Temporal Enforcement Agency (Palace of the Da'uhnb Queen) TSGL3 Week 9+


Visij stood before the Queen.

She said, "You have all witnessed my justice against the Temporal Criminal Xec Cex. I will not brook any rebellion within the Da’uhnb. We must be united against our enemies. And anyone who bears loyalty to the rogue Grand Admiral Sessoren Thei’gann or his G.A.S.T. organization are no better than terrorist. The Death of Ar’yay Hivequeen was an avoidable tragedy. Her sacrifice for her people showed her to be beyond Warmonger’s reach.

Now because my temporal agents have been run in circles by Xec Cex, General Tharr, Mortis Leonin and Tor Gog,we have a full demonic incursion in multiple timelines. All focused around a land called Unen and a people known as the Olgogs.

Visij, you failed in the apprehension of the criminal Mortis Leonin. You allowed him to be used as a Pawn by the demon known as the Usurper. What say you?"

Visij had watched as the Da’uhnb criminal Xec Cex was killed and eaten by the Da’uhnb Queen. And it was quite horrific to see her justice in action.

“My Queen, I will take full responsibility. I did not realize the Temporal Criminal Tor Gog had secreted a double agent onto my team. That double agent diverted us down some confusing paths and allowed Tor Gog to get the drop on us time and time again. It was my fault for not realizing this sooner.”


Visij bowed and waited. All he heard was the Queen say, “Is that all?”

“No my Queen that is not all,” said Visij, “If I had not failed in my duties all those aeons ago, the K’ias Rurik would never have doppelganged me and been possessed by the Usurper instead. He would never have become the Rurik Scepter that troubles us even until today. And he would never have turned the mind of the K’ias Emperor. The Usurper would still be within my belly and delivered unto you.”

“Your failures are noted Visij,” she said, “But I cannot hold you responsible for the actions of others, only your own. And I cannot punish you for being unable to read the minds of those who should have been more honest with you. You are my best and brightest Visij, and I am no fool to punish you for your diligence and your loyal service.”


“So what shall we do about the Warmonger, Kalok and the Dragon of Fate?” asked the Queen, “All released by this dangerous situation. Yet this might all be a trick and trap of the Usurper…Imagine for a moment our forces all seven thousand arrived to consume the demons? Then the volcano erupts…then every Da’uhnb across time and space are killed all at once. The same occurs if I try and consume either Warmonger or Kalok directly.”