The Campaign Office of Candidate Grimaldus (DR2220 Mission 1+)


Lord Grimaldus had a campaign office set off for him by a concerned group of former Dunesphere nobles living in Absalom and Hebron. This initial funding and location provided him a campaign office and a staff of thirty staffers who would help him get posters put up and campaign literature distributed. But he needed allies, especially those with political ties in the Colonies.

Lord Grimaldus knew he was facing stiff competition. Candidate Strykker had a the military vote, and Baronade and Dusk. Candidate Oliver was spreading out into the City of the Gods and Kelvara. Candidate Daron was working his magic in Saragosa. Candidate Roren had locked down Dunespheres’ racists and their religious supporters, as well as the more aggressive Warlords of Kalino.

Now he needed some way of spreading a distinct and unique message to the people of Refuge.


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Grimaldus frowned to himself, he joined this race on a whim, now realized that he actually had to do something. Most of his time was spent running the provisional colonies, but he volunteered for this race, now he had to do something. The other candidates either had certain colonies in their pocket, or were working hard to lock down certain colonies. Dunesphere was essentially out as he had essentially rebelled against them, Baronade and Dusk all but declared for Strykker. The other candidates were moving into other colonies, which meant that he should also, except he didn’t know all that much about the colonies besides Dunesphere. He never really bothered to learn much more then the fact that most colonies allowed demonic aliens to roam free and thus were corrupted by their taint…except now Grimaldus had himself begun to welcome aliens in his territory and his colonies were multicultural and shit.

Grimaldus sighed, this was all so annoying, he was worried that he might slip up and call some people elves or gnomes and piss off someone, he occasionally slipped into old speech. It isn’t that he hated this creatures, but a life time of habits is not so easily broken. He wondered how Resugent was able to so easily do it…that’s it! He can send Resugent to make speeches for him!

Grimaldus sent word to his office, from this day forward, Ser Resugent was his official Campaign Manager/speech writer/Public Relations Director…and anything else which would put him into the public eye. Resugent was rather likable apparently, the Goblins especially liked him…right, can’t say Goblin…Olgog, need to say Olgog. (that last part wouldn’t be sent to the office…you know…the Goblin part)


Ser Resugent had made amazing inroads for Grimaldus. Already donations from across the colonies were coming in, and requests for public speaking events.

He had a choice between 3 different constituents.


A) The Feather Guilders: This group hunts avians across Refuge to provide Feathers and other goods to hat makers and clothing makers across the colonies.

B) The Masonic Hall of Chooru: This group has long ties to the governments of many colonies.

C) The Earth First Party: This group thinks that the Colonies should be focused on liberating mythic Earth from the Iron Republic.

Each has an unknown benefits and unknown negatives.


Lord Grimaldus brimmed with pride with his cousin’s speech, if he could he would let Resugent do all of his speeches, but alas he needed to follow Resugent up with his own talents.
As to the choice of constituents, well, the Earth First Party was out, Grimaldus had no real interest in reclaiming Earth, his focus was on Refuge not on waging unwinnable wars against the Iron Republic. The Masonic Hall sounded interesting as they had connections but something about them seemed sketchy, the Feather Guilders seemed innocent enough but at the same time not extremely important compared to the other two groups. He would take a bit of time to think about his options.


After thinking for a while, Lord Grimaldus decided to work with the Feather Guilders. While the Masonic Hall of Chooru might be a more valuable ally, something seemed a bit sketchy about them. Resugent made him promise to run a clean campaign and be more accepting of people blah, blah, blah. So the Feather Guilders were the one, besides as an more economic focused choice perhaps they could help expand commerce in the Provisional Colonies in the long run.


The Feather Guilders met with Lord Grimaldus at a hunting lodge. Every wall was covered by animal heads, the largest being the head of an alien Wroc bird.

The local Guilder Leader was one Hunter First Class Ponce Vandoran. He was an older man with a gaunt face and thick glasses. Ponce Vandoran wore a Raiti silk suit with a Growling pelt cape fringed in Wroc feathers. At his side was a very fine looking magi cannon of archaic design.

He smiled up at Lord Grimaldus, offered him a plush seat and a large glass of brandy and a cigar.

"Welcome welcome. You may call me HFC, or you can call me Vandoran. Whichever floats your boat.
The Feather Guilders have been very successful in preventing the new I’tashi Alliance Government from regulating trade in native creatures. We have full access to their range of Tsogas, Arctic Vinvir, and other northern creatures.

The southlands, ill-named Goblin Lands have creatures like Mighty Yadol and Ontor that would make great trophies hunts. If the Provisional Colonies become full colonies they could decide to outlaw the hunting of certain creatures.
And that we cannot allow. People are just starting to get excited about Ontor Capes."


“Lord Grimaldus, what will you do to protect our hunting interests here in the colonies and in any new colonies that are added?”


Lord Grimaldus smiled and took a sip of the brandy, “trade is quite important to the colonies, having access to resources from around the planet can only spur more industry and wealth. The only issue I can think of would be that the local Olgogs in the south can be a bit territorial and might not be too amicable to excessive hunting. Expanding industry is great but conflict with the locals can hurt not only the bottom line but can jeopardize future contracts.
I have gotten closer to the native tribes that make up the newest Provisional Colonies. My Cousin has worked closely with multiple tribal leaders and can be your introduction. We can help negotiate hunting rights and trade deals. I know from experience that the Olgogs will react very violently to people who poach their herds, however if you work with certain more reasonable members you can get around the more stubborn ones. The expansion of industry is the best way to benefit us all.”


Lord Grimaldus’ success with the guild has been apparent. While the PETA and other Animal Rights voters are currently against Lord Grimaldus, he has gained the support of this Hunter’s Guild and multiple Guilds across Refuge that will now put up posters for Lord Grimaldus.


The Church of One Vicar Antonios Sybintha arrived at the campaign office of Lord Grimaldus. He was followed by four Red Bishops in advanced power armor.

They met with Lord Grimaldus immediately, "Honored Lord Grimaldus…Lord…yes a title of some importance, and gained through your valued and valuable efforts on behalf of the government of Dunesphere

The Pope himself and his beloved friend High Inquisitor Dalrick Vensi, both wish to know where you stand in the upcoming election. The question of whether Dunesphere will be empowered to recover Simonsburg and Thomasville and Drewsport from the Goblins that have infested our holy cities.

But first before we do any of that, we need a candidate to make a public statement against the Kasanthians. The Kasanthian Lord Mada Gascar captured the township of Bartsport and turned it into a hive of scum and villianry.

The Pope and the High Inquisitor wish to see a full invasion of Bartsport and an end to our passivity against the Kasanthians. We can all agree Kasanthians are evil and should be killed on sight I believe. Or I guess I should ask you that question as well…Candidate Grimaldus?

Where do you stand on the Kasanthian Problem?"


Vicar Antonios Sybintha motioned to one of his Red Bishops to reveal a set of large floating discs. Each had four tiny hover engines on it, a large but nondenominational cross on it, and a set of Holo emitters designed to display four different political adverts at a single time.

“Propoganda is a powerful weapon against the ignorant enemies of the Church,” said the Vicar, “And we would donate enough of these to bring your messages across the colonies…if you were to make the RIGHT type of public announcement about Bartsport and the Kasanthian threat.”