Temporal Assassination Submission 1: The Chinese Airfield 1942 (BeginningTSGL week 2)


The world was filled with disagreeable things. Not the least of which was the Iron Republic. But like many disagreeable things in this world the Iron Republic was merely disagreeable and not outright an abomination for one reason and one reason only.

Despite the dastardly dealings of the Iron Republic Board of Directors, the wage slavery, the constant unending spying, the currency manipulation, oppression and indoctrination, this government had succeeded in negotiating a peace with the Quall N’drone. In doing so they had prevented that foul dimension conquering species from taking our own dimension and wiping out humanity as we know it.

And the IR knew how important this one deal was to humanity’survival that they even produced elite clone soldiers and used their scientific knowledge of Time Travel to send back enforcers designed to keep their timeline constant. This unit was labelled in IR files under the code name: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
While it was the titular four horsemen, Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine who would target specific rogue Time travelers, it was crews of temporal assassins who served underneath them that did much of the leg work in the past.

This is the story of one of those teams.

The Year is 1942. The location is an airfield in China, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Japanese invaders. The crews that keep the airfield running are a proud and scrappy team of American and Chinese mechanics and ex-military. It’s a double lane hardpacked dirt airfield, with both airstrips camoflogued from above to look like temple ruins with a bar and rundown hotel nearby.

From ground level it was obvious that the bar was really the operations center, the hotel was doubling as a barracks, and the stones had been arrayed across the property to look like a temple only about five years ago. But for someone who didn’t know the region and was flying overhead it passed snuff.

There was a third building, but it was covered by trees with leafy branches woven together over it and camo netting. Hidden completely from aerial view below this canopy was the hangar. Inside its shadowy interior were parked a trio of P-40 Warhawks. One was bare bones, with its outer hull stripped away, lying bullet ridden in a corner. The other two were in excellent shape, one showing signs of recent repairs.

A fuel truck was parked out back behind the Bar, and a trio of small civilian trucks were parked behind the Hotel. At the front of the Hotel were seven fine looking bicycles of local design leaned against the wall.

There was one road large enough for a single truck to drive coming from the north. Like the runway it was hard packed dirt and obviously looked like it had just dried up from recent rainfall.

There were two bike trails that lead to the south. Except for the trails, the road, the runway and the buildings the rest of the area is covered by lush green trees. It is a hilly mountainous region, with the rural airfield set in the one flat valley between a hill and a mountain. The mountain side provided extreme protection to the airfield, the hill side only moderate visual cover.

In the forest to the north, in the shadows of the mountain, there was a barely visible flash of blue light. The Temporal Assassins found themselves surrounded by trees, on a dark moon-less night. In the distance they could see lights in the windows of the bar, and the sounds of dirty gasoline power generators.


[This submission is open to Scribe, Kul Gul Rapi, Unity, Daron, and anyone who is part of the Temporal Assassins of the Four Horsemen]


Scribe looked in the mirror fir the tenth time and sighed. He hated having to act the part of a child, a task he found most difficult due to his strength being more then even most of his strongest kin. Shaking such thoughts from his head Scribe watches the people around him, waiting for a signal from the others.


Scribe was surprised to see a powerful Leyas aura spread across the airfield. It seemed some powerful Light Mancer had hidden the spot from aerial view. The Leyas generator powering it all seemed to be hidden somewhere in the Bar. But they could not tell exactly where from this distance.
It was concerning to see it so unobscured…


After an hour with no signal or any form of contact Scribe walked to the bar. Using his child like looks to get the attention of the bartender.

“Excuse me, can you help me? The man who brought me here told me to come here and you could take me to this lady.” He said as he handed the person the picture he had been given.


The Bartender was a gruff looking chinese man in his late forties. He had a tattoo of a Lion eating earth on one wrist, and a large sawed off double barrell shotgun slung in a drop leg holster. When Scribe approached he looked at the young man suspiciously.
But he picked up a phone and called up to one of the rooms. A few moments later, a woman in a pilot’s uniform that looked vaguely period. The markings on the shoulder said she was a Pilot in the Great American Steam Empire, or whatever that is…
She sat down at the bar next to the bastard. He couldn’t help but notice the four american G.I.s with 1911 pistols and machetes who took up position at the front and rear doors to the bar.

She said, “Names Alice Jericho. Who the hell are you kid…and what do you want with me?”


Daron was outside the bar still. He had gotten distracted by the differences in his look. Looking like an earther… human was weird to him. He still was making sense of things when scribe went into the bar.

Daron said to Scribe over the communicator “I’m going to checkout the area around the bar. Broadcast your conversation over the communicator. That way if something happens, I can come quickly.”

Then Daron, using his shadow leyas, drew the shadows around him so it would be harder for others to see him. Using his Animal sight and senses, he moved around outside from hiding place to hiding place. Seeing what is around. Daron kept checking his leyas sight to make sure he didn’t trip any Leyas trap.

Once he made that cuircit he would make his way to the back of the bar. and listen at the back windows or doors. Using his enhanced hearing to see how many others were there.

As he did this, he relayed his status to the others."


Keeping the comms open Scribe said “I am Isaac Johnson, and the girly voiced man in the cowboy hat. said you could help after a bunch of green furred monsters attacked him in my families barn. They breathed this weird smoke that made me sleepy, then I heard the man say find the lady in the picture by going to the bar, then I woke up over there” he points to where he had been standing “And waited a reeealy long time, but no one showed up so I came here.” He continued on like this, talking about a family farm and how scarry the ‘monsters’ were.


Alice looked at Scribe then up at the bartender, “He telling the truth as he knows it?”

The bartender picked up a shotgun and placed it on the table. He motioned to the guys at the door. One phased through the door grabbing Daron and phased back bringing him inside, and tossed him in Scribe’s general direction.

The bartender said, “Alice I don’t think these guys are human. Their thoughts are all muddled. I knew the little one was lying but, not what specificially he was thinking.”


Alice said, “If you get enough time around them will you be able to?”

“Oh yeah, give me a few hours and ill get it sorted out,” replied the Bartender, “The One from outside, the big guy , he ain’t human either.”

“So by the girly voiced man, I believe you were speaking offensively about our boss, Mortis Leonin,” Alice said to Scribe and Daron, “Since both you’all a bunch of nonhumans, I’m not surprised you trying to infiltraite our little operation here. Mortis Leonin Told us to watch out for aliens playing at being human. Didn’t expect him to be right.”


“Maybe he knew bout us 'cause he forced us out of our time and left us dealing with a Leyas feedback that was going to turn Dunesphere into an undead city. Normally I would call it a day and go home but turns out your boss took the only way out.” Observing the area Scribe woundered if their Brethren team mate was listing in. “So lets try this again. I am willing to leave you and Leonin alone or you force my hand and I work with some people we both would rather not see. Heck I’ll even make it easier and tell you one true fact. I am a colony Official.” As Scribe says this he pulls out a pen and starts twirling it in his fingers.


Alice Jericho said, “Okay you want to be left alone…Sure. GTFO kid.”

She pointed to the door. Two of the G.I.s step aside, but they don’t lower their pistols, as if to say, you can leave but you move towards anyone and SHTF.

The bartender lifted his shotgun but did not fire, he said, “Aren’t they just going to report us to somebody?”

“The kid and the big guy might,” said Alice, “But then again, I’d assume its more than just the two of them, and I don’t feel like wandering into whatever trap they have set up out there. If they wanted me dead they would have just chucked a few grenades in here instead of trying to get into my good graces.”

“And we just let em leave?” asked the bartender.

“Simple as that,” said Alice, “I didn’t join this battle to shoot a kid in the head, even if it is an alien kid. But don’t think I won’t once you show a real threat.”
She turned towards one of the G.I.s, “Hey Joe, can you get a pair of the mechanics up and get my baby out on the runway.”

“Taking off and leaving us A.J.? Really?” said the G.I.

“You know it,” she replied, “I’m not sticking around with these guys. It’s only going to go downhill from here.”

“Where you going to go?” asked the Bartender.

“Somewhere they know how to make a real Mohito,” Alice replied grabbing her gear and walking out the front door. Three of the G.I.s. followed here.

Daron and Scribe were left alone with one G.I. and the Bartender. The Bartender said, “We don’t serve your kind here.”


Grabing Daron’s hand before he could start something violentand walked out the door. Once outside a quick rune on the wall to try and turn the whole building into a fire dart. From there Scribe Picks Daron up (6strength) and runs.


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Daron let Scribe lead him out. Daron used his advance senses to locate the ones that had left. He said “I guess now that we’ve been had, there is only one last thing to do.”

Once Daron located them he would let scribe know.


The bar door was the first to ignite, and it only took a moment for the rest of the bar to catch fire. The rune that Scribe had drawn would keep feeding the fire until the door was gone. By that point, Daron and Scribe could he the pitiful screams of the bartender and the soldier inside as they begged and pleaded and died in a most gruesome way.

Daron and Scribe set off after Alice and her three allies. They found them on the runway, prepping Alice’s airplane for take-off. Both barely dived to the side as the plane’s .50 cal machine guns slammed into the ground around them.

As they rolled back to their feet Alice Jericho was already airborne, but her plane was still in sight. The only question was what would the team do to stop her escape?

And as they thought about that, they had the three soldiers rolling out a heavy machinegun. Within moments they would be under fire from behind…


Scribe focused as mutch air Leyas into his hand as he could turning it into Lightning.

“Daron see if you can cover me.” Over the Comms he said “Could use some help down here.”

With all hope in his team Scribe threw the lightning at the plane.


Daron knew they didn’t have much time. It sounded like scribe would have the plane, so he turned towards the machinegun and solders.

Daron did wish he didn’t have to kill them like this. But now it was them or him and his long miltary training kicked in.
Using his Leyas enhanced legs, he leap towards them. As he was moving he started breathing acid cones at them and the gun. The Gun being the first target. If any of the humans were left, he would crush their skulls with a hammer fist.

(OOC Hammer fist are the favorite attacks of my daughters on each other, so I figure it should work well :-p )

At the end of the fight he told himself all of these solders were already dead. He was just part of the cause instead of the normal events. But the timeline will be preserved.


Like clockwork, Scribe and Daron moved into action.

Daron breathed acid across both soldiers and the gun. Leaping into the air, he battered the one survivor to the ground, turning him to paste under unyielding fists.

Meanwhile Scribe hurled lightning at the plane. It struck one of the engines and the vehicle turned inward, circling downward to the treeline while on fire.

There was the sound of crunching metal, the whoosh of fire, and the screams…oh the screams…

Daron and Scribe followed them deep into the wilderness leaving the airfield behind them. The bar was a blazing pyre.

Once they reached the crashed plane, they found Alice Jericho’s burnt corpse. She had pulled herself a few feet from the wreckage before she finally died due to massive trauma.


Daron thought they still needed information from this corpse. He knew that death was not final, so restoring her did not bother him. Though he questioned what he would do when they had to kill her again.

Daron tells scribe "Let us take her to a spot to interrogate her. Then I’ll bring her back and we can get our answers. "

With that, Daron will carefully take the corpse, if possible, to a location where they could question her. Then he’ll put some life force back into her body and then some healing leyas to heal the burns. As that happens, he would make sure to tier her up so she could not escape. Blind folding her so she could not see. This would reduce the chances of her targeting them with any abilities.

Daron would say “Now please, do not try to escape. He was asking questions that we need answers to. The fate of many is at risk and we need those answers. We need to know about Leonin or what ever he is calling himself. And we need to know of what has been happening at this base.”