Simonsburg: The Underground Hotel at the Hovertrain Station


This thread can only be seen by characters that have the Key to the Hotel. This is perfect for secret negotiations and meetings. If you want this to be a private meeting put ROOM # with a Number on it in the first line of your post.

All rooms have a bed, a small table, four sturdy chairs of earther design, a toilet and sink with clean safe water and a shower.


Black Lorne checked into the hotel, waving his apartment key at the clerk on duty. Room #109 it said in crisp lettering. He turned the key in the apartment door and entered his new private room. It was neatly decorated, in a sort of spartan style that Lorne appreciated. He threw his pack and full helm on the bed and took a round object wrapped in cloth from the pack. He removed the cloth, his hands caressing the ball of stone, as if making sure it was not damaged in any way. After studying it a moment more, he wrapped it back up and placed in the pack.

Soon he’d be out of this place, out of range of anyone who knew who he was and what the object he was carrying meant. He was it’s caretaker now, it was his, he’d taken it and now it was his alone; or so his conceited mind now whispered to him. He’d take a hovertrain north to Chooru in a few days time. After escaping the goblin lands he intended to sell the object in the grand bazaar of Neo Vargas, a place he’d heard tell of where hot objects could be moved with little difficulty. Until then, he just had to lay low and wait…


Just as Black Lorne is about to leave the hotel for parts to the north, there was a knock at the door. Since no one knew he was here, this meant some tampering by someone who could read memories, which probably meant the Uthvelor.
He opened the door and the Bellboy was standing there. A young earther who looked earnest holding forth a note.
“It arrived for you this morning, sir” he said, and then promptly walked away.
Black Lorne opened the note and read:

Mr. Lorne Harlas,
Welcome to the life of a wanted man. Your theft of the Mirror Crystal has kept you on the run for the better part of a year. It has been a struggle I am sure.
An invitation, and enough gold dust in a silken bag is here to get you to Brez in comfort, has been included in this envelope so you may attend the grand opening of the Museum of Brez. At the grand opening you will must find Tusk of the Uf Mag’og and present her the crystal explaining it was found in a nest of Mag Der’al recently burned out near Simonsburg. You rescued it from the trash strewn about by the EEF raid. You must be convincing.
If you are successful the Crystal shall be placed into the safety of the Museum, and you will find another 2 pouches of equal weight to this one waiting for you when you return to these rooms.
If you are successful I will also have a mission for you and any allies you may call upon.
Mag Auf Yyanyi


Black Lorne’s eyebrows raised as he perused the contents of the letter. An easy task for someone as charming as he, and the pay was certainly decent, but he hefted the purse thoughtfully just in case. He read the name at the bottom of the note, a name he didn’t know. His olgog was a bit rusty but he knew Mag meant noble, or was it powerful? Auf was certainly leader or something. In any case, he decided that this was probably a legitimate job, although he was still concerned someone knew so much about his theft.

He neatly folded the letter and put it in his pack. Gathering his blade and helm, he turned to say something to the bellboy, but he had already gone. Lorne shrugged and left a ghaz for tip, then hopped on a train bound for Brez.