Runes by Scribe


A small being that looks like an Earther child, except for his amethyst eyes which he covers with a pair of sunglasses, carrying a staff with symbols carved into it. His cloak covers his nightmare hide armor and tattoos. On his back is a pack that just fit him. Scribe is the only word he will say when others ask his name and says he is from the City of the Gods. At all other times he can be see reading a giant book of runes, writing, examining new plants or searching for teachers. Any who try to touch his favorite book are in for a nasty surprise.

Scribe walked into a small town and set up a small area, out of the way of any work. Once his pack and cloak where set he sat and tapped his staff on the ground causing spikes of wood to shoot up at 90 degree angles. He drew several runes on the spikes and the wood twist and turned until he had a small lean-to that matched his child like stature. With that done he made a cushion out of his cloak and sat on it. Whenever someone stopped to ask him about his small structure he said "I heard that there was much need for artisan’s and warriors here. So I came to seek whatever the all-father has in store for me. Though I will work for most, any of the Church of One will find their head on the end of a spike if they ask for my work. The same for most of the Undead, least they prove themselves or their cause worthy.”

Scribe will offer to inscribe any object that he can as long as the purchaser understands that each item is for one use only and that he has only just started as a Rune caster and needs to learn. Currently all runes are limited to General, Earth and Air Leyas.

In this thread Players may ask Scribe to make artifacts that are ONE TIME USE ONLY. If the player wishes for something more permanent they must earn it as a great boon from Scribe (almost impossible) or with Narrators permission.


  1. The player must provide the object
  2. All items are limited to the Leyas that Scribe knows.
  3. The payment for this service must be settled before it is made.(Ghaz, objects, and lessons are all expectable means of payment.)

We are now open. :cool:


A larger Olgog dressed in a colonial fashion walked over to Scribe giving the bastard a quick up and down.

“Name is Uruf,” said the Olgog, “I work with the Bladed Sun. Im looking for a few lessons in Runework. I make a solemn vow that I will not attempt to move in on your trade in any way if you can teach me. I would also like to commission you make a runic tattoo on my arm. In exchange I have brought a blessed amulet of the Bladed Sun which will help you in times of great need.”

(trade 1 Artificed Amulet with Cause Elation, Cure Exhaustion, and Obscure at 6 successes for one artificed Tattoo, please tell us what Leyas you can activate on a rune?)


“Uruf I have met many great warriors from the Bladed Sun. I am willing to teach you, how ever the tattoo will be one best fitting your acts as a warrior. For now we can speak ofd teaching and bring you to a point where you can make them for your tribe.”

(Sorry, I typed out this long reply then my comp chose to stop working. The Rune tattoos require that you proove yourself a great warrior to the Rune Caster as I said in the opening post. I am not trying to be mean just holding true to the character type. Right now Scribe has Air 2, Earth 2, Gen 2, Troubador 1.)


As of the start of the first mission week after GAGG any and all trades will be tracked and a final list posted at the end of the week. If an item is not on the list the reason for this will be next to that persons name instead. This thread can also be used to ask Scribe to teach a charater, just know that they will become a Champion of Asgard with the same skills and restrictions.


After week 17 Der’al Collective and AoE members get a discount for any request, thay are still required to provide the material how ever.


(Thinking up a good way to prove Uruf worth to scribe)


Gobbog came to Scribe after a particularly long diplomatic meeting between Vellum and Scribe.

"Mr Scribe, I understand you are master of making Tattoos?
Under my care the Army of the True Flame went from a bunch of dirty Earther Pirates, KGM clowns and ignorant Red Furs into a lean mean fighting force dedicated to Equality for All.

I want you to design a corps de espirit style Tattoo for the brave soldiers of the True Flame.
I also need rank markers incorporated so as a member moves from the rank of Rapi, to the rank of Dol, to the rank of Gul, with a special rank of Kaauf for Vellum, Quill and myself.

Each tattoo will be on the soldiers Left shoulder.

Except for myself and Vellum who will have the symbol on our right hand.

I do not desire these to be given any power except obscurement.

What is your price¿"


Scribe thought long and hard on this request by Gobbog. Finally he presented his first good idea.

“How about a three level flame from wrist to elbow. Each level a color of your choice. I however feel that such a request for a small skill is… insulting. So I kept the Obscurement for the Rapi rank, and added Translate for the Dol rank, and Read for Gul rank. For the special rank of Kaauf it will be a shield on the upper arm with the individual’s personal symbol with the power to See. As for payment I need help with a project. I am making four arcs that I hope to make doorways to the realms. I will need someone to connect one to the realm of Fire. That with one wagon of wood and one wagon of Quall Bones though I will settle for the arc and wood. Of course the Arc will be for the first tattooing of your army and the wagons will be for tattooing thirty members after the first. so say 30 Rapi advance to Dol that would be payed for with the wagon.”


Adept of gultor’uf looks at scribe. “What we now do, we must do. We do not want to involve others that are not involved in our decisions. Any debts that you may feel you owe me or my tribe are considered paid”.

OOC: You should have learned leyas by now, you don’t have to teach him


Scribe nodded saddened to have lost his first student before he could even start teaching.
“May you always have honor in what you do and may The All Father find you worthy of Asgard.” he said trying not to show his pain.



Until further notice this thread has no reason to continue. If this changes I will post a retraction.


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