Simonsburg: Krodnok's House of Faith (On the Road between Brez and Chooru)


The new House of Faith was complete. A perfect site for the worshippers of Krodnok to discuss missions with mercs they are hiring.


Lotara hadn’t been outside the lab in almost a year. She had been busy. Converting, assisting in planning the lab’s expansion, plotting this mission…

The rumors she had had spread said that her father wanted this info about the homeforge, when, in reality, this was all her idea. SHE wanted the plans to the Homeforge’s layout. SHE wanted to know what was inside. Krodnok might want that, also, but this was being done now, and it was HER idea.

She was young when she had died (14, to be exact), so she was still on the small side. Her eyes were a light shade of purple, and her fur was the same blueish-grey as her fathers. Those purple eyes scanned the front of the building, and inspected the statue of her father that was in front of the building. Those who had built it, they did a pretty good job. Espescially the statue, she thought. She walked into the main hall of the Church of the Devotion, and waited.


Dertla travelled from Brez to Chooru, in search for the House of Faith. It was tiring, but worth it. She had heard that there was a strange place of worship where one could seek adventure for profit. She, being a wanderer of the desert and Der’al, wanted to see what such adventure for profit meant. The tla’loc’alan was dressed in travellers robes, a small drum, and little else that could be seen.

“Hello, I’m Dertla,” she introduced herself. “And I’m here to help.”


Lotara smiled. “Hello.” At least it’s someone, she thought.

“Obviously, you’ve heard, at least a liitle bit, about what we need. Tell me, what can you offer that would be helpful?”

(Ooc: is Dertla an Olgog, as well?)


The Tla’loc’alan olgog looked up at Lotara and grinned mischeviously. “Who said anything about being helpful??” She then laughed, hooted, and smacked her little drum. As she did, a painful burst of sound echoed through the church. She giggled, winked, and said “oops.” As an afterthought, she also mentioned, “I’m also pretty good at sneaking around.”

“So what you have in mind?”


Lotara wasn’t sure what that drum was, but she was sure she didn’t like it. “What we need is simple,” she said. “And, if you’re as good at sneaking as you say, it’ll be simpler. All we need is a floor plan. We’re mapping out the Falling Star Homeforge. What i want is a map of the layout, what defenses there are, key locations within. Basic scouting. Sound like anything you’d be interested in?”


Dertla shrugged. “Sure, why not? But what’s in it for me?”


Lotara grinned. “I do apologize, but I don’t rightly know. That’ll depend on the accuracy of your work. How much detail is included in your maps, and how much added info you include.”


Lurtor Arrived at Simonsburg to meet up with Krodnok. He had great hopes to learn from Krodnok as he was a great warrior. This was obvious as he was even starting a church based on his skill.

Lurtor being raised in the colonies didn’t have the prejudices of some of the Tribal Olgogs toward the Dead Olgogs. He judged based on actions and intent.

On his way to Simonsburg, he had heard rumors about an army of Giants. They might have to be taken care of. An Army of Giants is no good for anyone.

Lurtor walks in to the house and says “Hello, I’m here to see Krodnok. He should be expecting me.”


The female Olgog who met Lurtor in the front room wasn’t dead. She did, however, tell him that Krodnok would be along momentarily, and politley asked if he would be patient and wait.

After a few moments, The Dead Olgog that Lurtor had been waiting for made his appearance at the top of the stairs. Krodnok looked down at Lurtor. He rolled his shoulders a bit, and his cloak adjusted itself. “You would be the one sent by Lalder?”


Lurtor nodded and said “yeah, I asked Lalder to arrange this. I’m going to either owe him or you depending on your favor you request. But also, while I’m here learning, I will help where I can.”


Krodnok smiled. “Good,” he said. “The second part is practice, but the first bit is instructional, so we can start on the way. I have something i want to do.”


Lurtor says "I have a skimmer out there for transport if you wish. I have some gear in there I’ll get otherwise.

For my a quick overview of my talents, I’m good with most leyas other than summoning and fire leyas. I can artifice. I’m pretty quick and know how to move around silently. I have a few weapons, Paladin sword, Combat knife, Phoenix strike pistol, and a few other magi pistols.

The pistols are a reason why I want to learn how to use them better.

So what are we off to do?"

Lurtor of course wasn’t saying anything as he had to keep some of his tricks to himself. But if someone was going to teach him and fight along side him, He figured he needed to give them some knowledge about his skills.


Krodnok made his way to the bottom of the stairs. Once there, he moved to a door, which he opened. He stepped into another room for a moment, them emerged with a massive sword strapped to his back, and tucked his Magi-Cannon. “We, my friend, are off to alleiviate some frustration,” he responded.

Krodnok pulled on a pair of gauntlets, one tinted reddish, the other green. He then looked at Lurtor. “There’s an issue going on the Reshed lands. Giants and such. I’d like to go lend some assisstance, and relieve some anger.” He turned and started walking towards the door through which Lurtor had entered.

After a few paces, he stopped, and turned back around. “You in?” he asked.


Lurtor smiles “Sounds fun. I was wanting to check that out too. I’ve battled the Giants before when they attacked the Choir. Then they were being controled by the warmonger’s minions. I gather that might be the case today.”

Lurtor grabs some armor and puts it on. Puts a couple of pistols into holsters.

Turns back to Krodnock and says “Lets go”


Krodnok smiled as well. “Let’s get to it,” he said, and walked out the door.

He made it to and boarded Lurtor’s skimmer. Once Lurtor got things started and they were on their way, Krodnok continued the conversation.

“So, you’ve fought with these giants before?”



Lutor says "I don’t know if its the same group. But when I went to find the Choir of Payne, I found them underseige from a Giant Army. At that time I had a few Lur Union Fighters to work with. My major tatic there was to light them up and have the big guns shoot them.

For this, I’m not going to advertise I’m working with a tribe from the Lur Union. The giants were angry at us for defeating that army.

So any we engage that are not under our control, its better that they don’t walk away. Just to be safe."


Once Krodnok was aboard the Skimmer, Lurtor activated the Skimmer and set forth at speed in the direction they needed to go.

Once out of the city, Lurtor continued "I have a covering that will hide the skimmer. I think the two of us will be better out of it, but if we find ourselves pressured, we can use it for a quick retreat.

So what type of help do you want me to provide? Of course I have some firepower with me. I figured this would be part of the training and practice. But I also don’t want to make myself a target either.

If they have magi cannons, I can deflect that if I’m concentrating, but not much else."

(OOC I assume Krodnok along the way will give some pointers on Gun slinger, don’t need to RP that, I’m just trying to get Lurtor to know the plan, so he can supplement it.)


Krodnok blinked at Lurtor. “There really isn’t a plan,” he said. “Although, as we’re on oour way to fight giants, there probably should be…”

He thought for a moment. “I’m just gonna keep it simple,” he said. "I wanna drop a few of them right away, and put Nightmares in them, get a few giants to work for us. Afterwards, I’ll take to the air, and just pick 'em off, one by one. I don’t know if your Shadow skills are enough to where you could instill a few giants with Nightmares, but it’d be good too get a few more than I can control.

"As far as your role in this, just take out giants. Dealing with this is pretty straight forward. We’ll try to stay behind the giants, keep them between us and the mountain.

“Straight forward, but, from what I’ve heard about their numbers, it still won’t be easy.”


Lurtor says “Simple plans are sometimes the best. I do not know that much Shadow Leyas, but I can Shadow Jump. With that and Shapeshifting leyas, I can move around pretty quickly… though I can’t fly, yet. If we are getting overwelmed, I have a few items that can summon elementals or a chimera. Otherwise I’ll stick with the shoot em up tatic. After you take over a few giants, I’ll stick near them. Hopefully I can keep the ones you take over around longer and they’ll provide the cover I need.”