The Alchemical Dimensional Drill, AKA Onderals ADD


The Alchemist Onderal had built a dimensional drill for the Old Vlad Compatriots, a device used by the Old Vlad to recover something very important from a sealed away dimension Codename: SteamGate.

But now that Old Vlad was dead, and the Alchemist Onderal on to new projects, Captain Oliver knew it was time to sell it.

Sending by way of a cloaked Stealth AAV to Neo Vargas he put it up for sale on the markets there. The Sign read as such

“If you want to bore holes to distant dimensions, then the ADD is your drill. But the cost is high, and I know why,
because the drill could cure all your ills.”

and there was a tiny fine print on the sign saying, “This can lead to dimensions where ancient monsters will eat you. Use at your own risk.”

The Price caused most to walk right by it. 10 Million Ghaz.

Yes it was unique and one of a kind, and its sale could provide Captain Oliver enough funds to expand his campaign to all the colonies and the lost colonies.