Temporal Enforcement Agency (Booking Station 74) (TS GL3 Pregame week 1)


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There was a flash of blue light and the allies found themselves in a distant future at a space station used by the TEA for booking temporal criminals. They were politely herded into a room, offered food and drink, and then asked a simple question by a big blue alien with a badge.

“Would they be willing to assist an investigation and capture of known temporal criminal Mortis Leonin?” and as the blue alien asked that question, they watched twenty holographic displays show Leonin’s continuing attempts to kill the heir of S’vana in various timelines.

The reptiloid alien introduced himself, "You may call me Visij. I have had to take over the planet Refuge in recent years and consider it a person accomplishment that we have not yet failed this timeline. I am a creature known as a Da’uhnb. My kind captures terrorists like Mortis Leonin preventing him from harming others. We only focus on time criminals.

I am sure you probably have some good questions so ask away?"


Hekeriki: “Not again.”, sighed Hekeriki. “At least I don’t have to deal with a super A.I. with cyber tiny horses trying invade this universe to optimize life with… never-mind.”

As Hekeriki changed out of her disguise into her normal outfit she thought: Thank my luck I ended up some place normal. “Hand me that rice ball crab salad plate. Thanks.”

“I’m Hekeriki. “ She a gave a little salute. ”What can I do for TEA for this time the first time all the time?"


Lalon looked puzzled for a moment and thought “… much of this was beyond him. But what a story to tell if he ever got back… there?.. when… as he continued to look at the different screens.”

Lalon says "I’m Lalon, of Auf Lal’al. I’m glad to help to prevent this… oner from changing things. I doubt he will change it better for us Olgogs. But I do have a question Visij, you said take over the planet Refuge. What do you mean by that? And how will we stop him?

He seems to keep disappearing as we or others prevent his plans. I and others had a pretty good shot on him before you picked us all up. Doesn’t seem to have slowed him as he keeps trying."


Visij smiled at Hekeriki offering her some green tea to wash down her food, "The TEA is always looking for agents of other species during investigations like this one. Agents who can be our eyes and ears in places we can’t go without raising attention.

And we need this group to set up an ambush for Leonin."


Visij said to Lalon, “Your only hope to stop him from escaping is finding someone who is a natural Time Lock. There are a few rare beings who can disrupt time travel around them.
The only one Leonin knows and trusts is his protege General Angelus Vulfrym a Kias officer in the EEF.”

Visij grew dour, “Unfortunately General Vulfrym does not trust the TEA and won’t work with us directly.”


Visij continued, "Leonin is seeking to prevent the Church of One from losing the Goblin Genocide so he is going to target the people who brought down the Dunesphere government. "


Hekeriki: “Goblin Genocide… Suck. Time Lock - how does that work and how do you become one? Also do we need to murder this butthole Angelus (…nom, nom I’m assuming he’s one because he must know what’s going on nom, munch, nom…) to have a chance to stop this Mort-hole-leo from causing another paradox break in reality? 'Cause I like not to wake up one day not there or worse. I got things to do.”


Black Lorne cleared his throat, and looked at Visij.

“Besides the obvious personal satisfaction earned from preserving these timelines, is there any sort of… compensation, to be earned additionally?”


Visij looked at Hekeriki quite confused, "How would killing Angelus Vulfrym help if you needed Vulfrym’s Time Lock ability to stop Mortis Leonin?

As for being a Time Lock, a person is generally born that way though the ability does not show itself until later in life.

A Temporal Criminal known as Maverick has been telling people he c an train others how to do it but he won’t work with us."


Visij said to Lorne, “Personal Satisfaction? Hmm I assume where ever you come from you have stuff there? Stuff you are fond of?
Imagine all that stuff not existing and your life suddenly being under church of one rule?”


Lalon says "Preventing the CHurch of One from taking over is a very good reason to help out.

Could you not find where this inquisitor goes after he fails and ambush him there? He would never see that coming.

If not, how do we pickup this time travel stopper. Would he help us if he is friends with this inquisitor?


Hekeriki: The olgog shrugs.

“You mention Angelus Vulfrym is a Kias and that they are friends. I assume murder because that usually what people want done to them. My bad.” ,she farts.

“Some more questions: What makes any person a air quote Temporal Criminal air unquote to you guys? Does it have to do with changing history in certain ways and creating or destroying alternate timelines or what? Do you need or want someone who can be a living Time Lock to work for you guys? Why is this Maverick guy on your shit list? Who is he and what does he want?”

Hekeriki grinned. “Because I getting some ideas forming in my head that could help both of us out in the long run.”


"Anyone who knowingly and actively Time Travels with the goal of changing the past is a Temporal Criminal. Maverick is know to remove people from the timeline before the moment of their death in the past. This is a prime example of a temporal crime.

We don’t have a method of tracking Leonin so we can’t just ambush him.

Having a time lock on the force would have its benefits.

As for Vulfrym you would have to track him down in your present in the kingdom of Tarris or on one of his trips through space. We do have the transponder for his ship if you want to track his local."


Lalon looks confused and says "How does taking someone just before they die change the timeline? They are gone either way. I guess if said person than messed with events after that, it could change things… but isn’t that then their future as well… this time stuff is confusing stuff.

As for tracking down Vulfrym, that sounds like the next step in the plan. I’m no good at this space thing, but I will assist where I can."


Black Lorne scratched his goatee thoughtfully.

“If it makes any difference, I’d rather try to track this person down in the Kingdom of Tarris, I’d certainly be on safer footing to say the least. Not sure about you lot.”


Hekeriki: “Well Lalon, if you rescue someone before they die, you have a chance to create alternate timelines or paradoxes. Unless you do it in a way that does not challenge known history. Like throw in a clone or fake body before the real person dies. Pretty icky stuff. I’m not sure the alternate timelines are a problem to these guys.”, as Hekeriki points to Visij. “I think the problem has to do with paradoxes and that the fact Da’uhnb are time travelers or something like that.”

The olgog stares at the screens.

“You see all these attempts this shithead Leonin is at as we are watching right now? They are being observed. If you are a time traveler and someone who is also a time traveler changes an event you know goes one way to another way, that changed event can cause paradoxes. These paradoxes can hurt, kill or do stuff even worse to time travelers. Normal people just have reality change them. Us… because we traveled in time (thanks a lot) and we are observing these events… reality destroys us.”

Hekeriki shrugs as she pops another rice ball down her pie-hole.

“I think. Most my knowledge come from books on theory, fiction of all type, and a couple of dimension hops to elemental planes that went REALLY BAD.”

She rolls her eyes. “The short of it is that the Da’uhnb must be voyeurs and changing history they know hurts them up big time. And somehow Leonin found a cheat because he should be running into time clones of himself. Weird.”


Khalid said “I really have no patience for the greed of some, but we are facing a lunacy that defies imagining. Mortis Leonin is a rotten cancer and should be hung by his balls until blue in the face. Then summarily executed. It seems simple enough. We grab this Vulfrym and we use him to set a trap for Leonin.
Or we can try and find this Maverick, trick him into thinking we are not working for the TEA, and get him to provide us a Time Lock who can prepare the trap.
We should decide which direction we want to go…”

He looked at Resugent and added, “Why can’t we just go back and kill Leonin before he gets the Time Shredder?”


Visij pressed a holographic button on his desk and a hologram appeared of a device that looked a lot like the amulet they had been sent to recover. He flipped it around and said, "This is both how Leonin has been traveling and what prevents him from spawing off countless copies each time he travels. It is called a Time Shredder. It uses a forbidden form of Leyas Radiation called Annihilation. It rips apart reality and reknits it together. It is a traumatic injury to space time "


Hekeriki: “Cool your heels gang; We’ll get this Leonin guy. I was going to suggest the Maverick gambit as well… uhm… one moment.”

Hekeriki placed the food plate down and grab a glass of water to drink. Three seconds later she spited it all out towards the screen.

“Time Shredder… it’s a myth right? W. T. F? I mean annihilation leyas shouldn’t be able to do that! Right. Right? This is not logical. You talking about rewriting reality then deleting… oh crap! The theory is sound and there’s prof on the screens if we are to trust… uhm this. Oh crap, this is things lets people… things and stuff. Like a computer program.”

She sat her butt on the floor and turned to Khalid. “What if an ancient evil TM or a god monster from another universe or some random jerk mortal… shit no. What if there are more than one? No. No. Breath. Happy nightmare penguins. Happy nightmare penguins. Happy nightmare penguins. We stop him from getting the device in the past and we would had no reason to in the future to stop him now because he wouldn’t have alerted us to stop him in the past because you can’t change what has been observed by people and… We can’t go back before he got the Time Shredder to stop him because we would create a paradox without using a Time Shredder. Also, how did know about a Time Shredder? Never-mind.”

“This kinda like killing you own grandfather before he boned your grandma to pop out one of your parents so you don’t exist level of paradox we are dealing with if we try to stop Leonin before he picks up the Time Shredder. Unless we can cheat like him… oh, crap. I’m repeating myself.”


Visij paused as one of the holo-screens lit up. He sighed deeply, “Unfortunately we may have to put all of this on hold. A threat of extraordinary magnitude just popped up.
A criminal known as Jak’hal has just offered to take anyone to any timeline they wish…”

Then Visij paused.

"We may be able to kill 2 birds with one stone. I need to send some undercover agents to witness the transaction and get it on holovid. Once there you could negotiate to either have him take you to Maverick or to Vulfrym. Your choice.

While undercover agents of TEA Team 74, you will have room and board covered and as long as you instantly report any time crimes commited undercover so we can fix them, you will have an element off temporal immunity. At least as far as the laws go."