Running Gagg Jan 29th 2016 & Dark Refuge Presents The Glacial Wastes Starting in 2016


Happy Holidays Everyone,

This coming January 29th begins Running Gagg, the yearly convention at Geneseo College. This year is the 20th Anniversary for Running Gagg.

The Entire DR Team has some amazing events planned for the convention to help celebrate.

The biggest will be the charity auction. Unlike in previous years where the Online game has been open to all, we are doing the next online game The Glacial Wastes as an exclusive with only 4 Open Player slots. Each of the slots will be auctioned off at Running Gagg. Since the online game will last over 6 months we have decided to start the bidding at 60USD per slot (a very reasonable $10 per month per player that goes all to charity) and if we exceed 100USD on the highest bid we will extend it into a full year game.

Players who win can choose any of their DR characters (from DR live games, or previous Online Games like the Space Campaign & Goblin Lands) to be their main player character in this new online game.

The highest bidder will also win a very special Dark Refuge Gaming experience including access to a monthly Skype/Google Game run by Brandon and a Copy of the new full color Rise of the United Tribes. So start saving up now.

Remember Brandon and the DR team doesn’t make any money off the Charity Auction, all proceeds go to help families struggling with deep medical problems.

We do this because we genuinely believe in the mission of Running Gagg and the entire Geneseo team.
If you have any questions about this auction please PM (Private message) the narrator.

Warmest Regards,
The Entire DR Team


Under 3 weeks to go, see you there :slight_smile: