ready at a moments notice. And most importantly, a wall is left open with the Clean Up Crew’s motto; “We take out the trash!”


In a corner of the garage, sparks flew from a set of cutting tools as they made contact with a suit of power armor. Arranged around the armor were a variety of implements for buffing and polishing, all neatly arrayed radially around the suit. The Gilgamesh power armor suit was a testament to the might of the Iron Republic, a fearsome sight even stock. This set however, came with many aftermarket additions, including a well worn railgun and a .50 cal sniper rifle, which had been set off to the side for separate maintenance.

The armor itself was covered in marks and stickers designed to look like tattoos on an old merc, however, it appears that someone has been spending much time doing bodywork on the battered plates, buffing and replacing scarred metal with smooth shiny new plates. Although no mechanic was visible, someone inside the armor seemed to be acting like a surgeon performing surgery on himself, delicately using each tool to repair the battle worn armor as if it were a scalpel or suture needle.


There was a blip on a nearby scanner. It was tuned to I.R. Frequencies just in case…

–Holonet News presents the Ghost in the Machine

Reports across the Iron Republic tell of a ghostly suit of Gilgamesh Heavy Power Armor without a pilot. Now I know what you skeptics might think, perhaps it was an A.I. or a rogue Computer Virus. But i am here to assure you that this was the ghost in the machine, a functioning suit killing our proud Brethren soldiers left and right, without remorse. How do you stop a ghost? The Iron Republic has assured us that ghosts are not real, but that they are fully investigating these rumors. –

Stane and S.I.L.A.S. shared a laugh.

Stane pulled out some parts and looked up wondering what the next step in the build would be?

[What steps are you going thru to create what was suggested offline…please describe and elaborate, both Stane and S.I.L.A.S.]