T.E.A. Temporal Observation Outpost 3021


The station floated in orbit of the planet Refuge. It was cloaked using technology so advanced neither the EEF nor the Iron Republic could discover it. Yet it floated, watching the moons of Refuge as they orbited the planet, a sentinel watching over a very special planet.

More shadow than flesh, the Da’uhnb Queen sat on a throne made of gleaming quartz crystal. Only its brightness, allowed her vast form to be seen.

Kneeling in front of her was an eight foot tall blue-scaled Da’uhnb by the name of Omas Samo. Dressed in the finest uniform of an Admiral in the Temporal Empire, Omas Samo wore a gleaming gold helmet. Across the room standing at attention was the brave and proven temporal enforcement agent Visij.

As Omas Samo reported it was obvious Visij didn’t like what he was hearing.

“My Queen, I am proud to announce our success. Hurniker Guerre’s plans were overturned. It would not have been possible without the information provided by the G.A.S.T. rebels,” Admiral Omas Samo said with some pride, "In fact, Operation: To Kill a Warmonger, was a complete success. This is the first Ancient Evil we have ever successfully wiped out. Final Death. No sign of him in the future of this specific timeline.

We could immediately move to replicate this operation on other timelines with your permission of course, my Queen."


Visij interjected, “This operation had too many variables to replicate. Allowing both the Usurper and Hurniker Guerre to run free in another timeline could result in some truly horrific situation. We should be proud we succeeded in binding away the Ancient Evils on this timeline. My queen we should be celebrating our success not expanding our operations.”

The Queen listened without emotion and said, "I have seen this and there are many dangers to repeat this ritual. But since we know this Ritual will work, we can target specific timelines aiming to use specific Ancient Evils against the main Ancient Evils of that timeline. We do not need to unleash any ancient evil on any timeline to accomplish this.

We must be precise… and careful…"


“My Queen, please…using Annihilation throughout the timelines? Forcing back a barrier that was broken in every single timeline? What would the other consequences be?” asked Visij in genuine fear.

“The end of my ability to bear new Da’uhnb,” admitted the Queen, "I need to feed upon the Ancient Evils and their lesser evils to bear my Da’uhnb children, and we will starve if we lock off every timeline.

The other consequence will be a single Ancient Evil will claim each timeline once the walls are built again. Instead of the balance, there will be power struggles…catastrophic power struggles…

It will also open up another possibility.

A ritual that could bind away the Ascended Beings…a ritual equally destructive to this one, which would cause a spiritual cataclysm. If the Ascended Beings and the Ancient Evils were forced from this reality…from this timeline…the balance of the universe would cause the rise of grave powers to replace them…"


Visij and Omas Samo’s eyes went wide in unison. It had only been the heroics of the Ascended Beings that had led the mortals to free the Da’uhnb Queen at the height of the Border Wars of Refuge.

Such a small and insignificant planet in so many ways, but absolutely necessary to the rise of the Temporal Enforcement Agency in the future for reasons such as these.

“What will we do if the Warmonger Cult discovers the Ritual…?” asked Omas Samo.

"The Warmonger Cult fleet still remains in the dark depths of space, and its terrorist cells on countless planets. They have lost their demonic troops but they have undead, nightmares, and foul members of all speaking races.

Even on Refuge, they still have terrorist cells in the colonies and in the Northern Kingdoms. Unit 111 and the other undead soldiers of the Cult have been defeated but not destroyed, and regroup even now," said the Da’uhnb queen, “The question isn’t if they will uncover the Ritual. The balance demands it is a question of when…”

“But my Queen if that is so…wouldn’t it better not to turn such a key on other timelines? Not to start such a race to drive off both groups…?” begged Visij.


[DR2220+ Mission 6+]

Visij was sitting in the safety of the Temporal Observation Outpost. Then the temporal wave struck them. The timeline of the heroes of Refuge, the first experiment of the Forbidden Ritual had lead to a power grab by different beings that shattered the timeline.

The Da’uhnb increased power to the shields, and began scanning the data coming in from the rupture point. The Queens death had resulted in anything being possible. While every choice resulted in the creation of new timelines, this was the first time the Da’uhnb had witnessed someone try and change time fundamentally and it caused a snap back that broke the timeline. The fragments were already coalesced into three distinct parts.

The readings showed one was a timeline of supreme good, another of evil balanced with good, and a third so corrupt it was already breeding a time war with the other two (much as the Mirror crystal had made war on the true timeline).


Visij could see the timelines were now coalescing, but what was lost was something precious that the Da’uhnb was afraid the TEA could never replace.

It seemed granting an Ancient Evil final death had not fixed the balance, it had set into motion the end of that timeline utterly.