The Aerie of the Doomwyrms (Week 8+)


Dahelein looked with pride upon the mighty frozen Aerie they had built alongside the IceWyrms. It was a fortress even more effective than the Aerie of the Icewyrm, and Dahelein felt pride.

He had a fleet of Airships scouting for him. He had Boriel’s PeaceBringers, WarGiants and WarDevourers outfitted for arctic survival and ready to take on any attacking army.

Dahelein had a fully stocked, fully armed and armored army ready. They might have been declared nngao by S’vana but they wouldn’t quietly fade away or be disbanded. The young Baribur who served under Dahelein wouldn’t allow it.

They were the new force driving the militarization, a young brash group of knights who considered themselves The DoomWyrm Riders. They needed no Falosini to recognize them, no overarcing rules of who to love and who to shun. But they also had no guidance beyond a desire to destroy those who threatened them.

And the DoomWyrm Dragons joined the preparations with zeal, knowing they could never look upon their Mother-Dragon with pride if their Aerie was destroyed and their surrogate family was disbanded.

Some were old enough to remember the battle where the Falosini Sovereign Xoto was infected and could care less, it was an alien’s life not their own from their perspective.


In his war room, he stood. He wondered if it was worth asking Lurtor or Grim’s aid against the K’iorn Army that would soon besiege them. It seemed a conflict of interest.

Then again, maybe he should contact Boriel instead. After all he had no interest in granting final death to these loyal K’iorn soldiers, nor did he have the food to feed so many if he took them prisoner. But Boriel’s PeaceLords were always looking for criminals and other unwanteds to turn into their slaves.

It was a hard choice but he needed allies at a time like this.


Lurtor took up the scale to talk to Dahelein once more. Maybe this could be solved with him. Lurtor says "Dahelein. I wish we both had time to talk under better conditions, but it seems events and time are not on our side.

I have heard of order and I fear for your people, my people, and those of the world since we have a pending Sea king invasion. We do not need this fight. None of us do.

I make a request, and I doubt you will like it. And I don’t even know if it will work. But its the only way I see right now where the warmonger does not win. We do not need to give the Warmonger more power and lesson our defenses, especially when his forces are nearing to invade. Grim has pushed them back once already at sea and recently we pushed back another army.

From my understanding and what was said, the Council no longer kills all who are deemed nngao. Most of your Aerie fall into this category. Except they want you as the one in charge and covered up events.

If you were to turn yourself over to them without a fight, I would push the War council into leaving those of your Aerie be, or help them relocate peacefully elsewhere. With greater threats around this gives us leverage. The Council wishes yours to vacate the existing settlement. That doesn’t mean another can’t be built. It didn’t take us long to build the one your in now. And this could avoid the deaths of many on both sides.

With this, understand I’m an Olgog and not one of the Children. And I mean no offense to you. But I don’t see many options. If you have another idea to avoid this conflict let me know."


Dahelein replied, “I have no intent of turning myself over to the S’vana Army. They did not support us during the ancient battles, and now they claim judgement. If it were just me I would accept their punishment, but the Doomwyrm Riders have spoken and THEY refuse to stand down and be disbanded as nngao. None of them have any hope of a new life on their own, and the S’vana Army will not simply let you build us a new place to live. We who would be labelled nngao MUST wander…”

“And it is no longer my decision. The Doomwyrm Riders now desire to find a way to forge their own destiny. This is not THEIR Aerie. The one the IceWyrms hold is THEIRS. This one is OURS. And we will hold it and annihilate any who try and take our HOME away fro US,” said Dahelein sadly, “I fear there must be battle if S’vana will not turn back.”


After the events of the attack by S’vana, the Aerie of the Doomwyrms was now firmly part of Boriel I’tash’s territory. Marakyn Doomrider was declared head PeaceLord of the Aerie, and his Doomwyrm Riders are now all granted the rank of PeaceLords. Any non-baribur still living in the Aerie have been collared as Peacebringer slave soldiers. As for Dahelein, he was languishing in a prison in S’vana, waiting for the official ceremony to pronounce him and his peoples nngao.

PeaceLord Marakyn Doomrider has demanded any S’vana loyalists in his territory be brought to him as hostages. He plans on holding the hostages until Dahelein is released unharmed.

Meanwhile the Doomwyrms are helping I’tashi slaver teams capture IceWyrms. The Doomwyrms know full-well that the IceWyrms are being lobomized into weapons of war by the I’tashis but they do not care, viewing the IceWyrms as lesser beings.


(Week 10+)


PeaceLord Marakyn sat on his throne in what had once been a council chamber for diplomatic meetings. Now it was a war room dedicated to his own cult of personality. His Doomwyrm Savon, and Dahelein’s prized Doomwyrm Sheen both rested on cushions set lower than him.

The crown on his head was heavy, but the young Baribur wore it with pride. On a rack next to him were twenty scales artificed as communicators. Each to a different settlement that PeaceLord Marakyn was forced to have relations with. In the center was the scale used by Dahelein to communicate with Jemison Post.

PeaceLord Marakyn looked at that scale with disdain. He couldn’t help but view Jemison Post as the people who tried to have him disgraced.

Meanwhile the armies were reinforcing and fortifying the Aerie. I’tashi Rocket Racks were set up, along with Magi Cannon emplacements. WarGiants patrolled the outside, and Doomwryms patrolled the air.