The Church of Krodnok in Simonsburg


Krodnok hadn’t been to Simonsburg in a while. However, things went along daily as they should. The Devoted came and went, praying to the Olgog who was the focus of their faith.

Then, one day, a message had arrived at the Church:

“The Der’na are upon us. The saftey of all is in jeopardy. Those who seek shelter, bring what you need for food, and come to the Church of the Devotion. The City of Simonsburg has opened their arms and allowed the Church of the Devotion to make a ‘home’ in their town, so this invite extends to any who call Simonsburg home.”

Those who arrived, seeking shelter, would be taken to an underground city, underneath the lands of Krodnok.


One elderly gog approached and said, “You offer sanctuary in a place hundreds of miles away.
How will we get across the open deserts between here and there in the flamewinds?”


As the elderly 'gog asked his question, Krodnok entered the building, his cloak reforming. The Devoted in the room all lowered their heads at the sight of their God, and all said, in low voices, “My faith be in Krodnok.”

He ignored them, and moved to the 'gog who had asked the question. He put a hand on the old Olgogs shoulder “Arrangements have been made for you,” Krodnok said. “Shortly, ships will be here to take you all to where you will be safe from the Der’na. The ships are fast, and their pilots skilled. The only way that you could be in better hands is if I were taking you there myself.”

“Now’ if you’ll excuse me, i have business to attend to.” He walked away from the front room, and went upstairs. After a few moments he descended the stairs and walked outside.


Lurtor was true to his work. 20 Lur Union Fighters made their way to Simonsburg to meetup with Krodnok to transport his follows. Other fighters and skimmers were making their way across the different settlements and farms transporting Herd of Auf Lal’ al citizens and gogs bringing them to Farms to prep for Launch or to shelters to ride out the FLamewinds.

(OOC as part of my reorganizing, and a place to show I’m also directing my citizens to safety. Either shelters or the farms to prep them. The fighters will transport Krodnoks followers and then meet backup with the fleet.)


100 citizens are loaded into the fight craft in small groups and taken to the safety of

The underground city of Krodnok.

Though food supplies are currently non existant.

(Action of using fightercraft must be posted in mission posts by Krodnok and Lalder as well to take effect.)