Requesting Assistance From UTR for Krodnock's Mission


Vektor entered the chamber of the council.

“I’ll keep this short and sweet. We of the Gang of Uf Mag’og have a favor to ask. We need four tribals to travel with us, via our censor-craft, to the land of the K’iou of the Falling Star Home Forge. We will then sneak into their forge, and make maps of what we see. We will then collect them for a reward from the being known as Krodnock. While it may seem dangerous, I have the area scouted and assure you that no harm will come from the K’iou. My reasoning is simple, one of our Generals of the Great Northern Army has an ally within the K’iou territory, and wants to make sure that if we will be collecting such information that we do it without hurting anyone.” He paused, “I know it’s not a simple request, but we do not need many.”

He looked around, hopeful he wouldn’t need to engage in more conversation.


Vektor stood there in silence as time passed, and yet no one said anything. Finally, almost as if by a spasm one of the Yagogi jumped up all startled. Her name was Zh’gul Took; she was fairly timid and normally she did her best to blend in. This was not always her ways; there was a time when she was a warrior of composure and grace, full of potential and charisma. Then she chose a mate, and in time therir fates became sealed. Her mate was a once an olgog of skill that everyone considered their go-to when something was needed. His name was Zh Hob’rhug, a member of the tribe that status in the tribe greatly changed ande he has been called many horrible names. Some have called him the traitor, others the disgraced because as one of the Yagogi he was the one who lost his zela blade. Even some of the elders murmured when he decided to speak up, but always Yagogi’al the Og’ab would give him the benefit of doubt and speak up for his as still a member of the tribe.

Here is the council chambers, Zh Hob’rhug nudged his mate, so that she were front and center to ask the important question. With all eyes thrust upon her, she nervously blurted out “And what if we have a valid reason to be going to the Home Forge? In general, it is the ultimate goal of the Yagogi to obtain weapons of Zela metal. So then you can most assuredly count on us. If we are to be collecting information anyways, can Zh Hob’rhug be the one to restore his good name and bring back the news most valued to the tribe?” As she spoke gaining enthusiasm, there were hints of the old charismatic self. But as her speech came to a close she looked one again sheepishly for approval.


“Then join us. I can’t promise you zela, but you’re free to try what you will. Your assistance is appreciated.”


Vektor would lead all comers back to Bred through tree network, and have them escorted to censor-craft where Ferrou would be waiting. “This isbFerrou. She is a part of the Great Northern Army. You may follow her instructions.”

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