The building of Deryyanheim


Scribe wrote three letters, one for each of his new brothers in the Bladed Sun, and one for his birth father. Each one asked that they meet with him, the one to his father included a map to the arena.

“I don’t know if this will work, but to lose a chance for such a city to be built. It will not be lost while I live. I will not fail because I lack knowledge.”

With that Scribe prepared for their arrival.


Uruf of the Bladed Sun came to check on Scribe and see how plans were the progressing for Deryyanheim.

“How are you holding up, Scribe?” asked Uruf, “this mountain certainly has a killer view”.


“It does indeed Uruf. Things could be worse, but I am grateful to be alive. I asked for all those I know have the skill of using runes. I have a little skill in leyas, but hope that all of us working together we could make a floating mountain or two that are all turned into a city. But as I said my skills in the Leyas are limited.”

(trying to get help as all my Earth and Air are 2)


It was slow work without teams of Stoneshapers.

But now after two months, Deryyanheim had begun to truly be called a settlement in the civilized sense. With word of colony status in consideration, an additional 200 Olgog and Earther civilians (F.S. 3) have moved to Deryyanheim.

[After beginning of Goblin Lands 3, Deryyanheim will gain 2,000 additional citizens.]

A letter has come back from Scribe’s dad saying.

[i]Dear Scribe,

I be on the way to yer new City in the clouds.
Sounds like a truly beautiful sight my boy.

I canna wait to see the sights and hear the story from your mouth.
I be a proud pa I tell you.

But I notice there is no easy way from the city of Simonsburg where the train comes in to the
city of Deryyanheim.

Hopefully by the time I arrive you will have figured out a better way, so I can come and visit more often

Your Da[/i]