Report/Alert to UTR and Army of the true flame.


(OOC as Leader of the UtR, Lalder needs to report his interaction and help for the EEF in their mission to eliminate the Neliffs. He assumes they succeeded as the dots went away, but is concerned that when you have one, you have many.)

Lalder had just gotten off the comcrystal with Lutor. He had heard that these phantoms and used annihilation Leyas to wipe out these creatures and the bodies of they hosted. He was deeply concerned something like that went on as long. He decided he had to at least let the other leaders know of this, at least in general. Otherwise if other nests are found, those dead Olgogs would be his fault for keeping secrets.

At least with that nest destroyed, this should be the end of it. But just in case.

Lalder sent a trusted messenger who would only tell the leader he was sent to the message

"In the last few days the Earthers came to me asking for support with dealing with an infestation of a being that I did not know of. We provided scouting for them and verified what was there.

The creature was called a Neliff. None were suppose to exist anymore, but they were found in the Olgogs lands. They are like Quall N’drone in that they take a host an implant larva to grow new Neliff. But that is where the similarities stop. Neliffs reproduce in Days and hours instead of years and decades. They are suppose to have full control of the host immediately, though I cannot verify that. Also, It doesn’t seem like their is any benefit to the host either due to the short period.

(OOC Enter physical description of Neliff that Lurtor saw, I don’t have the description in front of me.)

The Earthers and Olgogs that took out the hive described a scene of dead bodies hanging in a cave. It seems local tribes to that area kept sending Olgogs into the caves not knowing what was in their or what was killing their tribesmen. The cave and the Neliff’s were destroyed there. But I send this warning because if their was one, there could be more.

If reports of anything like this cave, or these creatures are seen, Contact me. We will send Fighters out to scout the caves to map, and then if true work with the tribes to eliminate any new nest discovered.

I hope this is all an overreaction, but I do not wish our lack of communication to allow harm to any tribe. Also, keep this information discrete as we do not wish to spread worry without need. But keep on the alert."

The messengers would be sent to the Council Gogs of the UtR and the Army of the true flame. Lalder assumed that the Army of the true flame would interface with the rest of the Der’al Collective. Also if something was found, Lalder knew Lurtor could get the support of the Earthers to eliminate it. Now hopefully he would hear nothing… and for the right reason.


Deep in the deserts near the Ruins of Karov there was word of a cave of these creatures. A Nest of an unknown amount of them that was snatching nearby travelers on their way to the Shadow Dome of Karov.

The reports came in from the survivors of a Neliff attack, who escaped thanks to a Baribur Songmancer they had hired as a caravan guard.