The Artificed Keep of Mar'un'ga, now known as Yohai's Keep


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When the Queen was finally captured, Yohai made his way back to his castle with Grim at his side.

Was the Queen bound?

He approached the Queen. “I’m Yohai Ha’ku, Akalus Legionnaire. Under normal circumstances, I would destroy you and your entire hive. But we have a common goal and common enemies. So if you agree to call off your armies, I will help you, but in a way that won’t feel Warmonger so greatly. Otherwise…”

Yohai’s Kias servants come out, gathering around Yohai, “it would be such a waste to find out.”

“What do think, Queen of the Kefeda?”

Kedorox laughed outright in the Uthvelor’s face, a roaring laugh, and said, “You think you are the first to threaten me with K’ias.
The former owner of this keep and I had a very similar conversation a long, long time ago. And no offense is intended Akalus Yohai, but I am not frightened.
Luckily for you, I had been seeking a diplomatic solution all along.
I just seek Mortis Leonin. He must be taken, and he must be stopped as only my kind can stop a descended soul.”


The Kefeda Queen’s voice went low saying, “My power over the Hivemind would allow me to know the location of every insurgent Quall group on Refuge. I could pay you that if you would use this beautiful army to take Leonin from Dunesphere?” The Queen bargained.


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Yohai was pondering. He hated this part. He had no gift for diplomacy. He was a soldier. A sword to be wielded by his Zaodonai and by Lord Azrael himself. Yet he finds himself, in front of a Quall Queen mad with vengeance. It was something he had to stop. And he didn’t have a plan. However, as always, Lots Azrael has put him here, and all will go according to plan…

“Queen, you mistake who I am. I am an Uthvelor, not a vampyr. I have no use for fear. Or any other emotion.”. He kept his tongue his thought about only lesser races needing emotions.

“It was a threat. One that I hoped would lead to reason and yes, diplomacy. However, your methods for seeking diplomacy are…unfamilair to me and anyone else in living memory. In fact, your actions break several pacts, including the Peace of Falos, where the Qual had promised not to hunt on this planet.”

Yohai barely remembered that day. The one where he stood trial on behalf of the Kias…and made them legal once again. There was something about the Qual in that deal, but truthfully he didn’t remember it all. And right now, he didn’t have the time to search his or anyone else’s memory about it.

“You are hunted, and the Earther authorities will be taking steps against you. I do not think gathering another army will grant you success. In fact, it will lead to failure. Which is why I brought you here. Queen of the Kefeda, we need a better plan. The Earther Leonin must be stopped, but it cannot be the way you imagine it. Plus, I doubt he remains in Dunesphere.”


Kedorox the Quall Queen was taken aback by this Uthvelor. This was not the Quall hating raiders she was used to.

Kedorox also seemed confused scratching at the implant in her head.

"I…I…do not know of any Treaty between Quall and Falosini. Our rivalry is great and has been so since our species first met on the distant shores.

Were you a K’iorn I would assume this an elaborate plot. But the Uthvelor hate the Falosini almost as much as my kind do. For equally justified reasons. But it has been a long long time since I could feel the other Queens and their Hive minds…so long…"

She stopped and looked around at the K’ias ghosts who waited in the shadows like a hungry deadly army. She smiled a bit and said, "Now you have an army which the Earthers could not stand against here…I wonder how you wrestled it’s control from the K’ias Emperor?

what is your better plan Yohai of the Uthvelor?"


Yohai looked blankly at the Queen. There was much he could have said. Especially about the connection between Zaodonai Uth Celyse and her connection to the EEF. These were important secrets. Plus, he didn’t trust this Quall fully

“I became master of this keep through honor. Control wasn’t wrested, it was earned.” Yohai mused for a second, “this army could wreak great havoc across the lands, but there is no victory in taking to battle against the Earthers. Even if my foes lay defeated, the only victor would be the Warmonger.”

A plan, Yohai needed a plan. One that would keep the Quall Queen alive, useful, and be able to track the Earther known as Leonin. Unfortunately, he didn’t have one. For a moment, he thought of just killing the Queen, for it would make life easier. However, he heard Killian’s voice in the back of his head droning on and on about the virtues of honor and living by your word. He’d hate to have to live an eternity getting lectured by a Morgothian.

He turned to his tiny companion, the Bastard known as Grim. “Grim, what are your thoughts on capturing this Earther?”


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Grim, Lord Roan, Sira, and Killian may access the Keep. “chasing” after kefeda.


[DR2220 Mission 9+]

The Flying Keep of Mar’un’ga, currently the flagship of the Akalus Ha’ku, and personal abode of Yohai was aloft, above the Akalus Fortress in the Nightmare Moors. The center of the culture for those Uthvelor and Pelebor still loyal to Azrael, it was a place of training, and a place of pilgrimage by the most devout. Those most faithful who visited the Akalus Fortress were astounded to see the Flying Keep above it.

Yohai was here for a very special conclave of the Ha’ku. Azrael summoned the finest Ha’ku and alerted them to a mission that might cost them their very lives.

“My bravest, I have a mission for you. Yohai will lead this mission, and you my Ha’ku, hand chosen will make sure it is a success,” said Azrael.

"The first part of this mission will be securing the Ruins of Morgoth. The fortress there has been overtaken by the Unity, and the Technomancers have built a citadel with automated defenses there. The land itself is irradiated and will cause many to sicken and die. Of course the Unity machines known as Praetorians are protected from this.

The Ruins of Morgoth must be retaken before the battle between Elijah Morte and Boriel I’tash commences. Because no matter which of the two wins this clash of nations, neither can be trusted with the keys to the DeathGate.

The DeathGate hidden at the Ruins of Morgoth is one of the few ways into a Prison Dimension. Those serving and advising Elijah Morte and Boriel I’tash both believe that the DeathGate will open up new sources of crops, trade, and new lands to conquer. Both sides are wrong. And neither can be trusted with the Ruins.

Worse yet the last remains of the army of the Neliff the Orthodox moves north with a weapon called Neliff the Timeless, they seek to capture both Elijah Morte and Boriel I’tash under their mind control. This cannot be allowed to occur.

Take the Ruins, and the Akalus Ha’ku will hold them. Yohai, your keep will hold the air above the Ruins of Morgoth."

Yohai was surprised that such an order came in. He knew Azrael had been holding back the Uthvelor and Pelebor while Holys was active. Now that Holys was gone, it seemed Azrael was declaring open season on the Neliff as well.