The Barris Islands: Meeting at Omega Island


Field Marshall Strykker, General Map’el, and Commander Oolong were waiting in the calm sandy harbor for the arrival of the Sea Kings and I’tashi representatives. Even this first part was showing much about Sea Kings culture.

Representing the Sea Kings were One Eye Willie Kal I’tash representing Port Amlon which was the new name for the Beachhead at I’tash.

There was Unixah Kal Hobtla Mag’ol representing the Beachhead at Hobtla Mag’ol.

There was Sied Kal Makuf representing the Beachhead at Makuf.

There was Pirate King Amm’t T’Shesh representing the T’Sheshites and Free Pirate Sea Kings.

And there was Camlar Lemna Amlon representing the Orthodox Prros of the Far Continent.

Representing the I’tashi Alliance so far were only Sarrick St.Johns, Peacelord, and the intriguing Lady Xantinus of Wintermute.

Supposedly the representatives of Fort Lendill and Grand Magi Elijah Morte should also be coming.

Field Marshall Strykker looked over at Commander Oolong, and Oolong smiled, “Heh test run in case you become a Colony General? We have our hands full here.”

[This thread is ONLY open to Field Marshall Strykker, Gov of Fort Lendill, Agent Brooke, Herald of Wintermute, One Eye Willie, and the I’tashi Alliance (and Elijah Morte).]


Lady Xantinus leaned in to Sarrick St.Johns and whispered (well then…what now?)


Jeremiah glanced at Oolong as they walked toward the emissaries and said in a low voice. “At least nobody bought a war giant.” As they neared the group he spoke louder.

"Welcome all. Thank you for coming. As it seems most of is are here we can get started. I am Jeremiah Strykker former Field Marshal of the EEF. This is Field Marshal Map’le and Commander Oolong. We will be representing EEF and Colonial interests at this meeting. If you’d all please come this way we have transport to the meeting place. After s short carriage ride the delegates are bought to a large pavilion set in a clearing just off the beach.
“Please everyone be seated we have refreshment if you wish. I think our first order of business should be the current situation at Fort Dissent. That is after all what bought us all here. So can that situation be resolved without further bloodshed?” Jeremiah in particular looked at One Eye Willie Kal Itash and the I’tashi representatives.


Sarrick St.Johns, PeaceLord of Fort Dissent, nodded respectfully and said, "The invasion by the Sea Kings is a common enough challenge. They want and need slaves, much like the I’tashis did before the Border Wars.

But as our friends like Lady Xantinus has proven, the Sea Kings don’t need slaves anymore. They could have the same manpower if they simply used undead instead of Slaves!"


Sied Kal Makuf, Sea King Illuminated Pharoah of Makuf, nodded in disagreement, "No, no, no. The Caste System instated by the Illuminated is NOT slavery. It is each species giving its best, and doing its best.

The Cambions are strong so they do the labor. The Bestials are cunning so they control the Cambions. And the Illuminated follow the path towards Ascencion.

The reason you suffer I’tashis is that you do not see the truth that our Caste System is the best thing for your people as well. If the Illuminated were allowed to decide the fate of the Northern Kingdoms a true peace would finally arrive."


Cambion King Amm’t T’Shesh seemed offended by that notion, "Sied you and the rest of the Illuminated don’t even understand your place. The Prros were set up by Vul to control the armies of half-K’ias weapons he created. He viewed you illuminated, the Cambions and the Bestials just as tools.

He missed the divine rise of the Cambions for what it was. When the Da’uhnb and the K’ias mated they created the true heirs of the K’ias Empire. Strong, protected and immune to so many of the threats that come from the evils.

With the Annihilation of the Warmonger, we Cambions are finally free to achieve our true destiny.

The Caste System does nothing except reinforce the old Vulite and Warmonger Cult ideas of status and power."


Camlar Lemna Amlon, great Prro from the far continent, was surprised that the I’tashis and EEFers both considered the Sea Kings a unified force. If they had been truly unified the Northern Kingdoms would have fallen to their advances.

But as Camlar knew, each Prro was fighting with the other Prro for resources, slaves and land.


Camlar said, "We are not here to discuss aeons of tradition and law. We are here to discuss the fate of the Northern Kingdoms once ruled by the Sylvan I’tash. His claim to the northern kingdoms was real, and based on the old Peace of Falos.

That is the primary reason why our Prros have not simply overrun the I’tashi continent (which was a surprise to the EEFers to hear the Sea Kings considered the whole continent of Vima as Lord I’tash’s old property.)

Sied and the Prro he represents were the few sent to this continent before your…border wars… They were tasked with conquering the lands called Makuf.

My own son-in-law, One Eye Willie was tasked with taking the I’tashi Coastline after the failures of Qory and the predecessors.

The Lord I’tash has been deposed. His continent is now overrun with Earthers, and Childen of the Falosini. He no longer rules it. Therefore his claim of ownership is over.

The slaves that rose up in the Northern Kingdoms do not have a right to the same privaleges. And the Earthers, no disrespect to anyone involved, are an invasive species that have been very detrimental to the balance of power on this planet."


Camlar sighed, “Maybe I would feel differently if I had not watched millions killed and hundreds of ancient Prros shattered by the orbital strikes made by the Earthers against our settlements.”


Commander Oolong jumped on that saying, "Those Damoclese strikes were not made by the EEF. They were done by a rogue element, an illegal cloner known by the codename Old Vlad.

He struck your settlements not the EEF and not the Colonies."


Camlar blinked a few times, "Your EEF put these weapons in orbit. Your EEF had plans to use them against our peoples. The fact that it was this Old Vlad and not an official plan makes little difference to the many cities your people have destroyed.

But the Prros do not shrink from war, and even now the Prros are arguing how to respond to this attack."


Laughing Willie started “Ok so the EEF doesn’t trust the Sea Kings, or the Itash’is. The Itash’is don’t trust the Sea Kings or the EEF. The Sea Kings don’t like the Itash’is or the EEF. And we all dislike the kasanthians right?”

Shaking his head " Now that I got the general politics down can we at least have a conversation without all the veiled insinuations?"


Camlar seemed joyful at that, “Yes, my son in law is correct. Trust is at a minimum, and will be the first thing we must build if we plan on finding any common ground here. And yes ever since the Kasanthians began their Federation they are all our enemies.”


Commander Oolong said, “One Eye Willie, allow me to being then by asking what is it you seek, so that we can begin the ending of hostilities,”


Rubbing his chin in thought Willie replied “At the moment all I seek is the chance to establish my harbor with molestation. I mean in less than a month I have established a safe harbor large enough for a decent Amount of trade. Thanks my father in law I have some access to wonderous goods from all three continents. I’d like is to have an established trading Post with enough space to have diplomatic embassies for all those involved.”

“I have been the pirating too long. I’d be a fool to think that the EEF didn’t have a Damocles strike aimed at my harbor already. And the Itashi are angry I’m there too. But I have created more of that space in less than a month than any else had yet.”


“And in response to Sarricks comment about undead. My crew are NOT slaves. And I value there input. Yes I have the last say as a captain should but I realized long ago not to limit myself to my own point of view. And I have nothing against undead but I prefer my workers to be able to form a coherent thought on there own. I believe you peace Lord’s use slavery as the basis of your own caste system do you not?”


Sarrick St.Johns said, "The old peacelords did, aye. And the Peacelords who still serve under Boriel I’tash, and Kasanth still do. But the I’tashi Alliance and its member nations of Borvis, Greater I’tash, Fort Lendill, Ata’ru Asylum, Korpu, and Wintermute do not keep or allow slavery. Its only been two years since we outlawed it, but we have been firm and fierce about protecting the newely freed slaves, and making sure old minds don’t fall back towards slavery as a solution to economic woes or labor challenges.

There have been growing pains, but the I’tashi Alliance would have to demand that slavery be outlawed in this port you propose. Slaves could not be brought in and most especially we could not allow a slave market to be present."

Sarrick looked over at Commander Oolong and the other leaders to see if they agreed.

Commander Oolong said, “That would aleviate alot of my personal concerns. What say the rest of you?”


Jeremiah nodded as did Field Marshal Map’le. “Yes Commander Oolong is correct. In order for any Colonial trade to pass through such a port we would have to insist that no slaves or slave trading be involved.” She said.


Nodding while seeming lost in thought. Suddenly Willie realized everyone else had stopped speaking and was looking at him waiting for a reply.

“Ahem, I have no misgivings with not having a slave trade in my harbor. I’d prefer if there was no slaving on in my territory. To the best of my abilities I would uphold that.”
A few moment more of thought before adding. “But I will not and cannot tell any visiting captain that their slave are not slave when in Port. Would that be acceptable?”


Commander Oolong said, “Yes that seems fair. What say you I’tashi Alliance representatives?”