The Border Wars of Refuge, Tarris 2218 AR (Created by TSGL3 PreGame Week 2 Mission)


Khalid Phoenixkiller, Ser Resugent, and their Time Shredding comrades arrived on the harsh Tarrisian tundra just as they had asked. Finding the closest Castlekind was a bit harder. It might have been a living technomantic castle, but the Gornenham Castlekind did stand out against the snowy terrain.
There were twenty six of these keeps across Tarris, and if Khalid’s memory served this specific one was held by the Lions of Earth, a private military company orginally from Dunesphere.
Under the indominable Colonel Vulfrym they would drive the Angels of Desolation and the Creeping Darkness from Tarris and liberate the region in the name of the EEF. Khalid wasn’t quite sure how close they were to then, but he knew they had to somehow convince the Lions of Earth soldiers that they were here to meet with Colonel.
During a Time of War, when insurgents and terrorists were trying to assinate every prominate EEF soldier in Tarris.
[Open to Khalid Pheonixkiller, Lord Grimaldus (Resugent), and other members of TEA Team 74, as well as Lions of Earth/general vulfrym and Blackheart security]

Two EEF Soldiers with Lions of Earth markings stood at each side of the massive doorway. One held a plasma rifle and wore the markings of a Lieutenant. The other held a rifle. Both soldiers looked tired, as if they had been fighting off rocket attacks all day and night (which they had).

“Halt. State your name and purpose,” snapped the Lieutenant already raising his rifle.


Ser Resugent didn’t like all of this time traveling, didn’t seem natural. He preferred to stay in his own timeline and simply look to the future, however this was the world he lived in so no use complaining.
He bowed slightly to the guard “Greetings I am Ser Resugent of…Dunesphere, I serve Lord Grimaldus and have been sent here with a mission of grave importance. We request to speak to Colonel Vulfrym in regards to a terrorist that we have been tasked to capture. Many lives are at stake and by the grace of God we must succeed.”


One of the guards lifted a radio and clicked it, “Sir, we have a Ser Resugent on a secret mission for a Lord Grimaldus of Dunesphere. Understood…yep…yep…Got it.”
The guard turned towards Ser Resugent, and said, “It seems that the Colonel knows full well about Lord Grimaldus. He hasn’t heard about you Ser Resugent but Col. Vulfrym appreciated his supporters among the Nobles of Dunesphere. Come in. Please note the castle is a living alien being, so don’t attack it if it moves or adjusts itself.”

The Lions of Earth soldier led them inside the castle and past corridors that had been stripped bare. The Lions lived in a spartan style, and the only decorations were Unit markers and heraldry of the divisions that made up the Lions of Earth.

They were led to the castle’s war room where a tall earther dressed in the uniform of a Colonel stood with a bastard attache at his side.

[Childeen {Blackheart Security} and General Vulfrym gain access to this thread. This takes place before space 2 and before space 3 so Blackheart Security is not yet an offworld company, and Vulfrym is only a Colonel.]


As Khalid and Resugent and Friends arrived in Vulfrym’s War Room, there was a sudden explosion and half the wall disappeared as if Annihilated.
Khalid recognized the bastard who was standing in the rubble as none other than TJ, one of the few trained Annihilation Leyas Mancers on the payroll of the EEF.

The little one tossed sticky bombs across the room.

In that moment Vulfrym yelled, “Fools you led the bastard right to us!!!”

Childeen grabbed Vulfrym and pulled him away from one of TJs explosives moments before it killed the pair.

Khalid looked around at the danger and knew if they were struck with Annihilation it would be final death.

He pulled out the stolen Time Shredder and activated it, hoping and praying it would work for him.

There was a flash of blue light and Khalid, Resugent, Black Lorne and Friends were gone, leaving the alternate timeline Vulfrym and TJ to duke it out alone.

[All TEA agents in this mission are transported to the Bar at the Crossroads. ]