The Blessings of Nereel Pyreen (For Nuria)


Nuria laid on the cot in her tent, keeping warm was the easiest part. She weaved the flowing fire leyas into a net and covered her entire aura with the net. Finally taking each strand of Leyas, she stretched them out until a full dome covered her, and every inch of her body was covered in a feeling of warmth and comfort. To an untrained eye, it just looked like she was relaxing in her chambers.

Knowing she had been played by that Guilder was embarrassing. After a week in camp, she had heard about the building projects of Lurtor and Grim and was feeling a bit out of her element. But Alphine had been trying to win Nuria back over to the Guilder’s side, sending an expensive warm Tsoga fur mountaineer’s jacket (A.R. 2 vs Melee, 2 vs Missile, 6 vs Chill, wt 2), along with a pair of ice climbing boots and Manslayer Mandible ice climbing picks (7 Melee dmg, Does No A.R. Dmg to Ice Giants/Ice Guard and Ice Golems, +2 bonus to climbing tests).

Yet despite the Guilder’s gifts, Nuria felt like there was just too much of an unknowable mass of frozen landscape, and didn’t know where to go to forge her destiny.


Finally comfy and warm, she closed her eyes for a moment. Just listening to the storm that raged outside, she found herself drifting off to sleep. Blinking a few times, she rolled to her side and sniffed the air. There was the strong smell of fire, burning wood and some meaty smell.

Looking around Nuria found herself not in her tent, but in an ancient stone bedroom. Walking up towards the wooden door, Nuria gently opened it revealing a balcony. Stepping out she could see the tower was part of a beautiful floating city.

“It is called Tempest,” said a kind and caring voice, “This was my home for a time. But my lover Acil was unfortunately unable to keep me away from matters of state in my birthplace. I had to return to the Three Citadels to rule as a Regent of my father.”

Looking sideways she saw the most handsome K’iorn she had ever met. His hair was pulled back, and it was a grey-silver. His eyes had beautiful grey irises. His grey-silver beard had a matching mustache, and he had his beard bound in silver rings.


“My name is Nereel Pyreen, and I’m quite glad to reach out to you,” said the K’iorn leaning heavily on the balcony’s railing, "I am on a distant shore, a dimension far from you. But I have been trying to find someone who has the fire in the blood, as I do.
My heart beats in a way that tells me you also have the fire in the blood.

Maybe your bloodline dates back to Pyromancers of Les’tas’tral…

In any case, I wish to grant you my aid in finding my crashed pleasure barge. It is but a few miles from your location, and such a travel would be but moments on wings of flame. And if your wings have not yet blossomed, then it will be a few days journey across the ice and snow.

But the rewards are great and the sacrifice one of only time and effort."

In her dreamscape, Nuria could see the path she would take north, up past the mountains to a hidden crash site. She wondered what she should ask this dream visitor before she awoke.


His robes were the fine red of a noble, and they were marked with the symbols of a pyromancer, of the ancient arts of fire, and of other symbols unknown to Nuria. Maybe they were K’iorn words she wondered…

Then she wondered if it was only a dream, were the symbols she didn’t know real symbols at all.


Nuria contemplated for a moment. If this was real, she’d have to be careful. But, then again, if it was a dream, why bother?

“Okay”, Nuria said. “Say I believe this is real. Why should I do this? You speak of rewards, but that’s a little vauge…”


Nereel said, "Right now you stand on the edge of mediocrity and you deserve so much more than that.

Aboard my former vessel was a device called the Hot Press. Using it you could craft a settlement deep below the ice, but safe from the cold. I used it during my forays into cousin Frederick’s frozen lands to set up my own barracks.

The vessel itself could be repaired with a bit of work. And the value of a functioning airship is still quite high i suspect.

The crew is dead, and the most valuable artifacts taken, I will admit.

But there should also be a clutch of Raiti lupospider eggs in a hibernation unit. Do with them what you will. Originally they were to be returned here for my menagerie. They can be a good source of silk if you can keep them well fed.

Either sell the eggs or make your own Raiti nest and harvest the silk. I care not.

There is one thing that I ask of you. Keep an eye out for a Symbol of Warmonger, quite large, carved from Doomwyrm Bone and possibly hidden by the Head Airship engineer somewhere on the vessel. Be careful of any traps that the Head Engineer may have set, and destroy the Symbol by the quickest and best method you know. Fire will work.

If you don’t find it, it just means the villains who crashed the vessel stole it along with the other focuses of their raid."


Nuria awoke from the dream and thought for a few minutes. This seemed interesting. And, even if it all was actually just a dream, it still gave her reason to leave the tent.

She stood, having decided to go investigate this area. Nereel had shown her the way to the site, and the directions were still clear in her mind. Shouldn’t be too big a problem to get there.

She dropped her pyjama bottoms, and grabbed her shorts. Black, skin-tight, and knee-length, she slipped them on while looking for her skirt. She found it, and wrapped it around her waist, buckling the belt once she was done. She smoothed the red material, and adjusted the skirt so the overlap was on her left hip.

Nuria removed the pyjama top and stretched, glad to be out of those. She looked at the heap of dark green on the floor. Not my color, at all. The material was kinda scratchy, too, she thought. She located her undershirt, long-sleeved, also black and skin-tight and pulled it over her head. She pushed her arms through the sleeves and picked up her short-sleeved overshirt, also red, like her skirt, and put it on.

She put her boots on and grabbed her armor. The chain mail might come in handy for this, but would make the trip difficult on foot, so she put it into a backpack and zipped it in. She reached into one of the pouches on her belt and procured her ring. She slid it onto her finger, and picked up her bracer. She clasped the hard leather onto her wrist and activated one of its enchantments, feeling the warmth wash over her.

She breathed a contented sigh, picked up her backpack, and walked out of the tent.

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Nuria closed the door to the mobile home behind her and set off to the location Nereel had shown her in the dream. She’d travel by foot until she was a good distance away from camp, them would use fire leap to jump and push forward, fire-leaping again right before she touched the ground, making the trip faster. She might not have these wings Nereel mentioned, but that didn’t mean she’d have to walk…


Nereel’s dream directions had been spot on. She found it, hidden under what must have been over three hundred years of ice and snowfall.

It was a massive pleasure yacht. An airship of a size rarely seen in the Colonies.

Its front end was submerged in ice, and its rear tilted upward, making a dig down through the snow easier on that side.

Finally uncovering a door, Nuria saw it was locked by a complex lock that needed a three pronged key.

Looking inside it, Nuria wondered should she:

A) Pick the lock,


B) Simply melt the solder on the hinges so the entire door could be removed.


Nuria inspected the door for a moment, and settled on a plan. She focused the Fire Leyas on the doors hinges and melted the solder until the door fell off.

She lit a small flame in her hand for light and slowly stepped inside.


Stepping inside she saw an elaborate desk, and many chairs. It seemed the captain of this vessel often greeted people here. She saw small cubby holes, still with various boots and shoes of styles that were not from anywhere on Refuge she had ever been.

Walking over to the desk she saw what she had mistaken for a lamp was actually a globe with a tiny Fire Spirit inside it. The elemental danced to keep warm, as he waited and watched.

“Hello Pyromancer, Greetings and Salutations. I am Obis Firul, grandson of the Great Queen of Fire Elementals. I beseech you, free me, and I will light your way, and keep you warm for your travels.”


There was a far stairway leading lower into the ship as well.


Looking around the rest of the room, Nuria noticed a variety of wall scrolls detailing beautiful cities that definitely did not exist on Refuge. Each one had a Blue Sun in a Yellow Sky, but beyond that the cities were very very different from each other.

One had tall towers and a smoothness of stonework that seemed a melding of the styles of K’iorn and K’iou. The second city was on a coast and partly covered by a forest but the sections that were revealed by the artist of the scrolls were beautiful and organic despite the extensive stonework. The third city was a beautiful port, half submerged in the sea.


Nuria had a choice in front of her.

A) Free Obis Firul the Elemental Fire Spirit

B) Ignore Obis, and begin searching the captain’s desk

C) Ignore the entire room, open the door down to below deck and head there.


Nuria debated the fire spirit for a moment, and began searching through the desk.

“Whay happened? Why were you trapped?” Nuria asked the spirit.


Nuria noticed in the top drawer of the desk what appeared to be the captain’s holdout weapons. One was small magi cannon, barely larger than a holdout springshot. Looking closer, Nuria realized it was both. The crystalline top was a three setting magi cannon, with stun, cook, and chill studs. Each crystal stud was carved with the high falos symbols for each. The lower barrel was a single shot springshot, designed to fire darts. Checking the lower barrel it was unfortunately currently unloaded.

The handle of the holdout pistol was marked with the symbol of a Predatory Bird in a gunmetal grey. Other than the magi cannon itself, the holdout pistol was free from any artificing.

As she looked at the pistol, the fire spirit replied, "I was once the advisor to the Falosini Sovereigns, and even met their most beloved Lord. The Falosini then assigned me to their K’iorn to teach them how to fight Quall, how to spot their infiltrators and how to survive on the plane of Fire, my own home of Kyr’pos. I was honored by their greatest Zaodonais, the brave Larath and noble Hecath, and employed as their advisor for many turns of the dimensions. When the great heroes decided to join the force Lord Falos had assembled to seal away the Warmonger in the Prison Dimension of Les’Tas’Tral, I volunteered to help.
I was assigned to this vessel.

Back then the personal flagship of Zaodonai Hecath. And the great honors I earned in that service allowed me a fine retirement of acting as Guide and advisor on this vessel.

Then only Falos knows how many cycles ago, this wide eyed Engineer comes in and steals the vessel. He took us through a portal carved by Doomwyrm breath out from Les’Tas’Tral into what I think was space? There were stars everywhere, and I felt my vital essense start to die as the cold came through the walls. Then there was a battle, and cold, and more dark, and then crashing here. Then snow…lots and lots of snow…

I cannot open an energy bridge, the time in the long cold has weakened my spirit power. So I would be forced to wander this frozen place by myself if I were to leave here, and the extreme cold temperature outside in my weakened state would be enough to grant me final death.

So I hid myself in this globe, and kept the air inside warm enough to survive, and waited.

It is a great blessing that you found me."

In the desk drawer, in a sheath next to the pistol was a rod of steel, as long as Nuria’s forearm, and marked with the high falos symbols for banishment and pain. When she lifted up the rod, she noticed a worried shiver run through the fire elemental.

“That is a dangerous weapon,” said Obis, “Be careful of it. It has enough power to banish a Quall N’drone back to its home realm, and is kept on this ship for exactly such a dangerous situation. Please don’t point it at me, it makes me uncomfortable.”


In the desk, next to the holdout pistol and the rod of banishment, she found a book written in high falos, language of the Children of the Falosini. Its pages were leaves of Khaz’gha wood, and its binding the same wood. It had a lock on it, made using strong Earth Leyas, so much so that Nuria realized she should have an Earth mancer check it out.

[Nuria gains 1 Unique Holdout can be fired as a springshot does 5 Missile dmg & can be used to inflict poison. or as a magi cannon for 3d8 energy dmg, 3d8 pain dmg, or 3d8 chill dmg. She gains 1 Unique Rod ( Casts banish at 5 successes, or can be used in close combat to do 3d8 Pain dmg). ]


Nuria closed the desk drawers and stood up. Tucking her findings into her bag, she looked over at the door that led below deck. Then she turned back to the fire spirit.

“Is there anything I can do for you, to help you out?” she asked. “Like, if I heat the air enough, could you get the strength to get home?”


Obis Firul replied, “Yes if you could focus enough Leyas, I could draw upon its power.”

And so Nuria did.

Channeling as much Fire Leyas as she could, she began weaving it around the Fire Spirit. The Fire Spirit began to glow, growing larger and larger until it cracked the glass and finally filling the room with heat. Nuria smiled, it was the first time she felt really comfy warm since arriving at the Glacial Wastes.

Then Obis waved at her saying, “Many thanks from myself to you. You will always have a friend if you find yourself on the plane of Fire. And now off to Kyr’pos!”

There was a flicker of an energy bridge opening, and Obis disappeared, closing the energy bridge behind him. Nuria pulled out the map that Alpine had given her, and marked this site with the symbol for an energy bridge, adding a note that it went to the plane of Fire.

Rolling up and putting away the map, Nuria left the room and headed down into the hold of the vessel.


In the depths of the hold, she found a long corridor with four doors. Each was marked with a different set of symbols in High Falos. Using the Leyas to read it, Nuria could see they were:

  1. Cargo Hold

  2. Engine Room

  3. Crew Bunks

  4. Lord Nereel’s Quarters

The door to the Engine Room was open. Glancing in, Nuria could see an arcane looking boiler device with brass pipes leading to two distinct glass chambers. One chamber was currently empty. The other had a creature that resembled a living drop of water floating in it.

Nuria knew it was not going to be an easy exploration for her. Sighing she asked, “So what is your story?”

The water spirit seemed confused and rotated around, “I am Elan Dulac, commissioned by the great GreyFalcon army as an elemental first class, providing water throughout the ship. What are you doing here? Are you a trespasser?”

Nuria realized she better calm this water spirit down or she was going to have a fight on her hands.

Before she spoke she noticed the boiler had a door in it, and the door was ajar. Inside was a shattered crystal with burnt edges. To Nuria’s Leyas sight, it had obviously once been a flight crystal, designed to power this whole ship.

It looked like it had been destroyed beyond repair. She would need to figure out a different way to achieve liftoff…

But first, it seemed Officer Elan Dulac was a rightously angry water spirit.