Set'gal's Sea Serpants move to the coast


Major Set’gal looked at his now smaller army, those idiot envoys seemed to forget that informing your “allies” about you plan after they have ordered their armies into the battle isn’t the best way to do things. Fine, most of the casualties were undead and more can always be made, the loss of so many Reanimators would slow down things but more could be imported from Wintermute if needed. However something good happened, the Borvians decided to actually help out and sent over four Sea Serpent Wargiants, those would be very helpful. However they needed to be in the water so a base on the coast would be needed. Anchoring a Shadow from the Shadow Dome to an unoccupied coast in the west Set’gal ordered his troops to start construction of a naval facility to house the Sea Serpent Wargiants.


There are three locations that could be chosen each with unique challenges.

The first location is within a day’s sea trip from Port Unen and is known to have shipping lanes nearby which means getting supplies and other stuff sent down from Wintermute will be easier (via a Borvian handoff), but is also very hard to stay secret in any way.

The second location is within two days sea trip from Port Unen but is very close to Pirate nests who would regularly attack the location. It does have healthy kelp gardens nearby.

The third location is three days away if the wind is good and the seas are fair. It can take longer if the weather is bad. But this location is the most hidden. It also has no supplies of food or fresh water nearby.

Choose wisely…


Major Set’gal was never what one would call a brilliant strategist, or tactician, he mainly just hurts people. So when looking at the scouting reports about the three possible locations there really wasn’t a choice. Set’gal would set up operations at the second location and begin a campaign against the pirates. He gets the opportunity to kill people and raise their corpses into more soldiers? Win Win!


Major Set’gal was impressed by how quickly they converted the forgotten port and docks they found into a viable military base. But despite work going well, he knew he would have to set up defenses for the first wave of pirate attacks. He knew the pirates had crude firearms, cannons, and significant numbers of Aquamancers.


Set’gal looked on with pride with his new base, however it lacked something. He never controlled a port before so he prioritized the pens for the four Sea Serpent Wargiants, once their needs were taken care of the second phase of Major Set’gal’s master plan would begin. Defenses were needed but Set’gal didn’t really know much about defense on the water in the traditional sense. What he did know about was undead, also Wintermute had an extensive knowledge of the mixing of potions and plants so combining the two was the way to victory right? Major Set’gal ordered his minions to begin fishing, using traditional fishing lines and setting up underwater traps. If needed local fishermen would be hired to both collect fish and to teach Set’gal’s soldiers.

At the shipments of chemicals would be ordered from Wintermute to cause a variety of effects, once the chemicals arrive the fish would be reanimated as undead (except for some being used as supplemental food for the Reanimators in the army). Chemicals would be injected into the zombie fish to create several effects. One group will be injected with a volatile mixture which would explode upon impact with a target. Another would release a gas designed to blind any whose eyes are exposed to it, they would be put into fish capable of jumping out of the water. Having them leap out of the water onto an enemy ship, then releasing the gas to blind the crew preventing them from being able to fight effectively. This combined with waves of explosive fish ramming enemy ships or swimmers.

The Aquamancers would require more thought as they might be able to avoid or nullify some of the weaponized sea life.


Set’gal now had a cove filled with undead zombie fish. Some exploded on touch, others were undead gas bombs. But a direct result of these undead fish has been an end to the constant pirate attacks. The region is already being referred to as the Cursed Shoals of Set’gal.