Small settlement in the Feral lands.


“Thank you both for joining me in this small area. I have little, but If you need from me I will do my best to help.” Scribe said to Witch and Adept when they reached the arena that he had built. Adept carried the box he had insisted they stop and get though neither knew what was in it. He was hurt by what had happened with Loki. But maybe it was for the best. Scribe never felt right around the other Champions of Asgard and now that his blessings had been taken away he must make a choice. Would he stay with those who had harmed and belittled him, would he seek a new god to follow, or would ha mark out his own path in life, separate from what his father and grandfather had forced on him.

“Please if you go to join the others please tell them that they are welcome here as any that seek what is here can have it as long as they pay it back in work, or items.”

Looking to the two Uhryu Apprentices he says " We will need to work on maintaining food and water and collecting resources of this area."


Witch Gogkiller

I’ll go get us some meat.

wanders off outside camp to go hunt



Scribe, nothing is a better motivator than to trying to occupy one’s mind. Let us plan for this settlement, to see if we can’t get it to grow.

I have little skill outside of the Leyas, but I believe gestering at one of the Uhryus that she often went with Uhryu and spoke with him, she may have ideas to grow your settlement. Uhryu Gestering at the other I saw often with Gatherer, perhaps he can help find plants and other things to eat.


Uhryu Apprentice(Gatherer)

It’s good to see you again Adept, I have started to catalog the edible plants around here. As I go on my daily jaunts, I will gather more for the rest of us that are here.


Uhryu Apprentice (Uhryu)

Hiya Adept! Glomp Its soooo good to see you, how is everyone at the camp? Is Uhryu doing well? How is Leader doing, is he still acting so headstrong?

Welcome back Scribe! Glomps How was your trip? Did you enjoy yourself? What are you planning, Uhryu spoke to me about how to build camps, perhaps I can helpsz! We can make this the bestest camp ever, we all just have to work together!!



Uhryu is as well as can be expected, you know how fate plays with him. And no, Leader is no longer headstrong. If you see him, before you listen to him speak to Uhryu first. But we need to start working on the camp, I think. Scribe, what do you envision for your camp?


“I see not a camp but a place where many can gather and grow. A city where ferals do not have to fear being killed if they wish to come and gather food from our fields, where issues between leaders and the everyday gog can be settled with words or fist. A place open to all life forms, even those believed to be dark. A place were all beings are free to be what and who they want to be. Maybe this wont work but I can at least say I tried. I know there must be laws governing those that live here but that can wait. Though once we get started we will need a council with a representative from each race, with equal power, to make laws, a council to judge these laws and events, and a council to enforce the laws. but for now we need to start with resources. We need water and food above all else.” As Scribe spoke he felt great joy and hope return to him. Maybe this was the task he was destined for.


Uhryu Apprentice (Uhryu)

Oh, That is the fun part, we can have your arena in the center of town. You seem to have the focus on that. Outside we can have set of stands, to use as a marketplace. Outside of that, I would put housing, and things like inns. Intersperced inside those, we should have a few places to store and distribute food.

And sanitation, we can’t forget about that, we should try and use water to flush out wastes, probably underground into some sort of leyas based purifier.

Yep, all this is doable, we just need to make sure that we create it to the size you wish and make room for expansion.



Uhryu has seen what councils have lead to, and he believes that there needs to be something else set up. From my understanding it is like a council of councils. The idea is to prevent a small group from taking over and lording over everyone.


(All post until June 13th will be on the mission, after we can work on the settlement.)

“I have lost many things in being denounced by Loki, yet still I have things that can help in this journey.”

As he speaks he pulls forth a 15 ft long chain.

Scribe hoped that the birds he had asked to carry his massages to those he invited would be swift for time was short.


Lurtor arrived at the location in the message, he wasn’t sure what this mission was for, but he after hearing about the trial, he doubted it would be boring. One day he would have to work on his curiousity.

Lurtor steps from the shadows and says to scribe “My name is Lurtor. I got a message requesting help through a bit of a message train . I’ll admit from hearing about the trial, I do not know your gods, but this peaked my interest. What is the trip for? Is this Loki what gave you your powers, so you need to make him happy?”

(OOC trying to think of a good reason to send someone. Figure my VLAD agent would work since he’s a bit of a merc. Hopefully this works for a quick intro.)




“Among the Champions of Asgard there are those called Rune Casters. We… they are blessed by the gods they serve with the power to channel the Leyas through runes, making the power more controlled and impossible to cause a Burnout. I was a writer by choice. For who would see a threat in a small bastard with a writing tool. Until they were dying from the poison that my runes called forth. Now that blessing was taken away and really I am not that sadden as I thought I would be. I never felt right among my brothers and sisters, but as my fathers oldest I was required to maintain the tradition. Maybe now that I am away I can choose something more…me. As for the giants. They are a threat to the town I wish to build an must be dealt with.”



Perhaps we should seek out Yyan kol, He knows and works with giants. It may be that we could coexist, aiding each other as need be.


Scribe nodded then said “If he is in a tribe not of the Der’al Collective then a letter has been sent to his tribe asking for a warrior or elder familiar with Giants, same as the other letters I sent out.”


Lurtor says "Giants are not a peaceful race. I have had to defend 2 different settlements from Giants attacks in the last year or 2.

But Scribe, do you wish to be the Scribe anymore. Is there a god you wish to serve? Do you want to follow loki anymore, or one of his others? I’m not convinced. "


“My mother and father gave me the name Scribe, so please do not insult me by saying I should change it. As for staying true to Asgard…I spent time in the City of the Gods and learned of other Faiths. I wish to speak with a follower of the Bladed Sun for they showed the strength I was taught to respect but also a kindness that is unknown in my home.”



Bladed sun, I have heard that name before . . .

Oh, Gatherer told me about one, he said his name was Yirhug of the Knights of the Bladed Sun. I believe gatherer said he had friends in Drewsport, perhaps we should go inquire around there about Yirhug’s whereabouts. Gatherer seemed to think highly of him, based on his words.


Scribe nodded to Adept then said “I have sent a letter to Uruf of the Bladed Sun, for I have had dealings with him and he has asked I teach him of Asgard. I hope he comes soon though.”



Would you like me to reach out to Yirhug? In case Uruf is busy?