Ryuk goes fishing!


*Ryuk is going to the black market to buy 10 freighters so that he can go “fishing”. After hiring a crew of experienced sailors, he mans each vessel with 50% hired sailors, and 50% soldiers from his army. Two squads of rabble will be included (7 men each, 5 offensive capabilities, 1 defensive, 1 engineering) on each ship.

He is going to go hunting for large aquatic nightmares for harvesting. First size would be around the freighters size, eventually going up to capital ship, and dreadnought sizes when kill and capture is available. When the waters near bartsports are depleted, then he will instruct the people to find a cove/bay, and create new aquatic nightmares for harvest. The rabble will use their skill with the leyas to hide the operations.


Buying a real ship ready for combat would require actually contracting with the EEF or the I’tashi Alliance or the Sea Kings, all of whom have forbade the Banking Guild from selling their goods even on the Blackmarket to the Kasanthians. As a result, the best Ryuk could get was a fleet of old Merchant House Freighters used to transport goods from the forges of Dumbar to the Kingdom of Borvis.

There were 10 of them, and they were easy enough to have repaired by throwing money at it, but getting a crew who understood the seas of Refuge was rather impossible at first. There was only one place that had experienced crews of trained civilian sailors and that was Barrow-on-the-sea and those sailors refused to work for a Kasanthian for any price.

Instead Ryuk found his only hope for a crew was to hire former pirates from Unen. These olgog pirates didn’t particularly like Kasanthians but were willing to do the work for a hefty paycheck. Ryuk’s insistence that he was more a member of Unity than Kasanth fell so often on deaf ears. So with a crew made up half of loyal TRILAT soldiers and half disloyal pirates, he began searching for a cove or bay that would serve his needs.


Ryuk would record everything the pirates are doing, and as his people were unity uplinked. He would use this to help expatiate his mens training by having training put together based on what is going on. As his crew gets trained, he will have others on his planet be training to take the place of the pirates based on the uploaded data.

While this is happening, Ryuk is going to get a group of kasanthian kids, and start telling them horror stories of a giant nightmare city, on the back of a nightmare turtle. This horror story will be harped on and ever technique that could be used to get the children fear a city on a turtle’s back.

(OOC: Yes i’m trying to see if I can create specific nightmares by priming kasanthian children, no idea if its going to work)


After two weeks of these stories being spread, there were sightings of an evil looking city in the crashing waves offshore Bartsport.

What sort of force does Ryuk send in to investigate this City offshore of Bartsport? He has but a day to plan and assemble forces so he is limited to what is already deployed in Bartsport and cannot call in from his off planet forces.


Three ships would be sent out to scout to locate the nightmare. Rabble teams on the ship will locate and ascertain whether that creature can be lead, and if so the best place to trap it for kill (away from prying eyes, hopefully).

Other ships will be held in reserve, to be utilized for the attack/trap.

Rabble would be the main force attacking, with the sailors primarily positioning them.

Ships in reserve would be split into 3 teams (2, 3, 2 ships) , and only be utilized if it is necessary for control and caputure.

Target would be for quick kill at the base of the neck.

OOC: I would send the sauquine lord I have around but I think he is lost in time and space. Sorry for lack of good post, this was done in 5 mins. Did I catch any other nightmares before this one showed up?


In an undersea cove, many miles out to see off the coast of Bartsport, was a monstrous many tiered undersea city. It was on the back of giant turtle-like nightmare. Each and every wall and roof and floor of the city was ichor-filled and carapace covered and vaguely unpleasant to touch. The windows had necroteched nightmare flesh that could come down and seal the chambers when the city descended beneath the waves.

Unfortunately despite their best efforts, the Kasanthians had been unable to protect the city from the harmful rays of the sun. Even with their most powerful Solar Armors up, the city buildings seemed to crumble away under the daylit sky.

But after weeks of testing, they had successfully discovered that as long as the City submerged each night it would remain safe and protected. Despite its inherent weakness to light, Turtle-City, as the Kasanthians had begun calling it, was a resilient and remarkable base of operations. Though after a foolish Adept told them to stay a full night and day underwater, they quickly found the city ran out of air and had to surface or its entire populace would die of suffocation.

{All the other aquatic nightmare flesh had been used to make Turtle-City a viable submersible settlement

Turtle-City, Unique Submersible Nightmare Settlement (cannot be mass produced)
S.A.R. 1,000
Special Weakness:Counts all Light Leyas attacks and Laser attacks as if they Lower S.A.R. by dmg in points. Nothing can offset this weakness.

Turtle-City has 30 large buildings on its back, in 6 rows of 5 and can house 10,000 citizens (currently fairly empty) both within the buildings and within the tunnels and sub-basements inside the Turtle’s body.

Turtle-City has 1 attack each combat round.

GIANT TURTLE BITE: Can only attack boats and other objects in the water with it. Very Short range BITE: 30 Melee dmg, Lowers V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 60 pts. Counts as an F.S. 8 attack, but swimmers and single creatures gain a +5 bonus to dodge this bite IF they know the TURTLE-CITY is there.

NIGHTMARE BREATH WEAPON: This Weapon can strike the dockyards and coastal cities if Turtle-City comes up on shore.
This does 50 Chill dmg, City Effect (+15 Dodge T#), however cannot strike flyers or aerial targets.

Turtle-City has a Move 1 On Land, Move 8 Under Water, and Move 12 on Surface.
Turtle-City has storage and docking for 5 airships, 20 Yrs Fighters, and a chamber to hold 10 Giant Nightmares (currently has 20 Yrs Fighters but no airships and no Giant Nightmares) }


[Dark Refuge Post 2220]

Turtle City has left the Unen coast behind to move north to where the City of Coral now lies under the waves.


The City of Coral was a beautiful coral cove deep below the waves hiding a terrifying tentacled nightmare city. While it could one day hold hundreds of thousands of citizens it currently had little more than one thousand people inside. It was off the coast of a forbidden isle used for storing prisoners off the I’tashi coast in international waters.

The City of Coral had thirty eight K’iorn maintaining a kelp field which provides many of the needed vitamins and minerals for the first thousand, and the Turtle City brings fairly fresh fish every week to give the residents the remaining nutrients needed. But once they reached their first ten thousand they would quickly begin depleting the nearby seas, if fish was their main source of food. And the kelp fields had limited uses, which provided less benefit the more the population grew.


Investigator Heinrick had been spending a lot of time at the Docks of Turtle City. Learning much from the dockworkers and the Rabble as he worked. He worked slower than the ancient Lady Tornaga, but did do excellent work, he simply didn’t have her millennia of practice.

Five Nightmare vessels were produced.

Nightmare Submersible Ship
V.A.R. 25 vs Melee, Missile and Energy
Regrows 5 V.A.R. every combat round

Ship sized Tentacles
20 Melee dmg, does x3 dmg to Ships, Subs. Does x2 dmg to vehicles. Has a strength of 12
These cannot be salvoed.

Nightmare Chill Gland Blasters Nodules (x10)
25 Chill dmg, Area Effect (+8 Dodge T#)
+5 bonus to hit Flyers
These cannot be salvoed

Nightmare Acid Gland Nose and Tail Nodules (1 each)
10 Acid dmg, Lowers V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 10 pts.


Each vessel has a Pilot and Nightmare Co-Pilot (F.S. 7) and a crew of five support crew. It has a large cargo section that could be filled with 40 people if needed or cargo.


The HydraKraken is now available.

It holds 600 soldiers onboard and a command crew of 20. It requires one captain to commune with the nightmare through a port and has an F.S. of 5. For certain tasks, a character may substitute Pilot (Sub), Pilot (Ship) or another applicable skill in vehicle to vehicle combat.

The HydraKraken’s Stats are as follows.

H.P. 100

V.A.R. Nightmare Scales
50 vs Melee
50 vs Missile
50 vs Energy

Takes Double damage from Light, Laser, and Light Leyas attacks. Counts as a Giant Monster for Giantkiller weapons and attacks limited to giants.

Move is 10 water, 1 on land


Tentacles These do 30 Melee dmg, and Lower V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 20, Bludgeoning
Special: Grab and Drag: This Squid monster can grab most naval vessels (Narrator discretion) and drag them under the waves to drown their crew. They cannot make any other tentacle attacks if they go the Grab and Drag attack. But they can make additional beak attacks to to pierce the ship held by the grab and drag, and they can use the ship to shield them from torpedoes and other undersea attacks (use as a parry during dodge phases once a grab and drag has been initiated). Any ship captured in a grab and drag can only miss the HydraKraken on a roll of 1, or a draw of 2.

Beak This does 50 Melee dmg, Lowers V.A.R. by 50 pts. Can only target objects close to its mouth. It can cut a hole and hold out water, allowing troops to stream into a captured vessel.

The HydraKraken will regenerate 10 H.P. and 5. V.A.R. every combat round. If a Tentacle is cut off, or the hydrakraken split in half by an attack, the sections will grow additional HydraKrakens that then must be tamed and have a nightmare slave collar attached to them. Only the original HydraKraken is loyal to Ryuk by birth. The rest are wild Kuliek-Nightmares (like the Knights of Orloc), until enslaved by nightmare collars. There is a specific port that the captain places his or her hand in that must be wrapped by the nightmare collar. If not, the captain’s hand might be eaten right off.


Nightmare Submersible Ships would be used primarily for fishing, with one dedicated to moving goods and people between coral city and turtle city as needed. As more ships come online, they will be sent out to fish too. Rabble would be asked to contact the unity, and ryuk would request information from the academy to prevent over-fishing the sea floor.

As we get more and more fish, so that each location has a few weeks of stored food, food would be teleported to kasanth and sold for a profit as premium fish and crustaceans.

If there is a giant surplus, (either ryuk or lucia) would reach out to leyana’s olgog contact to see if we can sell him fish wholesale as premium food, In addition when this happens, he would be requested (assuming by lucia) to her office to speak on helping train a director of commerce to start (lucia/ryuk owned ) businesses.


Mayor Lucia M. Largonel now has a trade fund paid for by Fish sold to Kasanth. It is not a fortune or any great wealth, but the funds will help pay for infrastructure maintenance in Coral City and Turtle City.


The TongueLasher’s Stats are as follows.

H.P. 120

V.A.R. Nightmare Scales
50 vs Melee
50 vs Missile
50 vs Energy

Takes Double damage from Light, Laser, and Light Leyas attacks. Counts as a Giant Monster for Giantkiller weapons and attacks limited to giants.

Move is 8 water, 10 on land. Can Leap up and over mountains and many fort and city walls.

Froggy Hands: These do 20 Melee dmg, and Lower V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 10, Bludgeoning, Knockback

Tongue Like a Freight Train: This does 4d10 Melee dmg, Lowers V.A.R. by 4d10 pts. Bludgeon, Knockback. Can only target objects within range of its train sized (and length) tongue. Flyers get a +2 bonus to dodge this tongue.
This tongue has an S.A.R. of 30, it can only be targeted on combat rounds where it has been used as an attack.
Special: Smash a Row: This Frog monster can use its tongue to make an attack that can hit up to five targets on a single tongue lash if those targets are standing in a line either side to side, or one in front of the other.

The Tonguelasher can eat the dead and will regenerate 10 H.P. and 10. V.A.R. every time it eats a human sized living creature (5 for Bastards and Kumfei and other smaller species). There is a specific port that the captain places his or her hand in that must be wrapped by the nightmare collar. If not, the captain’s hand might be eaten right off.

Cargo Bay/Crew Compliment: The TongueLasher has an internal storage area that can be used for cargo or can hold
100 Soldiers. If it is being carried by a DragonFish DeathStorm, it can only carry 50 soldiers.

Shake its back: Every attack it gives up in a combat round, the Tonguelasher can shake its back and tiny subordinate nightmares will fall from it like mites and charge any nearby living creatures. Each attack “spawns” 50 Nightmare Spawn (use Least nightmare stats) that will attack the closest living things on the ground below the TongueLasher (friends and foes). The Nightmare Spawn will ignore all those with the Kasanthian Devotion Special training or who are Undead or Nightmares (or Nightmare Hybrids).
All other creatures living and otherwise will be targeted. If the captain chooses not to activate an ability during the Ready Set phase of combat, the Captain can make a free drop of Nightmare Spawn who will be able to attack on Initiative 3 of the first combat round.


The DragonFish DeathStorm’s Stats are as follows.

H.P. 80

V.A.R. Nightmare Scales
50 vs Melee
50 vs Missile
50 vs Energy

Takes Double damage from Light, Laser, and Light Leyas attacks. Counts as a Giant Monster for Giantkiller weapons and attacks limited to giants.

Move is 10 water, 0 on land, 12 Flyer.

School or Storm?: The biting teeth of the smaller fish around the DragonFish DeathStorm will attack doing 25 Melee dmg, and Lower V.A.R. and S.A.R. by 15. This attack counts as a Roomsweeper (+7 Dodge T#). This attack cannot hit someone or targets protected by a Nightmare Ward. Do to how many fish it can birth, this attack may be made as many times as the pilot has attacks, and will never run out of “ammo”. The fish either fly back to the school or turn to dust to be replaced by a newely birthed one (see below for more rules on subordinate fish and birthing).

Special: School or Shield?: This Fish monster can use its smaller subordinate Nightmare flying fish to create a school around itself that will prevent most targets from striking it. To hit the main body of the Dragonfish DeathStorm when it is airbourne, you must first do a full 20 H.P. of dmg to its “Shield” for that attack to cut through to real target beyond.

The DragonFish can birth unlimited subordinate fish so even in a pitched battle it will always be birthing more fish to make up for any lost fish. BUT these fish will self limit and cannot be sent out endlessly. In fact if a single subordinate fish moves farther than a mile from the DragonFish main monster, it will fade away into dust. They are not scout creatures, instead think of them as semi-living extensions of the main monster.

There is a specific port that the captain places his or her hand in that must be wrapped by the nightmare collar. If not, the captain’s hand might be eaten right off.

Cargo Bay/Crew Compliment: The DragonFish DeathStorm, can carry a compliment of 30 crew. Using a specially designed cargo hold in the belly of the DragonFish, it has shadow cocoon barrels that can hold an additional 500 Undead, Nightmare, or Vampire crew can be fielded. Living crew take 10 (No A.R.) dmg every combat round they are stored in these types of barrels, and most will not survive a trip. Mekanoids do not take this damage.