Starting the Game (A Step by Step Guide)


When starting the Online Goblin Lands game your first step is to choose your tribe type.

Step 1:
Choose Tribe Type

Turn to page 92-96 of the Goblin Lands sourcebook and you will see at least three different types of tribe options for each of the Tribal Regions. It will tell you your starting number of Olgogs in your tribe, what resources you have constant access to for trade and use, and telling you what resources your tribe will desperately need as the online game progresses.
It will also give you an idea of what juveniles you have to represent your tribe in special scout and hero missions and which Elders you can call upon.

Step 2: Decide on which Elder will be your tribe’s leader and which Elder will be your tribe’s diplomat.

Look at the table of contents, all juveniles and Elders listed on the tribe listings are there as playable character kits. That way you know what Leyas your tribe can call upon and if your tribe can artifice weapons and armor with special effects for your tribe-members. It also shows what skills your tribals have specialized in (certain tribes only have NPC kits like the Goblin Raiders and the Vampyrs of Buskt and may not have the wide range of skills of other groups).
Name your Elder character, and Name your Diplomat.

Step 3: Introduce your tribe in the introductions thread in your Tribal Region.

Describe your tribe, introduce your Tribe Leader, your tribe Diplomat. Describe the way they live, and how they would appear to other Olgog tribes.
For Karov Tribes

For Unen Tribes
For Brez Tribes
For Tla’loc’al

For All Others (& Ferals)

Step 4: Create threads in your Tribal Region and begin interacting with other tribes in-character.

Create threads, start talking with other tribes in-character about places mentioned in the Goblin lands sourcebook that you want to visit. The Narrator and certain specially selected players will add sections to help move the storylines along until they reach combat.
No combat is done on any thread except in the Missions Thread

Make some allies! You are going to need them.

Step 5: Post On Mission Threads to Earn in-game Rewards for your tribes and access to special roleplaying zones.

Check for Weekly Missions on the Missions Thread. All Missions have great in-game rewards and help link your tribe into the larger storylines moving through the Goblin Lands game.
As players create factions, faction specific missions will be created by the DR team.

Each mission has unique rules so make sure to read the intro and the rules of a mission before you post to it. Some missions are open to all, some have special limits if your tribe is from another Tribal region.

Once a mission is done, the mission report is posted and the rewards are listed.

Step 6: Expand on the Lore of your Tribe by building Alliances.

You can create new factions and coalitions based on your tribes’ shared values with other tribes.

If you find you want to raid another player tribe, or Lord Grimaldus (& the Church of One), you create a thread in the Declarations of War. Both players agree to go into combat with each other at a specific location and if it will be an Ambush, a Raid, or a Direct Attack. Ambushes and Raids can be done with as many tribals as you want to send, but a Direct attack requires at least half of all Olgogs in your tribe involved.
While it may seem odd to have players “declare” an Ambush, because it allows another player to think about how to counter that attack, it is done this way to encourage both players to roleplay out the ambush in character through their mission posts since they know elements of what to expect.

If you want to trade available resources to those who don’t have them in exchange for their stuff, you would go Barter.

And if you want to sell some shady stuff you stole during a mission go to the House of Loot. Anything traded away in the house of loot is secret and other players may not have their own characters mention it unless they bought it from you.

And don’t let the amount of awesome posts scare you away, start small in your tribal region because that is the info your characters would have heard about. Then read the Mission Events (if something is only known by a certain character it will say so in the rewards).

There will also be Live Events throughout the year, and Monthly Altered Reality Games.