The Aerie of the IceWyrms (the IceWyrm Side)


The Mighty and Magestic Aerie of the IceWyrms. Under the leadership of the Kaiwaffen IceWyrm and his allies, this settlement controls a full half of the Aerie. Their control extends across the Ice Fields, and out into the nearby forests. Kaiwaffen himself is the main diplomat of this settlement.

With thousands of K’iorn, K’iou, Vorin servants, the IceWyrms live a life of ease working alongside the smaller beings to carve out a real life in this frozen terrain. The IceWyrms gathered food for their servants, and protected them from the dangers of the region. While their official title is Servant, they are more equals within a Co-operative and cannot rightly be classified as slaves of the IceWyrms (though their enemies often characterize them as slavers).
There is also a group of former Hobtla Mag’Ol Olgogs who were liberated by the Icewyrms, and now act as scouts and spies for the Aerie.
This group of Olgogs is lead by Snool Ontla.

[There is a different section for the Aerie sections controlled by the DoomWyrm Riders. Right now only Grim and Lurtor have access to this zone. Nuria and Eli will have to go and get either Lurtor or Grim to accompany them into this thread. ]


General Kaiwaffen was angry at the Quall Armies that threatened his Aerie. The Icewyrm was massive, and much larger than most, but still not equal to an entire quall horde.

"Welcome Grim and Lurtor, I know ye well. And these two Nuria and Eli McGraw, they are your allies? Then they are our own for now. Let them prove themselves as allies, and the IceWyrms will honor them.

Out there are thousands of Quall…all a threat to you and to my own people…"

[This thread is now open to Nuria and Eli McGraw as well as lurtor and Grim]


“Thousands of Quall?” Nuria pondered out loud. She looked over at Eli, Grim, and Lurtor. “We’re gonna need one hell of a plan.”


Eli had a simple idea. “Simplest plans are the best. Take the head of Deminoj and shoot it until it’s dead. Then we cut the sucker off and post it on your wall. Lastly we take a picture and mail it to the everyone you know,” Eli said simply.

“It’s better than this ransom plan involving a frozen gog that I had cooking up. We could go with that to get a huge giant robot to murder each and everyone of them. Though the air quote Misses end air quote thought it would have too many variables working against it and we don’t have the time either.”

“Lets just kill this varmint because there no good reason why they should have the Infected Falosini Sovereign Youth. Unless there is some creative way to remove it from the victim.”


General Kaiwaffen sniffed the air and said, "My Dragons can attack his formation’s flanks and draw their fire. This would leave him open to attack directly from above.

But you would have only a small window in the moment of the initial distraction. The Quall are a hivemind and the moment one notices your attack or feels the attack they will all know you are there."

Eli wondered back to his skydiving plan for McGraw harbor. He still had the parachutes packed and ready. That would get him in.
But he knew he couldnt take on a HiveLord on his own and once they were seen they would have Qual warriors to take on.


Lurtor says "We have few options it seems. I see the options as Take out the Hive king to disrupt the attack, or Kill the Infested Host they are after and hope they decide to give up on the attack if their is no benefit, or move the host away from here to make the attack go away. each have their issues.

I do like the attacking the hive king from above. But it would have to be a hit and run as noted after the first hit, you’ll be noticed by a 1000 sets of eyes due to the hive mind. Unless there is a way to hide where the attack came from. I could open a small shadow portal to strike the Hive king, so the attacks seem to come from all directions. This could be done from some sort of cover. Though Shadow portals are 2 way. But an option. And taking out the Quall leader might be the only option.

If we don’t go with the direct attack, killing the host has its own issues. I believe the Falosni Generally do kill any infested. But that was before the peace of Falos was joined by the Quall. I don’t know the political ramifications of that. But that does not mean the attack on us would stop. As maybe instead of a rescue mission, it would turn into a revenge attack. And then what is stopping the Quall from melting the entire place.

Lastly is to take the infested and move. The issue is all of the equipment that keeps the infested asleep. And that once you leave, the Quall will follow and follow quickly. Unless we can get some Doom worm blood or equivalent to knock out the Larva’s telepathic link to the hive. That is how the Skyknights hid this for so long, or at least thats how we think they did it. But you would want that link to be there for the first move so the attack follows. Disable the link, and then move on.

So, thats the options I see.


In the back of his mind he could her voice say “Jump Eli. Jump Eli. Jump Eli.”

Eli says to no one particular, “Honestly Buffy you really need to dial back on backing up the other voice in my head about skydiving.”

As voice from his coat spoke “You know, I bet they won’t spot you from above until it’s too late. You could bring your friends…”


“…along. Nuria could fire jump down. You could carry Grim down with you and…”

“Mr. Walking Bomb. Yolo.”

“…Lurtor could figure something, something. This is a great idea! You should do this Eli.”

“Stop encouraging the voices in my head J.J. you nut!” Eli snapped back.

Turning to Lurtor “Anyhow… Death is transitory.”

“Before we continue, are we ALL in agreement we should murder Deminoj until he’s dead?”


“While that might be the best option logistically, killing Deminoj might be easier said then done,” Nuria offered. "A Quall Hivelord can’t be a pushover.

“Also, I don’t know how helpful I’ll be against Quall. I’m proficient with Fire Leyas. I’m starting to dabble with the Air, but I don’t know much yet.”


Lurtor says to Nuria "Can you fire Magi Cannons rifle or pistol? say through a shadow? I could open up Small portals that aim at the hivelords back, drawing his attention down instead of up. Openning him up even more from the attack from above. If we both fire, or you fire and I move portal target locations, we could keep him busy while doing some damage.

I have done this trick to a quall before. Though then I grew a few extra arms to keep him busy, but managed to keep out of his sight so I didn’t get incinerated. "


Nuria blinked. “I don’t know,” she answered. “I’ve never used a weapon like that before. I tend to just use my natural abilities.”


“We better get you up to speed,” Eli stated.

The man in the ten gallon hat went to his duffel bag and pull out a paper target along with a few guns plus a nail gun. He with to random wall and nailed the target to it.

“Nuria take this 9mm pistol and shoot at the target. Easy sounding? Not quite.”


Eli McGraw Pistol Tutorial, would you like to take this? No. Tough cookies because you’re takin’ it darling

Step 1: Hold the gun firmly with both hands. Eli shows Nuria how he holds a gun properly and corrects her mistakes. “Good.”

Step 2: Align the sights on the target. Eli places a hand on her shoulder. “Eyes forward and breath easy. No misfire and never mind no leyas.”

Step 3: Put the middle finger of your strong hand or index finger of the weak hand on the trigger. “This is going to take some “fingering” out what is best for you.”

Step 4. Begin pressing the trigger toward you smoothly without movin’ anything else. “Keep breathing easy.”

Step 5. Don’t jerk your hands or body and pull completely on the trigger. “Let the gun do the talkin’ and remember to aim and squeeze the trigger slowly.”

“Keep on firing until it runs dry after 15 shots and hand me the gun. I’ll hand you another 9mm pistol and reload the one you give me. I’m good loading with one hand only.”


“Lurtor! After we’re done, give her a Magi pistol and let her get use to the feel. Magi pistol is different but by not too much. Show her how it works.”


Lurtor takes out 2 magi pistols from his a pouch way to small to hold them. He hands one to Nuri and while using the one he is holding as an example Lurtor goes through the grip and how to stand and says "This is effectively an artifact. There is no backlash. This pistol is a soldier model. It has 2 settings, pure engery or a cold based attack. I picked this model because your target is Quall and the friendlies are Ice Dragons. Even if you miss, you shouldn’t cause any friendly fire issues.

For this is even simplier. I’ll open a shadow portal to something like this."

Lurtor will then go to a Ice wall and shape out a quick area that causes a shadow. With his shadow leyas, he links that to another shadow facing a target.

Lurtor then continues, you poke the barrel just barely through as so, and pull the trigger quickly a few times and pull back. I’ll then att that time move the spot where the shots come out of and we can do it again.

Also if you have any leyas abilities that you can do that would affact the quall, you could do that through this. The issue will be is I have to keep this moving because the quall could send fire leyas through. So having protective Aura or something to protect you from fire would be good too. For this reason, We’ll also make sure we are not in an area where if the quall get through, that it would impact the defenses of the Arie.

We can also have you reach through and pull someone through the shadow portal if needed.

I’ll be busy moving portals and trying to keep them from attacking, so i might not do much in the way of shooting. "

Then to General Kaiwaffen “I can sing an ice storm around the quall to help make it miserable for them. As long as I’m maintaining it, I should be able to do both.”

Then to all “Let me know if you can find ways I can help better or change this plan to be more effective.”


Eli waves as he heads out. “Well, I’m going to use zela bullets to hobble the bastard like a horse with a broken leg. Make sure you take that in account. I got to catch a ride!”


Nuria was inspecting the Magi pistol Lurtor had given her when her face lit up as he spoke. “Why don’t we do that?” She asked loudly.

When the others showed her confused looks, she realized she had been extremely vauge. “If you can make a Shadow portal that we can pull things through, why can’t we open a portal, grab the Hivelord, pull him through to us, and close the portal real fast. Then, just destroy him while we have him isolated.”

She blinked. “Is… is that a thing we could do?”


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Lurtor thinks for a moment, and says "Its possible but you would need to be able to grab the hive Lord. Or someone grab him. And then somehow block those from following while the gate is open.

It could work. If we let him get hit with the Zela bullet first, it would be easier. As he would loose access to his own leyas. I’ve pull immutables through a portal before. So that would work.

Lets let Eli shot him. I’ll cause distractions for him to help. And then if he’s hit with the zela, we’ll pull him through. And deal with him. If we can’t, we’ll go with the shoot them plan. Shot alot and keep out of their range.

IF I do get him through, everyone will need to strike fast."


(Week 10+)

The Aerie of the IceWyrms was thriving. Trade with Jemison Post had resulted in a resurgence in wine making. There was binber wine from the secret groves being pressed in the aerie and then shipped out.

The Aerie had grown in both population and pride as now the Children of the Falosini living there finally felt safe to form families and have children en mass. A whole new generation was borne in those weeks and months.